Virginia: How Did the ‘Mother of Presidents” become such a Danger to the Rest of Her Children?

Terry McAuliffe

On the story of Jonah and the whale, there are those who say that when Jonah’s wife watched as the whale spewed him up on the beach, she exclaimed, “Why did you bring that up again?”

In Virginia’s hotly contested gubernatorial race there are many who are asking the same question about former Governor Terry McAuliffe who has decided to make another bid for the Governor’s Mansion.

Is this the same Virginia where the first Thanksgiving was held somewhere in her lush rolling hills, animated, pasteled, and adorned by her fiery flitting Red Cardinals, and pleasant Flowering Dogwood trees?

Adding to that is the legacy of being called “The Mother of Presidents” Eight U.S. Presidents hailed from the Commonwealth-State starting with George Washington.

This great state has gone completely blue and is now at the forefront of the controversy about child protection lapses on a scale so deep that it could cause those in the porn industry to blush.

Does Virginia really need McAuliffe at this point? The answer should seem obvious to all Virginians, but among the Dem’s, that is not the case.

Virginia’s Loudoun County started the state off into the woke Twilight Zone when they suspended teacher Tanner Cross, for not using the “proper” pronouns for some students. The Virginia Supreme Court helped to bring a little sanity back into the state, by re-instating Cross this past fall. They also helped to preserve the centuries-old definition of “proper.”

Virginia’s next bout with leftist insanity also burst out of Loudoun County, when Scott Smith a Virginia father got himself arrested for trying to address a Loudoun County school board about a so-called “gender fluid” boy who allegedly raped his daughter in the girl’s restroom.

The media smattered the video of Smith’s arrest across the nation, making it look like the father was a right-wing extremist who wouldn’t cow-tow to the levelheaded and completely honorable members of a whacky left-leaning board of what some are calling child molesters.

When Joe Biden’s Attorney General decided to call upon the FBI to help curb the efforts of parents who would interfere with the illustrious work of the school boards, an all-new level of collective insanity was born, right there in the formerly noble and historic commonwealth state of Virginia.

It has been clear for some time now that gay and transgender people want far more than social acceptance. Now, they want a special or preferential treatment that destroys norms, offends many people and allows for bullying, accosting, and rape in some circumstances.

But Virginia was not done. The greatest offer of collective insanity had not yet come until former Governor Terry McAuliffe decided, that he should give Virginia a second chance at some extreme leftist ideas.

One of McAuliffe’s contributions, as former governor to the Old Dominion, was to veto a bill that would allow parents to pull books with sexually explicit material from Virginia schools.

That is costing points in McAuliffe’s poll numbers in his re-election bid. His slight lead has been tested several times in razor-thin difference by counties throughout the state.

What is clear is that McAuliffe does not care what is in Virginia schools’ curricula, or he approves of it.

Either way, a vote for McAuliffe will become a vote for doubt.

What doubt?

It will be doubtful that Virginia’s children will ever be safe from porn, extremism, and general sleaze ever again.

It has been noted that some of the material available to Virginia youngsters is not suitable for viewing on normal television fare.

The idea that anything from porn to CRT can be taught to any student, not just those in Virginia is repulsive and reaches a level of callousness and depravity that is un-imaginable in our nation.

Virginia has a chance to be the first to set a precedent against this left extremism in just a few short weeks.

The nation is watching.

Michael Bresciani


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