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Why the Left’s Abnormal Fear of the ‘Fraud’ Word

Onomatophobia is a fear of certain words sometimes because of a bad experience associated with that word.

Oddly, the left may think the riotous troubles at the Capitol were all too fearful, and thereby they refuse to hear the word fraud for fear of further provocation.

This doesn’t hold much water because, conservatives should have far more fear after what happened at the polls – but they are not afraid of the word fraud. Injustice is the feared word among conservatives.

In almost all commercial, business and government activity there are avenues of recourse to deal with fraud. Often, people are encouraged to report fraud as soon as it is discovered or even suspected.

But there no recourse for those who claim to be victims of ballot box fraud and there is about 70 million people with this complaint.

Illustrious and revered My Pillow maker, entrepreneur, and staunch Trump supporter, Mike Lindell, has had his video expose on the election fraud, reportedly pulled from YouTube and Vimeo.

Not to be thwarted, some online news sites have posted the Rumble version of Lindell’s video back online in the name of, you remember, that old constitutional freedom once called ‘freedom of speech.’

As a journalist and editor, I must admit that I am no expert on the fraud claims that surround the 2020 election, but I am a good purveyor of public opinion and honest concern.

People are worried, very worried.

Many are worried that their candidate was unfairly treated and humiliated by angry democrats who can’t seem to deal with excessive hatred and disdain for a rather remarkable man, who did nothing but love his country.

Others are worried that all elections in the future of the United States will be in doubt.

After pulling Twitter and Facebook posts, and entire accounts, for any use of the ‘fraud’ word – red flags are popping up everywhere.

The undue alarm now waxes suspicious.

There can be only two possibilities for the left’s abnormal fear of the fraud word – Let’s see.

First, if there is no fraud, then allowing the courts, forensic science and meticulous examination by experts, could only help to resolve the question. Why not silence the conservative voices with unalterable proof rather than the threat of huge lawsuits and bouncing long time hosts such as Lou Dobbs from once trusted cable networks like Fox?

Who will be sued next? Perhaps we can dig up all the old conspiracy theorists who hold that there was a second shooter on the grassy knoll on that fateful day in Dallas. Then, we may want to drag all the ‘birthers’ to the bench and get some cash for those who insulted Barack Obama by doubting that he was born in the U.S.

Is the reputation of a former president less fragile than the record of a giant tech corporation?

Who could doubt the pure benevolent intentions of a big tech giant?

Unless the word fear is not what they are really worried about, but the actual commission of crimes of fraud as enumerated in the various contested 2020 election hotspots.

If there is no fraud, then stand up and prove it, so the rest of the nation can sit down and accept the result.

The second and far more likely reason the left is at war with the fraud word is, they don’t want to ever admit one thing.

It is what simple philosophical thought and ordinary reason does, when it takes us by the hand, like a child, and leads us to the truth.

If there is fraud, any level of fraud whatsoever, then there can only be one conclusion.

It would mean that now, we have a fraudulent president.

It may be hard to say where this will lead, but it takes no great mind to discern that hard days are ahead.

Will the people of this nation ever be happy with that conclusion, even if it remains only as a gnawing suspicion.

My answer comes from a well-worn and trusted passage of the scriptures.

“When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” Proverbs 29:2

Michael Bresciani

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