Two-Faced Disney Fires Gina Carano: Disney is the Epitome of What’s Wrong in America

Two-Faced Disney Fires Gina Carano

The “WOKE” Disney company fires “The Mandalorian” star Gina Carano, gives liberal co-star Pedro Pascal a pass.

The Disney company is the perfect picture of what is so deeply wrong in America.  At least as far as the “woke” mob and the “cancel culture” vultures are concerned.

The star of Disney’s The Mandalorian, Gina Carano made some posts that were politically incorrect in today’s culture – and received the due penalty for doing so.  Lucasfilm, whose parent company is of course Disney, and was Ms. Carano’s employer – referred to Ms. Carano’s posts as, “abhorrent and unacceptable.”

So what were these oh-so egregious posts?  Perverted sexual posts or pedophilia (warning, graphic and disgusting – no images), anti-American, maybe a severe foul-mouthed tirade?


From The New York Post:

“Because history is edited, most people today don’t realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews,” the post said.

The end of that quote reads: “How is that any different from hating someone for their political views?”

Exactly.  But how dare a Hollywood star actually state the truth?  How dare she mention the words history and edited in the same sentence.  That is grounds for excommunication, Hollywood style.

Contrast and compare: the above referenced disgusting individual (James Gunn) who made the perverted sexual posts (warning – disgusting) was rehired by Disney.  But Gina Carano for the crime of a Holocaust tweet is permanently gone.

Pedro Pascal, Gina Carano’s co-star on The Mandalorian, compared Trump supporters to Nazi’s.  That’s ok though, because Pascal is a liberal right?

The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal is again the center of controversy as following the recent election, the Star Wars and Wonder Woman 1984 actor compares fans to Nazis.

Pascal took to his Instagram to celebrate the possible victory of presidential candidate Joe Biden and his choice to be vice-president, Kamala Harris, and posted memes about supporters of Donald Trump calling them “losers” and comparing them to Nazis and the southern states.

Disney has a long history of not only perversion itself, but firing people who committed unconscionable atrocities in their eyes at least – while keeping other people who made statements that were every bit as bad, or even worse.

Remember Roseanne Barr?  She made a tweet in poor taste about Valerie Jarrett and ABC (owned by Disney of course) immediately cancelled Roseanne and said goodbye to Barr.  Because – “Roseanne’s Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values.”  Oh really?

Then there was another wildly popular show with Tim Allen, Last Man Standing.  ABC’s Channing Dungey, the same gal who axed Roseanne, also put the kibosh to Allen’s show.  Now why did they do that?  It was a scheduling decision ABC’s Dungey said.

Sure it was.  Roseanne and Tim are both Republicans.  Any other questions?

So what about ABC’s other “talent”?

  • It was ok for Jimmy Kimmel to insult Melania Trump’s accent, who was reading to children.
  • Joy Behar of The View can insult Mike Pence’s faith calling it a “mental illness”
  • Foul-mouthed degenerate Keith Olbermann’s F-bomb laced tweets were ok – employed by ESPN, also owned by Disney.
  • Samantha Bee referred to Ivanka Trump as the C word, apparently that’s also cool.In 2015, Disney the parent company of ABC decided to develop a sitcom (it ran for two seasons) based on a homosexual activist/X-rated gay sex columnist – despite high pressure not to do so.

Good ole ABC also created Andi Mack, which was a popular series among the six to fourteen-year-old age group, one of the shows lead characters was openly gay.

There was at one time a Christian music festival held every year.  This event was not only popular, it ran for thirty-five years!  Disney up and cancelled it.

I think it is safe to say that if you are a foul-mouthed degenerate, an LGBTQ activist (even if violent), a liberal, a Democrat, your skin color is black (unless you are Candace Owens), a globalist, a RINO, or a member of the mainstream media – you can say anything you please with complete and total impunity.

If however you are a conservative, Republican, libertarian, Christian, or even so much as express a glimmer of a doubt about the politically correct attitude – you are toast baby.  The Cancel Culture mob will be gunning for you, ANTIFA and BLM will beat you, maybe even kill you.  Social media will erase you, and your own friends and family may turn on you and/or disinherit you.

The Babylon Bee summed this up quite well in a recent post:

“I’m not a Republican actress — I’m actually a toxic, abusive, gaslighting director of many popular shows and films over the years,” Carano said. “I am finally ready to come out of the closet and live my truth.”

Disney’s response was immediate, as the company profusely apologized and hired her back.

“We are so sorry to Ms. Carano for firing her — we did not realize she was actually a sexually abusive male director trapped in a woman’s body,” said a Disney spokesperson.

“We applaud her for coming to terms with her true identity and choosing to live her brave new life as a studio executive who does problematic things to women all the time without any repercussions.”

Wake up America and stand strong – don’t let your beliefs be dictated by the Leftist two-faced totalitarian government overlords.  Or the social media thought police and their brothers in arms, the mainstream media.

We are many, we are growing, We the People are sick and tired of the hate, the hypocrisy, the snow jobs, the recent election theft, the planned Capital riot (blamed on Trump) and other riots, the senseless violence winked at by Democrats when it benefits them, and the outrageous treatment of the greatest U.S. president in recent memory – Donald J. Trump.

I leave you with this thought that needs no further words:

If you believe:

-Men can give birth. -The Capitol riots were akin to the Rwandan genocide. -Ted Cruz almost had AOC murdered -BLM deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

Seek help. Immediately.

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