The Truth About the Equality Act – Using the Law to Promote Evil and Gender Confusion

The Truth About the Equality Act

Let it be noted that this writer is aware that when polled, seventy-five percent of Americans don’t want any more gender confusion, much less a law that forces it on them.

First, we can be assured that gender identity and the havoc it is playing on our youth already has no basis in science.

The idea that kids can just decide what gender they are is about as silly as creating laws to protect serial killers, bank robbers and rapists. If they identify as such then shouldn’t their chosen identities also be protected.

Have we moved up from the possibility of genes that may cause people to be murderers to genes that got confused at birth and thereby caused the wrong gender to be missed – until it was found and declared by a twelve-year-old?

Rolling Stone magazine argues that because some states have laws to protect LGBT people and others do not, that riding across the country means that sometimes they are safe and sometimes they’re not.

This is an observation that is as shallow as, sometimes I feel like a nut and sometimes I don’t.

It was not until pop culture and media started promoting sexual gender doubt, that sexually dysphoric people even knew that there was something to fear.

H.R. 5 is a Pelosi, Schumer driven pipe dream that sailed through the democratically controlled house of representatives. Its future is in serious doubt as it wafts to the Senate – for which we can only thank God if it fails.

In fact, it is God and those who have faith in God who stand to lose the most, if the bill can get away from the gate to become law.

LGBT are worried about discrimination even as they send their finest nude and lewd into many U.S. cities to celebrate their pride in parades. Sorry LGBT if some people still believe that it is shame that should be experienced, not pride.

When sexual preferences become protected it is a signal of the decline of a nation, it is a herald to be heeded as the fall of the new Rome approaches with full pomp and circumstance. Nothing to celebrate.

The old men’s room or women’s room is to be called a sex de-segregated accommodation and freed for the LGBT denied. Until it was declared de-segregated it was a place of privacy to answer the call of nature. When did it get to be anything else, except in the minds of the LGBT lobby?

The bad news from this kind of law is already long underway. One example is the 5 year-old kindergartner student that was assaulted by a boy who took advantage of the new, all genders welcome kinds of law.

It is a dark promise of things to come.

The most frightening aspect of the proposed bill is that it may soon result in yet, another kind of discrimination on a scale that would bring our nation in direct conflict with God.

Millions of Christian people still believe that the Bible is quite clear about homosexuality and other similar perversions. They are abominable according to the word of God and will bring entire nations to destruction, if not checked.

As these penchants begin to develop across America, we are compelled to make more vociferous warnings – it is God’s way of saving a nation.

There may be only one Jonah and one Nineveh in the scripture, likewise, there is only one America in our world, it must be warned.

In the meantime, we can rest assured that the kind of discrimination gays and transgenders are worried about is practically non-existent.

The signs on most business establishments read, no shirt, no shoes, no service – we have yet to see any that read, no conscience, no common sense, no morality – no service.

It is delusional to think these laws are needed.

According to the prophetic aspect of the bible, it is near the coming of the “lawless one” otherwise known as the Antichrist. The bible also warns that just prior to his arrival on the scene, lawlessness will begin to sweep every aspect of our society.

“Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.” 1John 2:18

The laws that now exist are all being ignored, challenged or re-made to fit the new antichrist spirit.

The BLM and Antifa want to tear down and burn cities under the guise of good old American protest.

The gays want to parade in the street fully nude and fully lewd while the college students want to strip down on Florida’s warm beaches for a boozing lust fest.

Shall we make laws to assure the decline is not hindered and the party goes on?

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The Equality Act – Protect the Few but Seal the Fate of 300 Million Americans

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