Transformation of the City on A Hill to a City of Perversion, Greed, and Unbelief

a shinning city on a hill

When Hillary Clinton was seeking the presidency in 2016, she referred to a segment of the citizenry that objected to the so-called liberal agenda as “deplorables (that liberal agenda is now seen more clearly as a communist agenda expanded to include cultural communism). Communism is a socio-political-economic doctrine originating in the writings of Germans Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels; cultural communism was advanced in great detail by Antonio Gramsci, an Italian communist, who expanded the Marxist “class struggle” to also being an intense struggle against all bourgeois values in every segment of society – education, family, entertainment, sports, etc. 

This writer was delighted to be included in Hillary’s deplorable grouping, and in my published essays and in private communications, I enjoyed referring to myself as a deplorable.  This term reminded me of a certain protestant group in England in the 17th century snidely being referred to as “Puritans.” The term was applied as a put-down of those who dared criticize the Church of England as being unbiblical in a variety of ways. Yet, when the Puritan group of Pilgrims came to the North American continent faithfully trusting the Lord to meet their needs and hoping to establish a “city on a hill,” they did not know that the Lord would use their faithfulness to establish a unique and prosperous culture that would become the USA.  The “city on a hill” would exemplify Christian virtue – a love and commitment to Christ — that was deeper and more pervasive than they could find in England.  

Along with the Pilgrims, the other early colony established in Virginia was composed of  bold Church of England male believers/adventurers who founded Jamestown.  Although there was an element of greed in Jamestown that was not found in Massachusetts colony, a church was also built as one of two original buildings. “Church services in James Fort were held fourteen times a week, with sermons preached at services on Sunday and on either Wednesday or Thursday. Two prayer services, one in the morning and one in the evening, were held Monday through Saturday. An afternoon catechism was also held by the minister on Sunday. After the introduction of strict martial law by Deputy Governor Sir Thomas Dale in 1611, called Dale’s Code, regular church attendance was required, with punishments ranging from loss of food rations to execution for violators who blasphemed ‘God’s holy name’ or challenged the authority of a preacher or minister.”    

More than 100 years after those original settlements, a Great Awakening or revival of faith came about in the colonies led by Jonathan Edwards and George Whitfield. However, in the Southern and Middle Colonies, John Wesley was preaching and inciting a return to Christian faith and virtue.  And his movement also was put down by calling his followers Methodists because he insisted on more methodical study of the Word of God and more fasting. It should always be encouraging to believers to be put down by unbelievers or apostates.  Rejection is not pleasant, but we receive our encouragement from a loving God and from the comforting power of the Holy Spirit.

Fast forward hundreds of years with me o ye fellow deplorables to the 20th century.  When this writer was still in public school, although not raised as a born again, Bible believing Christian, the Bible was read daily in the public elementary school I attended in Philadelphia, PA. Typically the Psalms were read as not being offensive to students who were Catholic, Protestant, or Jewish. There were no doubt atheists in the class, but their presence did not establish the format.  The program of my sixth grade graduation in 1952 clearly stated that a prayer was presented and the Holy Bible was read.

But in 1962 and 1963, prayers and Bible reading in the public schools in the USA was declared unconstitutional under a false understanding of separation of church and state. The doctrine that there should not be an establishment of religion in the USA properly understood meant that there could not be an official religion of the USA supported by public moneys as was the Church of England.  Jefferson’s allusion to “separation” in a letter was not intended to communicate that Christian religion in a general sense was illegitimate as the de facto belief system underlying the legal and institutional foundations of our society. 

We cannot have a specific religion as the official religion, like the Church of England was in that country, but Biblical values can still be accepted as a spiritual norm.  The Bible says marriage is between one man and one woman, and that is why polygamy is illegal.  If Christianity based on Biblical truth is not “established” then what can prevent a state from legalizing polygamy?  Where do legalities such as not stealing, not killing, not lying in court, respectful behavior to one’s parents and teachers come from if not from the Bible?  And in fact, because of the rejection of the Holy Bible in our lives, we see a continuous rise in crime, misbehavior in schools, disruption of family life, and collapse of marriage itself since the values acknowledged as American values were repudiated by the Supreme Court in the early1960’s.

Now the opponents of Biblical virtue will say to deplorables like myself “Who are you to say what is right or wrong?  Who is Moses to say what is right or wrong?  Who is this Jesus to say what is right or wrong?”  The contempt for God has been growing incrementally since the early 1960’s but has been accelerating during recent years. Presidents now can leave semen stains on women’s clothes yet announce to the American people unapologetically, “I did not have sex with that woman!”  Abortion in some form gets the support of politicians in both parties because of the lack of Christian/Biblical knowledge and commitment.  Child sacrifice to Moloch was expressly forbidden in Leviticus, yet apostate kings of Israel would sometimes make these sacrifices. Today the same sacrifices are made to “women’s health” [sic], an abstraction that has become a god.  The idea is to bring a greater of level of prosperity, freedom, or happiness into one’s life by sacrificing the life of the baby. This is perverse and idolatrous, and an updating of Moloch worship.  

The judgments of God that are accelerating daily because of support for transgender child perversion and mutilation, because of the legalization of homosexual marriage by five judges on SCUSA in 2015 (36 states had voted against that including even California that voted against it twice), the sustaining of abortion rights by most states, and the rejection of prayer and the reading of the Bible in our schools. 

Add to these the deliberate release of too many of those caught committing felonies in our cities, the attacks on free speech especially regarding parents who resist the transsexual and drag queen perverted agenda, mass mail-in voting that at the very least dilutes the controls necessary for impeccably honest elections, almost unrestricted immigration access to our land and to housing, healthcare, food, cell phone, and educational benefits by non-citizens paid for by citizens which is a complete exploitation of the citizenry, and the collapsing family in favor of porn and non-marital relationships, and you can understand the chaos that is emerging before our eyes.  These developments call down judgment and are in a sense judgment itself.  

Believers must remain devotedly identified with the Lord Jesus Christ and the Word of God. Without anger but with humble resolve, we must continue to express our beliefs. Sometimes we may have to face ostracism or hostility, but we do it in a spirit of devotion to God and to any persons we may find ourselves disagreeing with.  His blessing is assuredly upon we deplorables.

Jeffrey Ludwig

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