We Need More Godly Men

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Many are wondering, today, what in the world has happened to our country?  Lawlessness abounds, there is no justice to be found, deception is rampant, and the “pandemic” of delusion continues to morph into even greater variations of abominations.

Of course, we understand that at the heart of it all is the great falling away of our country’s people from God and His Word.  If Americans loved the Lord and revered and feared Him as our ancestors did, even through the most difficult and trying of times, I dare say we wouldn’t be seeing any of the filth, nonsense and injustice that is now our “new normal.”

Who’s to blame?  All of us, really, but today I want to talk specifically about and to the fathers.  “As goes the father, so goes the family; as goes the family, so goes the Church; as goes the Church, so goes the nation.”

The Scriptures have a lot to say about the importance of fathers and fatherhood.  The first human being God created was a man.  The man was created and purposed to protect, lead, provide for and serve his helpmate, his wife.  Together, the two were to be “fruitful and multiply” as the two became one flesh in holy matrimony.  Together, the two were to bear and raise Godly children, in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

And this union of one man and one woman in holy matrimony was the basis for the family, and the family was the foundation of a God-honoring culture and society.  If you wonder why our culture and society is such a disaster now, one need only look at what has happened to our families.

Most families — even church-going families — are now dealing with some level of dysfunction.  This would not be the case if these families had God-fearing fathers.  Men who put God first in all things, served as spiritual leaders of their homes and who trained up their children in the way they should go.

It’s no secret that the majority of people in prison today come from dysfunctional families, and most come from homes where the father was either completely absent or Godless.

I look at the so-called “men” of today’s society and I cringe.  Most have absolutely no clue what a real man is supposed to be or what they’re supposed to do.  They have no interest in the things of God or of His Word.  They follow the devil’s gods of sports, video gaming, worldly, carnal entertainment, drinking, drugs, slothfulness, and apathy.  They’re cowardly, narcissistic, self-indulgent, and self-centered.  And according to several major studies I’ve seen, most spend at least an hour or more every day looking at porn.

It’s a terrible shame.  These are the traits that have brought on the Left’s propaganda and the devil’s lie known as “toxic masculinity.”  It’s diabolical.  Because there are so many ungodly men, “toxic masculinity” has become a “thing” now and it’s not entirely an unjustified term.  Now, not all men are wicked and evil, but because most are, all men are made to feel guilty just for being men, just as white people are made to feel guilty just for being white, and “straight” people are made to feel guilty if they have no empathy for sodomite lifestyles or those with gender delusion.

But “Toxic Masculinity” is a lie.  Men were created with the masculine traits they’re supposed to have for God’s perfect, natural purposes.  Again, to protect, provide for, lead and serve.   But in today’s sexualized culture, many men have become wicked and evil, abusers of women and children, neglectful of their responsibilities and uncaring and unbelieving in God.  That’s the toxic part.  But if they were to repent and follow their Creator and His Word,  “masculinity” would be highly valued once again, instead of being something shameful.  It’s really so simple. I don’t understand why more men don’t “get” this.

To be fair, men do have it rough in life.  There are a lot of expectations put upon them.  Being a protector, provider, teacher, leader, warrior, and servant is not easy.  But as men, that’s our role.  That’s our duty.  God wouldn’t have created us for these purposes if we couldn’t handle those responsibilities.  So make no mistake, we are without excuse if we’re not living and serving as God intended.  Yes, life is rough, but God’s given us all the skills and abilities we need to fulfill our masculine roles.

But today, America is failing because our churches and pastors are failing.  Our churches and pastors are failing because our families are failing, and our families are failing because our men are failing.  Without Christ, we can do nothing.  With Him, we can do all things.  He strengthens us.  He never leaves or forsakes us.  Life is never easy and never will be easy, but life here on this earth is a test of our souls — what we do with the lifetimes God gives us will determine where we spend eternity.  And what we do, in our lifetimes as men, also has an enormous impact on everyone around us, and society in general… and sets the stage for our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Do you think there would be sodomite pride parades, perverts in schools, gangsters in government or child sacrifice disguised as “women’s healthcare” if men were doing what God called them to do?  Of course not.  Real men would never stand for such things.  Real men would have the courage to protect women and children.  But real men, like real Christ-followers, are few and far between now.

In every generation, it seems, there’s always some level of friction between boys and their fathers.  They vow to be a better dad to their kids than their dad was to them.  But as they grow older and become fathers themselves, many come to realize that their dad did the best he could — he wasn’t perfect by any means, but he did the best he knew how and the best he could.  They come to realize the sacrifices their dads made to raise them right, give them the best they were able to and they come to see and understand how hard it must have been — how they worked so hard and “did without” just so that their kids could have a good life.

When these boys grow up and become fathers themselves, they see things a little differently and they come to appreciate what their dads went through.  The dads also look back and see where they went wrong — what they could have done so much better.

But today’s generation is unlike any other.  Today’s young men are lost, confused, and deluded because many of them never had a dad in the home in the first place.  And if they did, in the vast majority of families, the dad never knew God at all — or if he did, he failed to pass his faith on to his children.  And so the young men of today come from broken homes, dysfunctional homes, fatherless homes, and Godless homes.  So is it any wonder that there’s now such strong delusion in our land?  So much drug use, mental illness, perversion, and depravity.  What we do as men has real, serious consequences.

Soon our calendars will tell us it’s Father’s Day.  I hope we will celebrate the good fathers in this world, because there still are many good dads out there.  If you’re a father yourself, and you didn’t grow up with a good and Godly dad, understand: you do get another chance.  If you didn’t have a good and Godly dad, you can still be a good and  Godly dad to your own kids.

I’d like to share with you the words of a song by a man named Buddy Davis.  The song is called “We Need More Godly Men.”  It goes like this:  “Lord, we need more Godly men, who’ll stand on Your Word ‘til the end.  Men who are strong, men that won’t bend. Lord, we need more Godly men.  Lord, we need more Godly men, who aren’t afraid to call sin ‘sin,’ ‘cause the world is desperately looking for them.  Lord, we need more Godly men.

“Lord, we need more husbands in love with their wives, and Daddies to cherish their kids; grampas and uncles who’ll set an example and tell them who Jesus is.  May the world see our eyes in the Bible and our knees bent in prayer again.  From the senior preacher to the high school teacher, Lord, we need more Godly men.

“Lord, we need more heroes to praise the name of Christ, instead of using it in vain; men who’ll place Jesus at the head of their homes, like the family that You ordained.  May the world see us as Your disciples, reaching out to the world as a friend.  From the factory worker to the Wall Street broker, Lord, we need more Godly men.

“Lord, we need more Godly men, who’ll stand on Your Word ‘til the end.  Men who are strong, men that won’t bend. Lord, we need more Godly men.  Lord, we need more Godly men, who aren’t afraid to call sin ‘sin,’ ‘cause the world is desperately looking for them.  Lord, we need more Godly men.”

Guys, we’re living in perilous times.  God, our Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ, are the only answer… the answer everyone is seeking.  I beg you today to please, at least learn of your Creator and your Savior and seek Him with all your heart.  Then, as Deuteronomy 6 tells, us, teach what you learn diligently to your children.

God gave us a wonderful example of Godly manhood and the role we have in this world.  He is our heavenly Father and He has a Son, Jesus Christ.  Learn of their relationship.  As mere human beings, we’ll often fail, but we don’t have to.  Be a Godly man, raise up your children in the way they should go, and leave a heritage and a legacy that will build your children and grandchildren up in Godliness.  Don’t be a bad dad.  Don’t be a toxic man.  The world is desperately in need of Godly men.  You can be one of them, even if you come from an unbelieving or uncaring family.  Do better.  Do it God’s way.  Do it the way God intended.

If our nation and world is going to see any salvation, it’s only going to come by the hearts of men repenting of their worldliness and seeking the higher things — the things of God and the Holy Spirit.  Turn aside from all the silly, vain, useless enticements of this world, and pursue God.  He’s your father, and He will lovingly embrace you when you seek Him — and show you how to be a Godly man, and a righteous father to your own children and grandchildren.

You can start right now, by doing a search for all the Scriptures that talk about manhood, fatherhood, and family.  If you need help, I’m happy to give you a good list of Scripture verses as a starting point for your study.  Just ask.  But the information is out there, and God never hides from us.  Seek Him today because the carnal world around us has nothing of value for eternity.  But your life matters — and will have an eternal impact on someone… in fact, what you do today, and the way you love your wife and raise your children will help shape not only the lives of your kids and grandkids, but our entire society.

As goes the father, so goes the family.  As goes the family, so goes the Church.  As goes the Church, so goes the nation.  We need more Godly men….the world is desperately looking for them.  Lord, we need more Godly men.

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