Left-Wing Promotes Victimization Themes and Rejection of the Ten Commandments

Biden proclaims trans day

On March 30, an article on Fox News stated  that Karine Jean-Pierre (White House spokeswoman noted for her high school level articulation) said “that the ‘trans community’ in America is ‘under attack’.” We read constantly that the LGBTQIA+++ community is under attack. Communities “of color” are under attack. Immigrants [unlawful migrants] are disparaged by the cruel right wing. Drag queens are offending the uptight right. Women’s abortion rights have been taken away or diluted by the obsessed and uptight pro-life Christian haters of women (supposedly the Bible is anti-woman). The Supreme Court according to its diehard critics has become a biased, anti-law voice of the anti-democratic right. Further, the right-wing Republican Party is depicted as anti-Islamic and anti-peace on Earth good will towards all.

The Democrats with their devotion to the underdogs of society claim to be the true bearers of the Judeo-Christian message, never mind that they do not adhere to any Biblical doctrines of Judeo-Christian morality as understood for thousands of years.  The Dems claims that the right talks a lot about the love of God but has no love for anyone who falls outside what the right defines as “normal.” The left insists that their defense of society’s underdogs proves they are the true champions of love thy neighbor as thyself.

Look at the Ten Commandments. The first commandment is “Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods But Me.”  So in the USA, prayer and Bible reading in the public schools were declared unconstitutional and removed from the public schools.  Another commandment states, “You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain.” Yet, on one of the three holiest days of the year for Christians, the Satanic overlords of the Executive Branch declared the day of the Risen Christ to be a day to show respect and love for the transgender community. This is nothing less than a Satanic curse on the sincere Catholics and Protestants living in the USA and around the world.

The Ten Commandments say to “Honor your father and your mother”; yet, minor children are regularly in schools told that if they want to change their genders or be called by a different name consistent with their “true gender” [sic], their parents will not be told. Again, parents are shoved aside. Even the original creation of the modern progressive education philosophy by John Dewey envisioned children being readied to take their place in the new industrial society. Socialization for cooperative work as befits a less individualistic economy (i.e., democratic socialism) became a keystone of his philosophy. This writer knows parents who have given up trying to tutor their children in math because their kids are learning the “new math” or the “new new math.”  These changes make the youth more minions of the state than beloved progeny of a loving mom and dad.

The Fifth Commandment injunction not to murder of course most clearly involves the anti-abortion position. That commandment exists because Almighty God was offended from the earliest times by the sacrifice of infants and children to false gods. With more than 60 million murdered infants, God has been heartily mocked during the past 50 years.  We are told in the Ten Commandments to Honor the Sabbath Day. In New York City, the Sabbath Day is honored by suspension of alternate side parking rules on Sundays or on Saturdays in Jewish neighborhoods. But reverence for the Sabbath is out the window. This writer attended a church at one time that had as a church event the watching of the Super Bowl on a large screen every year.  Another church in my neighborhood (it’s Episcopal) has bingo on the front lawn on Sundays in the warm weather. Bingo and the Super Bowl are both real Ten Commandments events!!

Excessive taxation and inflation represent stealing money from the populace to finance out of control spending and indulging the wasteful, immoral, and/or slothful ways of too many in society. In essence, our representatives are buying votes. Our expanded and destructive national budget and the budgets of many cities and states as well are in effect sourced by a kind of legalized stealing from the population. The worship of power and money by too many of our elected officials has reached epidemic proportions and this represents a kind of political adultery. They want to please various companies hoping for good jobs after they leave office, gigantic payments for speeches and public appearances, and exquisite facilities for various “informative symposia.”

The above views combined with the desire to dilute the value of the dollar by extreme spending programs designed to buy votes, which view the Democrats share with a go-along-to-get-along Republican-In-Name-Only party are designed for control of the population of the country. Inflation breeds a psychology of vulnerability, vulnerability leads to fear, and fear leads to subdued and silent compliance with the directives and policies of the government.

The left, while it may boo God and remove reference to God in its platform or celebrate Transgenders on Easter, one of Christianity’s holiest days of the year, sees its liberality with the peoples’ money and its lionization of various disabled or dysfunctional persons, as being the height of loving one’s neighbor. This view is embraced by the National Council of Churches which endorses the left-wing policies of the Dems and by the Pope who in Catholic doctrine is God’s vicar on Earth whether individual priests object to seeing him that way or not.

We are at an impasse in our leadership and have strayed from an upright Judeo-Christian morality in our policies.  The ugly and unspiritual face of leftism is apparent. Will we turn the corner into a more wholesome and upright future, or will we succumb?

Jeffrey Ludwig

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