Confirmation that the World Has Lost Its Mind

Irish Eurovision Award

While my assistant drove me home from the airport Sunday night, I scanned some headlines on the Breitbart website, reading them aloud. If you needed confirmation that the world has lost its mind, if there was there in plain sight.


There we learn that Bambie Thug, described as “non-binary” and an “occultist Eurovision contestant” who is militantly anti-Israel, was angered because he (or she – I’m actually having a hard time figuring out which after reading “their” bio) finished behind Israel’s Eden Golan in the competition (fifth and sixth respectively).

Worse still, Golan received more Irish votes than did Thug, actually the second-most votes of all Eurovision performers among Irish voters. It appears Thug’s anti-Israel activism did not resonate with the nation.

As for the Eurovision contest itself, Golan required a large police escort due to angry protests and threats from the residents of Malmö, Sweden where the event was held.

But that’s not because the Swedes are so pro-Palestinian, generally speaking. It’s because Malmö is “one of the most Muslim-populated cities in Sweden and Western Europe,” with “around 20% of its residents adhering to Islam” (according to Wikipedia, with documentation supplied).

So, a non-binary occultist named Bambie Thug joins with Islamic protesters in Sweden outraged over the presence of an Israeli singer at Eurovision. Nothing unusual here! (I remember speaking in Malmo in 1997; it was anything but Islamic back then.)


The article, which reports a real tragedy, cites a post on X by podcaster Joey Mannarino which explains, “Karon Fisher is a Texas man who thinks he’s a woman.

“Steven Anderson is a 64-year-old Houston man who was just going to check the mail.

“Fisher saw him, mowed him down with his car, backed up over him, stabbed him 9 times, then kissed him and danced around over his body.

“He has been charged for the murder and is being held on a $2 million bond.”

Everything about this post is sick.


There we learn that, “Tensions rose when anti-Israel protesters with the group Queers for Palestine blocked traffic on Saturday outside Disney World in Orlando, Florida.”

Queers for Palestine. But of course. That’s like Blacks for the KKK or Jews for Nazism. A delightful mix. You can feel the chemistry.

Then there is, JK Rowling Doubles Down, Calls Sutton United’s Transgender Soccer Coach a ‘Straight, White, Middle-Aged Bloke’, bringing a moment of sobriety to the madness while at the same time reminding us of just how much sanity has collapsed.

Yes, “Harry Potter creator JK Rowling is causing the left some heartburn by doubling down on her criticism of the U.K.’s Sutton United soccer team’s ‘first openly transgender’ coach.”

Rowling was having none of it, posting, “When I was young all the football managers were straight, white, middle-aged blokes, so it’s fantastic to see how much things have changed.”

Finally, we read that, “Jennifer Lawrence Calls Mike Pence Gay at GLAAD Media Awards: ‘Conversion Therapy Is Not Real – Even Though You Think It Worked on You’.

After making a crude, gay sex joke and noting that, “she once fell in love with a gay man but eventually realized her love would never be reciprocated,” she chose to attack the former vice president, as if he had been gay and had become straight. This is so funny.

For those not familiar with GLAAD, this is the acronym for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation which I nicknamed the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Disagreement due to their attempts to suppress opposing, conservative viewpoints. (Note these two articles, first from 2012, then from 2021.)

Last month, GLAAD bemoaned the fact that there was a decrease in LGBTQ characters on TV, with their annual study finding that, “For series regulars across primetime scripted broadcast programming, 8.6% were LGBTQ. On top of that, of all the LGBTQ characters that were counted (468), 50% were LGBTQ people of color while only 5.1% identified as transgender. The study also found 36% of LGBTQ characters included will not be returning next season.”

And this is supposed to be bad news, reflective of a dangerous decline in LGBTQ+ characters. Seriously?

Four hundred sixty eight LGBTQ characters is not enough? And 1 in 20 characters identifying as transgender is not enough, even though that is 10 times higher than reality?

As stated by GLAAD’s CEO Sarah Kate Ellis, “We know it is imperative for the queer community, especially transgender people, to see our lives reflected on screen to counteract the misinformation and harmful rhetoric going unchecked by politicians and journalists. And we know that younger audiences are hungry for shows that truly reflect the world around them.”

In other words, we must continue to pump out the propaganda, first indoctrinating impressionable young people, then confirming their confusion and pain. And at any cost, we must counteract the “misinformation and harmful rhetoric going unchecked by politicians and journalists.”

In other words, we must counteract any view that challenges our own, in particular, that which is spoken by Christian conservatives.

The bad news, as I have stated endlessly, is that we have fallen this far. The good news, as I have also stated endlessly, is that societal madness like this only reinforces the inevitable pushback towards sanity.

As for those who truly struggle with gender confusion, may our scorn for the moral chaos not outweigh our compassion for them as individuals. As they find wholeness from the inside out, they themselves will demonstrate to the watching world that there is a better way. Until then, we can only expect the headlines to get worse.

Dr. Michael Brown

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