Lawfare Against Trump – The Fine line Between Ignorance and Idiocy

The indoctinated - not so smart

Most of the time it is too hard to see the line between ignorance and idiocy, but then most of the time no one is looking for it. What would we see if we began to look for the subtle difference?

It will take you by surprise.

A perfect example of late, is the idea of a New York judge who thinks he can hold Donald Trump back from attending his son’s graduation ceremony. Perhaps he can, but he will be unable to hold back the contempt that most of America will have for him for the rest of his life and career. His legacy will exude a foul odor till the end of time.

This would come under the heading of ignorance.

On the other hand, Alvin Bragg is attempting to stretch, contort, and wrangle the law to prosecute Trump, on a clearly partisan and political basis. And that is motivated by a deep vendetta producing hatred that is reprehensible – not to mention totally illegal according to the Constitution of the United States.

This would come under the heading of idiocy.

Another example, would be the recent interview of Katie Couric by comedian Bill Maher. Couric tried to explain Maga enthusiasm by essentially claiming that MAGA people are less educated (Dumb) than leftists and democrats.

Millions of ivy league and university students fall into the same pit as Couric, believing that those who are a bit ignorant of many things are inferior to those who have had their ability to think and decide for themselves circumvented by indoctrination.

After all, college freshmen are no more than a dry rag waiting to suck up the first moisture it encounters. These students are virgin ground not just waiting to be seeded, but susceptible to being raped while they sleep, by the ignominious Sower of Tares. (Matthew 13:24-30)

Indoctrination is, indeed, a form of rape.

Couric and half of America’s college crowd need to be reminded, that is, if they were ever minded.

“Never gloat when your enemy meets disaster, and don’t be quick to rejoice if he falls. For the Lord, who sees your heart, will be displeased with you and will pity your foe.” (Pr 24:17-18 TPT)

Neither Couric nor Maher understand the simplicity of it all. Joe Biden is a usurper. Donald Trump is us!

When Ignorance and Idiocy Marry – University Students Take the Bait

Blocking roadways, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge are student protestors along with others, standing against Israel for their invasion of Gaza.

They are ignorant of almost every pertinent fact about the Palestinians, and they are acting like idiots because they have concluded that causing some people misery, will end the misery of others. Trying to mollify a matter – they end up mummifying it instead. It is a mute or dead point coming from indoctrinated ideologues who have little acquaintance with reason and truth.

College tuition money (soon to be forgiven) has bought and paid for these minds.

Regardless of how slick or polished it is, a lie can never be seen as something we call intelligent.

This is what they see as intelligent.

They are convinced that Gaza is a long oppressed tiny struggling country where Palestinians languish under the tyranny of the Jewish State. When in fact Israel laid claim to the land in the ancient world – long before Gaza was a hint in the imagination of the Arabs.

They are ignorant of the fact, that Palestine was offered self-rule and autonomy several times since 1948, but they chose to refuse it.

They are ignorant of the fact that Palestinians chose to have Hamas become their ruling authority. Since Hamas is a bloodthirsty terrorist organization, that complicity makes all Palestinians cohort and culpable along with Hamas.

They are ignorant of the fact that other than the mass slaughter seen in America’s 9/11, the October 7 massacre was the worst slaughter of unarmed men, women, and children in the entire modern world.

Does all this ignorance make them idiots – you decide.

The Bible says it another way, to wit:

“Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.” (Ro 1:22)

Michael Bresciani

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