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Biden and Harris

President Joe Biden spends too much time on vacation and not “working” for the American people. For example, he just returned from a four-day vacation in Ireland but has ignored the victims of the poisonous train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio. In fact, Biden has been on vacation an astounding 326 days or 40% of his presidency.

Since the Ireland trip was another debacle, House Republicans should immediately demand that Biden submit to a mental competency test. As usual, Biden made numerous gaffes and embarrassing statements in Ireland.

His mental incompetence is known both in the United States and worldwide. At this point, his inability to think clearly and articulate is putting our country at significant risk.

For months, the United States has been engaged in a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine. Simultaneously, China is threatening Taiwan in an unprecedented manner. Iran is close to developing nuclear weapons, while North Korea is firing long-range ballistic missiles, causing alarm in Japan and South Korea.

Domestically, Joe Biden’s policies have created multiple disasters. His fiscally irresponsible legislation has resulted in record levels of federal debt, high inflation, soaring interest rates, and a banking crisis.

Our country is also suffering from a crime explosion, a drug overdose epidemic, and an open southern border has allowed millions of illegal aliens to enter the country, including an unknown number of terrorists, Chinese agents, and Mexican drug cartel members. We have no idea what type of threat Biden has permitted to enter America.

Curiously, Biden’s failed policies have benefited China at our expense. Moving toward wind, solar and electric batteries will place financial strains on Americans but enrich China.

In the view of U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), our country’s confluence of emergencies is occurring while our President is “highly compromised” due to his questionable involvement with China. Sadly, this corruption extends beyond China as the Biden family has been found to have approximately 150 “suspicious bank activity reports” involving foreign transactions.

According to Senator Johnson, the President’s son, Hunter Biden, has been “peddling the family name, trying to sell influence” in “a dozen different countries.” It is widely believed that despite his assurances to the contrary, this “grifting” has been occurring with the full knowledge of Joe Biden.

Fortunately, an investigation has been launched by House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY). He has concluded that “the business plan for all practical purposes is the Biden family takes money from our adversaries around the world for doing things that we haven’t yet determined.” However, Comer has also discovered that those activities do not include any type of “business.”

It seems clear that these activities include influence peddling and trading on the Biden name to gather millions of dollars in “consulting” fees for activities that place our country at risk. Comer states that “various banks” believe Hunter Biden has been “laundering money” and acting as an “unregistered foreign agent.” To make matters worse, Comer has concluded that the “bank records” show “direct deposits” coming from “our adversaries around the world.”

As Comer notes, all these revelations will be “very hard to explain for Joe Biden.” This explanation should be received during formal impeachment hearings. It is time for House Republicans to use their majority and begin the process.

Remember, Democrats impeached President Donald Trump twice for nothing of substance. The first impeachment was due to a “perfect” phone call, while the second one was after he gave a speech advocating “peaceful” protests on January 6, 2021.

What President Biden and his family have done is more egregious than anything Democrats fabricated to impeach Trump. Not only is Biden mentally compromised, but his family is also financially compromised in their dealings with communist China and other nations.

Republicans must treat Democrats the same way they have been treated. Unfortunately, Republicans always try to act in a more polite manner with Democrats. However, with our country’s survival on the line, the time for such niceties is over.

Once impeachment hearings commence, President Biden can be investigated for his ties to a plethora of questionable activities. For example, a Chinese spy balloon was allowed to travel across the country, and linger over sensitive military installations, gathering intelligence. Why did the President wait so long to destroy this balloon?

In January, it was reported that classified documents were found in Biden’s office, his home, and his garage, next to his Corvette. While the Attorney General appointed a special counsel to review these breaches of national security, it should also be investigated as a potentially impeachable offense as individuals and organizations associated with the Chinese Communist Party donated $54 million to the Penn Biden Center from 2014-2019. This is the “office” where Biden’s classified documents were kept in “an unlocked closet.”

Other potentially impeachable offenses include allowing an open southern border, permitting Afghan nationals to enter our country without proper vetting, and the disastrous withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan that resulted in the deaths of thirteen military service personnel.

Americans destroyed the Nord Stream pipelines, according to investigative journalist Seymour Hersh. If true, it was an act of war and an impeachable offense.

Also, Biden depleted the Strategic Petroleum Reserve for purely political reasons. He used extortion to force the Ukrainians to fire a prosecutor who was investigating Burisma, the energy company connected to Hunter Biden.

For years, Biden has stressed that he had no ties to his son’s business deals. However, new evidence has revealed Hunter’s business associates met with Obama White House officials over 80 times when Joe Biden served as Vice President.

Did the President financially benefit from Hunter’s business deals? His former business associate, Tony Bobulinski, said “10%” was given to the “Big Guy,” Joe Biden’s nickname.  

Is Biden compromised in China, Ukraine, or other countries? Did he use the office of Vice President to enable his family to conduct shady business deals?

Republicans must start these hearings immediately before President Joe Biden inflicts more damage on our country. 

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