Will America Become California?

Will America Become California?California Governor-Recall

For years commentators, including myself, have warned of the danger that the United States was becoming more and more like Socialist Europe. Now, with the Harris-Biden administration in place, we have a much more urgent, immediate threat. Without a lot of prayer and serious courageous action by Conservative Christians, the United States could well start to mirror the cesspool that is California.

“Cesspool? California is a beautiful state.” Yes, it was, and parts of it still are. I lived there as a boy when my father commanded an Air Force base and was later stationed there as a U.S. Marine. But much of the state is a reeking cesspool, and not just in the physical sense of feces, urine, and drug paraphernalia in the streets, parks and sidewalks of some formerly great California cities. It has become a cesspool of perversion, corrupt politics, and hatred of America to the point where millions are leaving the state for more civilized locales. California has more refugees fleeing than any other state. The only growth area is Los Angeles, where great aerospace jobs are attracting million.

What do California and the federal government have in common? They are both totally controlled by Liberals. Democrat California Governor Gavin Newsome is Nancy Pelosi’s nephew, and he has learned the art of dirty politics well from her. Both Houses of the legislature are controlled by Democrats. With this stranglehold on the state’s policies and politics, the state has some of the craziest Liberal laws, the least support for police officers, and now a transgender pervert is the most likely contender to succeed Newsome if he’s successfully impeached.

The federal government is controlled by a White House run by Kamala Harris, with Biden as her puppet. Biden issued an order to all federal agencies to no longer use the phrase “Biden Administration,” but to instead refer to it as the “Biden-Harris Administration.” Harris is making and taking the phone calls with the counterparts of the president – Prime Ministers, Presidents, and Kings. There calls are only done with the person in charge. Lower-level calls are made by the Vice President to someone of his or her status. This is a clear signal to foreign governments that Harris is in charge. Several times during the campaign Biden referred to Harris as President Harris.” Both referred to their administration as the Harris-Biden administration – a Freudian slip if I’ve ever seen one. Finally, Biden almost never steps in front of a microphone unless Harris is close by. She’s not always in the main shot, but if you watch the camera pans carefully, she is always there in the background, ready to leap into action is he mumbles something she doesn’t like.

Harris was known by both parties as the most Liberal member of the Senate. Today she is the savior of the Black community. As a District Attorney and later as the Attorney General of California, she was responsible for putting more black men in prison for minor crimes than anyone in her position had ever done. Many of these prison sentences were for marijuana charges, yet she is on tape admitting to smoking marijuana herself and laughing about it. Today she calls for calm, but before the election she actively encouraged rioters. She raised money for their bail, and many of them rioted and even murdered after being released. And she is the most anti-police federal official in history. She has called police thugs, stupid, and branded them as Nazis. She believes (or pretends to believe, because I don’t believe she is that stupid), that cops – both black and white – spend their days looking for black men to murder. She has been a vocal advocate for abolishing both the police and the ICE and Border Control agencies. She has worked hard to divide our country and stoke the fires of riots in order to weaken America and give the government more reasons to lock down and control the public. And both she and Biden have repeatedly stated that America is an unrepentant racist nation, all evidence to the contrary.

With such a White House, you could expect a series of measures that would weaken the Constitution, weaken the role of law, weaken our relations with other nations, weaken our economy by raising taxes and increasing the National Debt, weaken our standing in the world, and weaken America in general in preparation for forcing us to become part of a one-world government – all with Executive Orders. Bu they are not alone.

Like California, our federal government is cursed with complete one-party rule. Two of the most evil people in the world head the two Houses of Congress today. Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House, and Chuck Schumer is the Senate Majority Leader. Both are well-known for writing laws with their inner circles, leaving the committee process where laws are supposed to originate and their own party members in the dark. Then they shove bills of thousands of pages into the legislator’s hands and tell them to vote yes without even having time to review them. If they don’t vote as they are told, if they criticize their dictators, Pelosi and Schumer, they are punished by removal from their committee assignments., or sometimes by censure. A senator or Congressman without a committee is left to sit idly by and vote when called upon. They are not allowed to do their jobs, because they are not allowed to have any input into the laws they must vote on.

The three most powerful people in our federal government today are, in order, Kamala Harris; Nancy Pelosi; Chuck Schumer; and – a distant fourth – Joe Biden. As I have predicted, the first three – backed by Soros, Hillary, the Clintons, and the Tech giants like Bill Gates – will force Biden to resign in the near future. But nothing will change, since he is merely Harris’s puppet. She will appoint another radical Marxist as her Vice-President, and the American public will have no say in the matter. Approval will only require a rubber-stamp 50% vote in Congress, which the Democrats already have, and another radical Socialist will become V.P. In order to be “inclusive.,” ability, qualifications and merit will be ignored. The decision will be based solely on identity politics. My guess is that Harris’ pick will have to tick of at least several of the following boxes.

Concerning race, whites will not be considered, no matter how well qualified, because – according to Harris – ALL white people are racists. Her pick will have to be Hispanic or Asian, since she already has the black box ticked. Concerning politics, only the most radical need apply. Anyone who has patriotic tendencies, believes in the Constitution as written, or has served in the military will automatically be disqualified. Concerning religion, no Christians or Jews will even be discussed. Muslims are on the acceptable list for Liberals since their leaders hate America. But I think she will choose an atheist or an agnostic who shares her love for abortion. Based on her record as Attorney General of California, and her voting record as a senator, she is the most bloodthirsty murderer to ever be part of a White House. Finally, sexual identity will play a large part of her selection. At a minimum, I believe she will insist on a Lesbian as her second-in-command. If she can find a bisexual, or better yet, a transgender person that ticks off several of the other boxes, that would make her day.

Like California, under the stranglehold of Democrat dictatorship, we will see these California perversions of public life spread across America:

  1. Riots and public unrest encouraged by Liberal politicians, who will order police to “stand down” in the face of even the most violent riots.
  2. More and more “sanctuary” cities and states where violent illegal aliens can flee and be protected by the government. Crimes like murder, rape and arson that would be vigorously prosecuted against American citizens, will be excused when committed by illegal aliens.
  3. The American public will continue to be harassed by ridiculous China Virus requirements, such as wearing masks while engaged in sports outdoors. In the meantime, 10% of the illegals that the White House has welcomed to invade our nation are testing positive for the Virus. They are being put on buses with unsuspecting healthy American citizens and being shipped all over the nation.
  4. Cold-blooded executions of police officers have doubled since the election. Those numbers will continue to increase as long as the White House continues Obama’s vilification of all police. After all, if the Administration insists that police are racist thugs who look for opportunities to murder innocent “people of color,” why shouldn’t foolish uninformed people kill cops?
  5. Our cities will become less and less safe, as police officers retire in record numbers, and police recruits diminish. Politicians automatically assume that cops are in the wrong in every situation, and say so immediately and loudly before any facts are in. They call for the abolition or defunding of police departments. Congress is currently passing a bill that would in essence put all police under federal rules and eventual control. (“Police State,” anyone?). The bill will remove the minimal protection police currently have if they make a good-faith mistake in the performance of their duties. If a drug dealer is shot by the police in the commission of a crime, he becomes a national hero. If a cop is executed while sitting in his squad car, the media ignores it. Who would want to be a cop in this atmosphere?
  6. Larger and larger portions of major cities will become homeless encampments. Most of these are in city parks, making then unusable and unsafe for the citizens who paid for them. Piles of feces, used condoms, and used drug needles litter the ground. Almost all of these huge encampments are in Democrat-controlled cities in which the politicians’ erect monuments to themselves and live in multi-million-dollar homes. They either don’t know how to deal with this problem, or don’t care enough to try. Most of the occupants are drug-addicted or have mental health issues. Many of the people who live in this squalor are veterans or regular citizens who lost their jobs due to ridiculous and unscientific China Virus lockdowns. Meanwhile, as veterans live in squalor, Harris and Biden have opened our borders, and are now housing illegals in luxury hotels at a cost of hundreds of dollars a day.
  7. Voting will become more and more corrupt until it will be impossible for a Conservative or Christian to be elected as a President, Governor, or Mayor. The Democrats insist on photo ID to attend their conventions, or to sign a petition to remove the Governor of California. But any state who insists on this most basic level of security for elections is a racist. They can expect to be prosecuted by the new Department of Injustice for trying to keep America’s elections legal.
  8. They will “pack” the Supreme Court by adding four extremely Liberal justices to the historical nine. This will ensure that whatever unconstitutional laws Congress passes, and Biden signs (one of his only real responsibilities) will be rubber-stamped by a Supreme Court that believes the Constitution should be changed to fit their goal of an America ready to give up its sovereignty to an “International Government.”
  9. The new Democrat dictatorship will continue to chip away at our most cherished institutions, heroes, and traditions. George Washington and even Abraham Lincoln are now villains. Churches are purveyors of hate that must be abolished. Children must not be allowed to go to religious or private schools – only government schools that fill our children’s heads with government-approved brainwashing will be allowed. Your children are now being taught that America is evil; that homosexuality is just as normal as heterosexuality; that it’s OK to have sex outside of marriage if you “like” your boyfriend or girlfriend. They’re not allowed to bring certain textbooks home, and they are being told not to tell their parents about certain things they are taught because you “wouldn’t understand.” All of these things are going on right now; they will only increase under the Democrat Stranglehold on our society.
  10. Freedom of speech and religion will become a thing of the past if we don’t stop them. Conservatives and Christians are being fired form their jobs because they posted opinions on social media on their own time off the job. Patriots are being harassed, fired, and even prosecuted for “hate speech.” In case you are wondering, “Hate speech” is anything the woke idiots don’t agree with. I predicted years ago that pastors would be arrested for the “hate crime” of teaching what the Bible says about same sex “marriage.” It hasn’t happened here yet to my knowledge, but it has happened in Canada. And not long ago the lesbian mayor of Houston ordered all the city’s pastors to submit any sermon that mentions homosexuality, lesbianism, or the mayor herself, to be submitted to her office two weeks ahead of time for her approval. Fortunately, the pastors simply ignored her. But it will be hard to ignore the full weight of the federal government. Before this term is over, we may well see Christians going to prison for defending their faith.
  11. Finally, Joe Biden has demonstrated weakness and a lack of vision that is an invitation for nations that hate us to attack us. It might not be conventional war (although that cannot be ruled out as the White House weakens our military again). But we will certainly see an increase in cyber-warfare and economic warfare against the U.S. Foreign leaders see us as weak and lacking in leadership. That is an invitation to aggression.

Well, I’m sure this article cheered no one up. But that was not its purpose. Most Americans have no idea of the dangers we face thanks to the rigged election of 2016. No, I don’t believe there was a massive, coordinated operation to steal the election. It was a combination of many small things. Democrat election officials in many key city’s broke election laws. As in every election since Kennedy’s, dead people voted by the thousands, winos were given booze to vote for Democrats, and ballots were stolen from mailboxes to be turned in as Democrat votes. This always happens. It happened in 2012, which is why the Democrats were so shocked that their system didn’t work, and President Trump was elected.

In 2016 they didn’t take any chances. They couldn’t depend on the usual election fraud measures that had worked in the past. They pulled out all the stops. They convinced much of the public that Trump mishandled the China Virus, when in fact be did a magnificent job and saved tens of thousands of lives. He did what has never been done before. Vaccines take at least four years to be approved. The President’s Operation Warp Speed made it happen I less than a year. No matter how you feel about vaccines, you have to admit that was a tremendous feat.

Pfizer knew that they had an efficacious vaccine weeks before the election, but they held back the announcement because it would have given the President a bump in the polls. Instead, they lied and said that their success was not due to Operation Warp Speed. After the election, they admitted that without the President’s program, it would have taken much longer to develop the vaccine.

The courts in Liberal cities refused to hear cases of election fraud, even when the allegations were supported by sworn testimony and video evidence. Those cases could have changed the results of many states.

The Liberal media went on an all-out blitz attack against the President. They published lies, inuendo, and rumors as if they were fact. They censored anything positive about the president, and gleefully published anything that could hurt him.

The major social media platforms could well have changed the results of the election by themselves, even without the other frauds that took place. They censored the President of the United States and his supporters in the most un-American way possible. They allowed true hate speech to distort the narrative if it hurt the President and benefited the pretender. But when the President and others posted demonstrable facts or opinions, they were first labeled hate speech, and then his accounts were taken down completely. Many experts believe that that unconstitutional acts of the social media giants alone could have taken the lection away from the president.

A complete discussion of this will have to wait for another time. In the months since the election more and more facts have been revealed, and more poll-workers have gained the courage to come forward. I will end this with a simple, “Math doesn’t lie.” There were many Democrat-controlled precincts where not one vote for the President was recorded. Even in the most Liberal areas, that is impossible. There were other precincts in which 50% or more votes were cast than there were registered voters.

The bottom line is that all the evils of California politics will become the norm all over the nation unless Patriots act. Do you remember the old horror movie, “The Blob?” The Blob was like a huge mass of Jell-O that moved across the country devouring everything in its path. That’s the way I see the criminal Democrat mob that is trying to do what Obama promised. He said he would fundamentally change America. In this, his third term, be is furthering the sick policies that he used to weaken our beloved nation. We can’t take much more of this, or there won’t be enough pieces left to glue back together.

So, we have to do what I always say. We have to pray because God loves America even more than we do. If we repent of our laziness, or lack of concern and knowledge, the fact that many of us failed to vote, and the national sin of abortion that has murdered millions of babies, God says he will hear our prays, forgive us, and heal our land.

But we need to do more. We have about 18 months to mount the greatest Patriotic movement in history to save our nation. It will only take a handful of votes to retake the Senate, and a few dozen for the House. Then Harris can issue all the executive orders she wishes. Any executive order can be overridden by Congress – if they just have the guts to do so. For instance, when FDR confiscated all the Gold coins – 40% of the wealth of the nation – Congress could have passed a law overriding his unconstitutional order. But they had the same goal as he did. They wanted to print money without accountability, just as FDR did. So, they did nothing.

But the Constitution is clear that the Legislative Branch – not the Executive – was intended to be the supreme branch of government. The “three co-equal branches of government” is a myth not supported by the Constitution. The Legislature makes laws and instructs the Executive to execute them to that end, the executive is authorized by Congress to promulgate rules necessary to carry out the intent of those bills. This is much like the relationship between a Board of Directors of a business or ministry which passes resolutions, and then give the Executive Director the authority to carry out those resolutions.

Over the years Congress has gotten lazy. It has allowed presidents – of both parties – to issue Executive Orders that have the force of law. But Congress can refuse to fund Executive Orders, thereby nullifying them. It can pass laws that abolish the E.O. That is more difficult, because the president can veto the law, and then Congress must override the veto. Or it can sue the president if his E.O. violates the Constitution. (See the article below).

The point is that if we work hard and take back the Congress, we will have, in large part, neutered the White House. But that will only be true if Congress takes back the authority vested in it by the Constitution as the makers of laws and stops the White House from making laws.

Many people who love America are discouraged and even depressed. We need to stop the pity party and get to work. Start to identify people to run for office at all levels of government. Encourage and support them. Talk to people. You have no idea how many people have changed their minds about who they will vote for simply because an informed citizen laid the facts out for them.

Democrats are not evil. Most of their leaders are. They genuinely feel they are better than all of us “deplorables,” and that we don’t have a right to exist, much less to vote or hold office. Most Democrat voters are simply ignorant. Note that ignorant does not mean stupid. Stupid people are those who aren’t willing to learn. Ignorant people are people who want to learn, but no one has told them the truth. They have been brainwashed since they were born.

Instead of arguing with Democrats, we need to “evangelize” them.” Engage them in friendly, civilized conversations. Have your Constitution in your pocket and show them how our nation is supposed to be run. Talk to them about Freedom and Liberty, and about how those fundamental rights are being stolen from us, little by little. People the world over long to be free. Show them how good government frees the people, and how oppressive government enslaves us.

Dr. Tom Barrett


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