With Full Appreciation for the Good Trump Did, He Is Not Being Reinstated on August 13

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According to a prediction made last month by My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell, as a result of the irrefutable revelations of voter fraud, he will produce this week, by Friday the 13th, there will be a massive call for the reinstatement of Donald Trump to the presidency.

That should be self-evident since President Biden is not about to be arrested and imprisoned and the military (or any other power) is not about to restore Trump to the White House. All the dates predicted thus far for the big shift, be it by pro-Trump prophets or Q Anon conspirators, have come and gone, and none of the predictions have come to pass.

On that score, the ship has sailed, and it is high time to move on (really, well past high time).

As far as Lindell’s claims of cyber-fraud in the elections, claims he has been willing to back up by challenging Dominion Voting Systems in court and by offering 5 million dollars to anyone who can prove him wrong, this is the week we get to see the evidence.

Let the facts come to light, let the experts debate the evidence, and let firm conclusions be drawn. (Yes, wishful thinking on the last point, but that’s my hope anyway.)

Then, depending on the verdict, may we either gasp in shock that the election was stolen, discussing what must be done to fix this moving forward (since the election was, in fact, certified by Congress). Or may we say, “Enough already with this nonsense? Nothing was stolen, and it’s time to put this lie to bed.” (Yes, wishful thinking here too, but that’s what wishes are for.)

But again, whatever the outcome, Trump will not be coming back to the White House during Biden’s term. Anyone who still hopes for this and expects such an outcome is deluded, sad to say.

That being said, as I am currently working on a book to be published in September 2022 focusing on how it was that so many Christians became obsessed with Trump and the elections, I have been reminded of all the good that he did as president.

Of course, some of us who voted for him twice (which includes me) also believe he did a lot of harm, and in the aftermath of the storming of the capitol on January 6, it’s easy to focus on the disruption he caused.

But again, in working on this book and looking at why Trump had so much appeal for Christian conservatives, I’m struck by how much good he did.

He really kept his promises to his Christian support base.

He really did fight for our freedoms.

He really did stand up for our people, as in the case of Pastor Andrew Brunson, imprisoned in Turkey for two years under false charges while serving as a missionary there.

Trump went head-to-head with Turkish Prime Minister Erodgan pushing for Brunson’s release, ultimately implementing harsh economic sanctions against Turkey Erdogan caved. Trump really stood up for this Christian missionary, bullying the bully (Erdogan) until the hostage was set free.

And Trump did just what he said he would do when it came to appointing conservative justices, including three key appointees to the Supreme Court.

Contrary to previous conservative administrations that were voted in with the help of evangelicals and then largely cut themselves off from their base once elected, Trump did the opposite, surrounding himself with the very people who showed him such loyalty.

He also took historic steps in advancing prison reform and in standing with black colleges and universities, in the process, demonstrating a genuine heart for our minorities.

He also broke our disastrous nuclear treaty with Iran, faced down communist China, and stood with the protesters in Hong Kong.

When it came to Israel, he did what Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama had failed to do, namely, move our embassy to Jerusalem.

Not only so, but as American-Israeli, anti-terrorist activist David Rubin points out, Trump was also responsible for: “The closing of the PLO shadow embassy in Washington, DC. The withdrawal from the dangerous Iran nuclear deal. The (ignored) demand that the Palestinian Authority stop paying salaries to terrorists. The official recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the strategic Golan Heights. The official recognition that there is nothing ‘illegal’ about Israeli communities in Judea and in Samaria.” And let’s not forget the Abraham Accords!

He also helped build a robust, pre-COVID economy, which is good for all Americans in the long run.

And he did all this in a totally non-PC way, calling out the leftist media and confronting the Washington establishment.

For all that, I’m thankful and appreciative. But I’m not looking for the miraculous return of Donald Trump to the office this month or any time before 2024.

Instead, I’m looking to advance the best candidates in the 2022 and 2024 elections, whoever those candidates turn out to be. And I’m looking to pursue election reforms wherever they are needed.

As for a miraculous return (a Second Coming!), there’s only one that I’m looking for, and that will be from the clouds of heaven, not on the streets of DC.

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