The Royal Family Has One Scandal After Another—Time to Shut it Down?

King Charles

King Charles of the United Kingdom made the decision to be known as Charles III, and I hope he remembers that Charles I was beheaded in 1649, the only British sovereign to be executed. Charles I was a tyrant who believed in “the divine right of kings,” meaning to oppose him was to oppose God. The English Parliament did not see it that way, and a bloody civil war began ending with the beheading of Charles.

Charles III will not suffer such a demeaning and disastrous fate, but his reign will be a debacle for Britain.

After Queen Elizabeth died, the Royal Beekeeper made his way to the royal bee farms on the grounds of Clarence House and Buckingham Palace and carried out a ceremony many centuries old: informing the royal bees that the Queen had passed away. I am sure the bees were stung by the shocking news. This ancient custom is “telling the bees” about any major news in the Royal Family and must be done in a “hushed tone.”

That silly custom is almost as useless as the monarchy itself, in my humble opinion. One study revealed that only 46 percent of Brits prefer to keep the monarchy. Many Brits are saying it is time to ditch the crown. After all, being born into the Royal Family is no qualification for ruling. Besides, who today will try to defend a class-based society?

Ditching the monarchy would save Brits $102 million each year. It would also keep them from having to apologize for their royals’ haughty and naughty behavior. More precisely, their sleazy and slutty behavior.

In full disclosure, I have never been impressed with royalty. I cringe at the thought of bowing to any human. In fact, I will not do so. While writing this, I remember being in an old African village where the only way to enter the chief’s throne room was to bow while walking through a very low door. I refused to enter. If I bow, it will be my choice, not forced on me. As a free American, I bow to no man. I cringe when I see Brits kissing the hand of Charles. I would not kiss any part of Charles or any other human in recognition of their special place. Most royals are pompous, pampered, privileged dolts.

So, I am anti-monarchical from the get-go. Keep that in mind as you read the soap opera known as British Royalty.

In 2016, the Spectator called on Prince Charles to renounce his place in the line of succession before the 90-year-old Queen died. Others had suggested, some rather strongly, it was time to put the Royal Family aside and continue to lurch into the future as a declining, once-great nation. After all, the Royal Family has received numerous gut punches from scandal after scandal after scandal. And scandal.

Only referring to a few past scandals:

King Edward VIII rejected the crown in 1936, so he could marry a divorced American woman, moved to Paris, and supported Hitler, all resulting in shock waves around the world for many years. He was a fornicator preferring married women.

Princess Margaret’s affair with Captain Peter Townsend ended with Townsend divorcing his wife and Margaret calling off the marriage in 1955.

Princess Anne, the only daughter of Elizabeth II, married Mark Phillips in 1973, and in 1989, a British newspaper revealed her affair with British naval officer Timothy Laurence. In 1992, she divorced Phillips and married Laurence.

Elizabeth’s son Prince Andrew married Sarah Ferguson in 1986, but six years later, she was caught vacationing with American John Bryan. There were incriminating photos, one of him licking Fergie’s foot. Andrew was not a happy camper, and they were divorced in 1996 as he went on to teenage conquests yet to be resolved in court.

The Daily Record and other media reported on Prince Andrew’s involvement in a “sex-slave” scandal. There were accusations that Andy had been involved in an orgy with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and at least eight teenage girls. Andrew was considered best friends with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. Rather than deal with the charges, Andy was sent to bed without his supper. The charges are still pending, and Andy (only 6% approval) could spend the rest of his life in the pokey.  

But don’t bet the farm on it because the royals are a special class.

The Sun published naked photos of Prince Harry at a Las Vegas party in 2012, proving that what happens in Vegas does not always stay in Vegas. Harry settled down somewhat and married an American actress, divorcée Meghan Markle who was living with a man before meeting Harry, with whom she continued her cohabitation. For those educated in public schools, that is Latin for shack up. Harry and Meghan now live in California and have caused heartburn to the Royals by their tell-all interviews or, more correctly, their whining about the difficulty of royal living. Meghan reported that the Royal Family was fearful that her children would be black since she is a mulatto. But that didn’t seem to hinder Obama who is also half white.

Prince William and Kate seem to be an ideal couple, but like most couples, they started living together before their marriage. The Archbishop of York endorsed Prince William and Kate’s decision to live together before marriage, saying that many modern couples want to “test the milk before they buy the cow.” However, he did not consult my longtime Friend (whom the archbishop pretends to represent) before giving that advice. I don’t think Kate appreciated being compared to a cow.

Conversations (rumors) have circulated for a few years that all is not well at home. The Daily Mail reported that William “has always had a roving eye,” and a reporter for The Times posted, then deleted, a tweet by royal reporter Giles Coren, “I know about the affair, everyone knows about the affair.” He referred to William’s affair with a friend and neighbor.

The future king denied the affair with Rose Hanbury, a neighbor and longtime friend of Kate. During Kate’s third pregnancy, William allegedly found “companionship” with his female friend and neighbor. Rose’s husband is 23 years her senior, and he travels often. When confronted by Kate, William was told to stop associating not only with Rose but also with her husband, who was William’s longtime friend.  The two couples had double-dated in their university years.

I hope they survive the crowning, clawing, and crowing of royal life, but immorality is common everywhere, especially in privileged circles. Even if the adultery is true, there is always the possibility of remorse, repentance, and reconciliation.

King Charles is not without his problems.  His longtime adultery with Camilla (now his wife and Queen Consort, whatever that is) is legendary. Princess Diana groupies often blame Charles and his longtime zipper problem for Diana’s miserable life and tragic death. (Some declared she was killed on orders of the Queen for her affair with a Muslim.) But then, Diana was a bed hopper, and even her stepmother called her a whore for dating Muslim men.

But then, adultery seems to be in the royal DNA and comes with the pomp and ceremony of a monarchy, although a Man I know, a good Friend, rejected that premise long ago and even authoritatively declared that it was adultery if a man even imagined an illicit affair in his mind.

Queen Elizabeth was at the center of a tax scandal when leaked documents revealed that she invested as much as $13.2 million in offshore tax havens. But remember, there is a difference between avoiding taxes and evading taxes.

On September 19, 2022, The Sunday Times revealed that Charles “accepted a suitcase containing $1 million in cash from a controversial Qatari politician.” The Times reported it “was one of three lots of cash, totaling €3 million [$3 billion], which Prince Charles personally received from Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani, the former prime minister of Qatar.” That incident is still rattling windows all over Europe.

But that is only the most recent royal scandal.

The new king has other problems since the British police launched a criminal investigation into one of his charities—The Prince’s Foundation earlier this year. It is alleged that Charles reportedly “traded royal honors” for donations to his various charities. His Foundation, run by Michael Fawcett, is highly respected but is being investigated, according to The Sunday Times of London, for receiving about $1.5 million to Charles’s charities in exchange for British citizenship for a Saudi businessman.

Fawcett allegedly wrote to Saudi businessman Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz in 2017, indicating the Saudi businessman would get a knighthood, British citizenship, and additional private face-to-face meetings with Charles. Oh my, not even a prince or king can get away with such misuse of trust. Charles responded as expected—like the backslidden Baptist piano player in a whorehouse who swore he didn’t know what was going on upstairs.

Whatever, Charles’ Foundation got a bushel of money, and Mahfouz got “private meetings with the prince and a private ceremony at Buckingham Palace in November 2016, when Charles awarded the Saudi with an ‘honorary’ CBE.” The Saudi also had some benches, a wooded area, and gardens named for him.  CBE stands for Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. 

Charles’ aid, Fawcett, was temporarily suspended from leadership in the Foundation, and many questioned whether he would or could make such deals without Charles’ knowledge. Fawcett had been Charles’ fundraiser for 30 years, raising over £60 million! There are numerous existing photos of Charles schmoozing with foreign elites at Foundation dinners. It seems the foreign guests with more money than character apparently “paid up to £500,000 for an opulent dinner with Charles.” The British public wants to know if Charles knew his aide arranged those dinners, invited the guests, and picked up generous checks for Charles’ Foundation.

Furthermore, is influence peddling acceptable if done for charity, and is it abhorrent for average people to do so but appropriate for a King?

Fawcett began his rise to the Big Time as a humble valet in Buckingham Palace in 1982 and rose to be the constant companion to Charles. He has resigned twice before after charges of bullying and selling to the highest buyer various gifts to the Royal Family, taking a generous handler’s fee for himself. He is known as “Fawcett the Fence.” He fenced royal gifts with Charles’ knowledge, according to the Daily Mail. That sounds like some old-fashioned American sleaze.

The Sun reported that the prince never traveled without Fawcett, “who provided the luxury he demanded day and night.” There have been many charges that Fawcett did far more than was expected. There have been many accusations of a sexual relationship between the two men, but I withhold judgment on that issue since all involved are a gaggle of liars, adulterers, thieves, and arrogant scumbags.

If the past is an indication of the future, Fawcett will be admonished, Charles will be absolved, and the loudest critics will be attacked. And the Empire will continue to lurch into another dung pile next month.

It will be interesting if Fawcett is appointed to a high position in the reign of Charles III.

The Daily Mail reported that convicted pedophile Joseph Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell (socialite sex offender) “vacationed at the Queen’s very own Cabin.” It seems the Royals tend to be friends with the dregs of society. Why would Queen Elizabeth have any kind of relationship with such lowlifes? But then, she has been around them all her life. Lord Mountbatten (former Royal killed by the IRA) mentor to Charles, was a flaming pedophile, and Jimmy Savile had easy access to the palace and royal functions.

Jimmy Savile was a serial predator and a top entertainer in the British media, however, after his death (at age 84) in 2011, it was determined he had been a vicious pedophile abusing about 500 girls as young as 2 and as old as 75 beginning in 1963. He also admitted to sex with the dead!

Much of his stomach-churning abuse took place in hospitals where he volunteered. He was so impressive and powerful that Prince Charles, now King Charles was a friend and used him as an unofficial adviser. Even the Conservative Margaret Thatcher entertained Savile at her home and promoted his knighthood.  The unmarried Savile was an informal marriage counselor for Charles and Diana in the late 1980s! With his close association with the Royal Family, he received the OBE, and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth.

Savile was a good example of a corrupt system—the monarchy, the media, and a senile public unwilling to confront, challenge, and convict a marauding pedophile even glorified him.  Moreover, awarding high royal honors to a predator pedophile is like putting whipped cream on a putrid onion.

I don’t have a vote on the matter, but from a friend across the pond, I say, do away with the monarchy and force all the royal snobs to get a real job.


Dr. Don Boys

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