What is the ‘Super Straight’ Movement and Why Should it Concern You?

super straight movement

The LGBTQ has been effectively hoisted on their own petard and it’s not going over well. 

Have you heard about the new “Super Straight” movement?  I hadn’t until yesterday in fact.  Very interesting and it is already gaining significant traction, as well as more than its fair share of detractors, or more like angry hate filled people.

So, what exactly is Super Straight?  Let’s find out, shall we?

From RedState:

“The LGBT activist community has convinced many that being straight is out of style and that in order to be trendy you have to identify as something. Your sexuality is now your identity, and the younger the age group the more this thinking has infected people.

According to the LGBT community, any choice in identity must be respected to the point of being revered. It can never be questioned or criticized. To be of any kind of sexuality makes one a higher being.”

But hold on just a minute, in true Leftist-LGBTQ fashion, this is most definitely not true.  All “genders, sexualities, and identities” are protected – unless you so happen to be a straight male or female, then all bets are off.

Super Straight is simply those who are only attracted to and will only date a person of the opposite gender who was born as that gender.  By the LGBTQ’s own rules, a persons sexuality must be respected.

Except if you are a “straight” person.  Then it’s ok to attack you including physically, make death threats etc.

Maybe rather obviously – the trans community is unhappy with this, even enraged.

‘“Super Straight’ started as a joke by a TikTok user trying to logic out a way for LGBT people to respect straight people. The video soon went viral, resulting in a host of users jumping on the bandwagon to identify as Super Straight themselves. This also created a backlash effect from the LGBT community who began reportedly sending death threats to the original uploader of the idea, as well as threatening his mother’s business.”

So if one announces that one is a man, even though you are a woman, that choice must be respected, even celebrated.  Or if you state you are non-binary, a dog, a child even though you are in your 30s, you like both sexes (these examples are real BTW), and on, and on, and on – these choices must be respected.  I could claim to be a piece of furniture with human tendencies and that would be ok.  Heaven forbid if you “identify” as straight however.

So someone on TikTok invented Super Straight, BIG time no no.  Can’t have that.  You can’t celebrate being straight, that’s HATEFUL.

These straight people are Nazis, they’re transphobic, they are haters, they are just out to get the transgender people, and/or mock them etc.  In other words, the LGBTQ just got beaten at their own game and they are not having it.

From Distractify:

“The so-called ‘Super Straight Revolution’ is going over like a lead balloon on Twitter, too. On that platform, one user wrote, ‘To all the people who are #superstraight, remember: You are transphobic, you are desperate for attention, you aren’t part of the LGBTQ+ community, you are making a mockery of the LGBTQ+ community, you aren’t oppressed. Just out with it and say you’re transphobic.’”

The above statement is so asinine and stupid I’m at a loss as to how to even reply to it.

Funny how if one disagrees with anything stated by the LGBTQ, you are transphobic, an LGBTQ hater and so forth.  In other words, you either support everything they say and do, or you are a hater.  On the flip side of the coin, these same folks can make death threats, be physically violent, dox people, get people’s social media accounts shut down, say anything they like regardless of how mean, nasty, or vile the comments are – and no one blinks an eye, it’s all good.  Double standard much?

The Super Straight people have been referred to as Nazis.  Amazingly enough; that seems to be the label of choice for all who defy the Left and the LGBTQ.  Super Straight identifiers, Trump and all his supporters, those who support the Constitution, and those who believe in Jesus – all are NAZIs and other unsavory terms of Leftist endearment.

Surprised?  Not in the least.

OPINION: The “super straight” movement and its ties to neo-Nazis

“Now here we are. A group of people self-righteous and hateful enough to create a pseudo-sexuality managed to blossom into a vaguely tied neo-Nazi anti-LGBTQ+ campaign.

In all reality, even before its neo-Nazi affiliation, the movement was already rooted in LGBTQ+ hatred.”

Oh please be serious.  This is exactly what I am talking about here, any disagreement with the LGBTQ and you are hateful, a Nazi, a detestable human being etc.  It’s extremely hateful to be cisgender, meaning one is attracted to only the opposite sex, specifically those born as the opposite sex.  Anyone identifying as what God created them to be, namely a man or a woman that likes the opposite sex, that is one who was born a man or a woman – well these audacious people are haters, they are transphobic, and they are deeply hateful of all LGBTQ people.

It couldn’t be that this is simply what and whom they “identify” as right?

“The LGBTA Wiki wrote, ‘While some cisgender individuals who identify with this term are supportive of transgender individuals, it is still not appropriate to use this term, as it has been overtaken by exclusionists and TERFS. It is also unneeded, as having a preference for cisgender people does not require a label.” Critics of the term say that cisgender people don’t face discrimination in society and, thus, don’t need a label.”

Obviously the person that wrote this commentary is completely clueless.  It’s not appropriate to use this term (Super Straight) but it’s perfectly fine for the LGBTQ to use any term, for any reason that they so desire.  How’s that again?  It’s unneeded.  Really?  Who left you in charge of determining what is and what isn’t needed, arrogant much?  Cisgender people don’t face any discrimination in society, really?????  That’s like saying Christians aren’t persecuted.  Maybe this person needs to read some posts made by LGBTQers on social media.

This is all rather ridiculous.  Yes there are slow-witted Neanderthals who mistreat LGBTQ people.  But lets be honest here, there are plenty of people that are mistreated because they believe in Jesus, because they are white, because they are black, because they are Native American, because they are Jewish – because some people like to hate, it’s that simple.

I completely disagree with the LGBTQ lifestyle.  At the same time, I also believe they should be treated decently, with respect.  That does not mean that I have to approve of their actions and beliefs – nor do they have to approve of mine.  Those that are so hate filled are that way because they choose to be.

One last word here, God does NOT hate LGBTQ people, the Lord does not approve of their sin (or mine), but He does not hate them.  God commands that we His people do NOT hate them either.

“The second is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.”  Mark 12:31 ESV

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