Wake-up Call: America Is Sliding Into Oblivion

Brown Stripe American Flag

On May 27, this writer tuned into the Greg Kelly show on Newsmax, and found the guest host, Eric Bolling, filling in for Greg. Eric was good but too good. He started listing “I remember America when….” and it was such a powerfully depressing list including respect for police, gas at $1.79/gallon, unemployment insurance was insurance, etc that I could not continue listening, and closed the app.

Listing our slide downwards as a culture is more than a list of negatives to be stopped and corrected. It seems more like an unstoppable slide into oblivion.  Former Pres. Donald J. Trump and others are touting a win back of the House in 2022 and gaining a couple of Senate seats.  Dream on I says to them.

What do I mean by “slide into oblivion?” First, the American flag will probably be redesigned to include the brown line to show that “people of color” are more important than has been acknowledged for centuries by the “white striped” exploitative USA.  If we display a different flag and a different mindset, then the Left will allow doing away with taking a knee, and our athletes can go back to making their millions with a clear conscience.

Further at the very least “under God” will be taken out of the Pledge of Allegiance.  We cannot and will not ever forget that the word “God” was literally booed at the Democratic Party National Convention of 2012.     

Reparations will be enacted for African Americans and Native Americans.  The singing of the Black National Anthem “Lift Up Your Heart and Sing” will be instituted at graduations across America.  This writer actually taught at a high school in NYC as long ago as the 1990’s where only this so-called Black National Anthem was sung, except on graduation day when the Star-Spangled Banner was sung to put on a show for parents and guests.

The 1619 Project view of America as founded mainly for the perpetuation of slavery will become the definitive history of the founding of the USA taught in our public schools.  All other historical accounts will increasingly be designated as a racist or white supremacist.

There will be an expansion of the authority of the FAA, FCC, DOI, DOA, FDA, and DOE as the Tenth Amendment will be completely ignored and the federalism ideal enshrined in the U.S. Constitution will be replaced (we are already more than halfway there) with a Federally centered administrative model, not a sharing of power between states and Washington DC.

With the emphasis (more like an obsession than an emphasis) upon equality as a sacred dimension of governance, a new Department of Equality will monitor the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of all intersectional sub-groupings – transsexuals, blacks, the overweight, Latinos, LGBTQ’s, the unemployed and underemployed (people who could be executives except that racism forces them to flip burgers or be incarcerated), and the mentally disabled — in the country.  Many of the duties now found in the civil rights division of the Justice Dept will be moved into this Department.

The Department of Equality will be able to conduct hearings independent of the normal rules of our justice system and will be allowed to hold hearings not that different from the British Star Chamber where (1) the right to confront your accuser is not required and (2) the principle of innocent until proven guilty will not apply. Under the rules of this new institution, the burden of proof for showing that one has NOT infringed on the equal rights of others will fall on the accused.

Included among the changes brought by the Star Chamber were the following: “It was less bound by rigid form; it did not depend upon juries either for indictment or for a verdict; it could act upon the petition of an individual complainant or upon information received; it could put an accused person on oath to answer the petitioner’s bill and reply to detailed questions. On the other hand, its methods lacked the safeguards that common-law procedures provided for the liberty of the subject.”  Read and weep.

We need only see the manipulations of the FBI and DOJ with regard to Trump associates, and the irregular secrecies of Adam Schiff’s committee advancing Trump’s impeachment.   A renewal and updating of this Star Chamber concept are on our political-legal horizon I believe.  To treat the manipulations by Robert Mueller and by sworn lawmakers we have seen during the years 2017-2021 as merely a sad blip on the radar screen of life would be truly pathetic.  Yet, that seems to be what we are seeing.

The Republicans themselves have a severe case of wimpitis and thus win or lose, we shall continue to lose our freedom and individual rights.  Rights will no longer be considered natural or God-given but as a perverse, manmade construct used to exploit various non-white, non-male subcultures.

Why don’t we see Republican elected leaders aggressively supporting laws in states that challenge the socialist and big tech status quo?  Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida seems to be the only governor aggressively advancing legislation that will protect the citizenry from vaccine passports, forced vaccination, big tech manipulation, gun rights, Critical Race Theory, etc.  Why don’t we see this aggressive program in Republican states from coast to coast?  Why is he not being publicly praised for these initiatives?  The survival of the country is at stake.

Some of the Republicans other than the Freedom Caucus actually believe it is still their duty to try to reach across the aisle and work with the Pelosicrats and the Schumeroids.  I’m thinking of Sen. Lisa Murkishka (R-AK) and Sen. Susan Cholera (R-ME) and Sen. Mitt Armpit (R-UT).  There are others I would include such as the esteemed Republican Senate leader Mitch McSchemer (R-KY).

Instead of action against the existential threat to society posed by the Biden administration and the cronies attached to that administration, Republican leaders see business as usual.  Trump had rallied.  Where are the rallies being organized by individual Senators or groups of Senators to denounce various pending legislative offerings by the Democrats?  Where is time being bought by the Republican National Committee on TV (assuming of course that the major networks would even sell them time) repudiating Democrat legislative initiatives?  Why has not Sen. John Cornyn, a Republican, withdrew his sponsorship of Action Civics legislation that feeds into the Democratic societal discontent machine?

Yes, this writer and other writers can continue to post at americanthinker.com and other great outlets for the disenfranchised.  That is very good, I think.  Communication with and for all right-thinking persons is a crucial dimension of hope for the country. But the Republican Party and leaders are supine.

They are sitting on their well-fed butts and ignoring the decline of the country and treating the present situation as mere policy differences with the Democrats.  We are not having “mere policy differences.”  Those were the old days, and even then, many of the differences between conservatives and libs or leftists were not “mere” but were significant and of incredible long-run significance.  No pushback = slide into oblivion, a leftist totalitarian hell from which it will take centuries to recover.

Jeffrey Ludwig

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