“The Christian menace and the Communist responsibility”

Chicago Theological Seminary

“In the very early days we saw the Communist regime establish an immediate kinship with people of a criminal past. We saw it use for its purposes only the dark elements who, in a cultural society, hide themselves in the back alleys of a community, men whose lives are a mass of lies, deceit, treachery, and murder. Those with this sinister background are useful tools in the Communist system . . This rule started immediately to deform the very substance of spiritual and cultural life. Education was made into something ridiculous, a mechanism for political ideology and atheistic intoxication . . ” – Arthur Voobus, Estonian theologian and scholar

THE RUSSIANS AREN’T COMING, BUT – the Commies are already at work here in America. Just think! Priceless public-school kids are being spoon-fed a steady diet of envy, hatred, and other forms of ridiculousness. WE get kicked off social media for “hate speech.” Parents at school board meetings are called domestic terrorists while the real insurrectionists, BLM and Antifa arsonists are admired. Violent criminals get “no bail” while patriots rot in jail for a year without charges.

Buck Sexton has been talking about pre-1917 Russia. The intelligentsia were aware of the Nihilists, but would often invite them to dinner parties. The intellectuals later became some of the first to be executed or shipped to Siberia – along with the religious – in cattle cars, after the murder of  the Tsar’s whole family. See why the Bolsheviks like the criminals? Voobus wrote about the Red occupation of Estonia from 1918 to 1920, and again in 1939-1944:

“I am constantly in remembrance of the last glimpse from those arrested friends and companions whom I saw disappearing, never to be seen alive again. I, like many companions [who survived] still can hear the anguish of mothers, and the screeches of those who lost their nerve and became insane under the horror they experienced. I still see the hands of men and women, stretched out through the windows of the freight cars covered with barbed wire. Those hands, green and pale, gave mute gestures which spoke a clearer language than any mouth is able to express . . Thus, I have dipped my pen in tears to write this essay.”

Voobus said that one-third of the Estonian people were either shipped to concentration camps or murdered outright, an indication of suffering in the Baltic states and all over Eastern Europe. His “essay” was published in the mid-1950s by the Estonian Theological Society in Exile. That little soft-cover book had such  an influence upon me that it is one of my top-three favorites, after my four-version parallel Bible. Is any of this history taught in today’s public schools? NOOO!

Voobus: “The lives of little children were stage-managed to absorb the atheist spirit. Even the children instinctively perceived the perversity of this system. There was such heroism in the conduct of the Estonian children, and many of them were murdered because their unconscious, simple normality reacted against such maliciousness.

“In every respect the Communist system degrades the spirits of men and destroys their every internal dignity. That is, it undermines every necessary condition for the development of a human soul and heart toward personality. The aim of this process is the death of the individual and the burial of this wreck in a collective mass.

“Religion was removed from all the schools, the religious literature destroyed, the theological schools closed. Publication of religious books, newspapers, and magazines was made impossible . . Deliberately planned scarcity of food was used to corrupt friends and neighbors, turning them into informers to get special privileges . . Every judicial order based on law was abolished, and our country transformed into a great prison and slaughterhouse . . . “

Is this what is meant by “transforming America” in the name of “social justice”? Beware of “Greeks bearing gifts” and anyone promising a “New Fair Deal,” Freedom from Religion, and a “more honest history” in the schools, among other “progressive” ideas. Traditionalists aren’t all perfect saints, but after one year under Uncle Joe, we’ve served our time in Hell.

P.S. Planned starvation in Ukraine was the diet du jour for 20 million people living in a region with some of the richest soil on earth, in the early days of Uncle Joe Stalin’s utopian rule. You can understand why the Ukrainians and Baltic countries are nervous. Is the old KGB-er Vladimir itching to bring back the old “Union”? The real question is, who is in our Gang of Eight that’s really in charge over here. Nobody knows. An excerpt from THE WEEK, 8/27/21, regarding our exit from Afghanistan (which I call the Half AF Exit):

“With the Biden administration’s credibility ‘shredded,’ China and Russia are likely to push their advantage by trying to claim territory in the South China Sea or Ukraine or the Baltics. The Americans ‘will then be tempted to overreact to prove that they haven’t lost their mojo.’ Now that the weakness of the superpower is exposed, the world has become ‘a more dangerous place.'”

[y’think?] – quote from Vince Cable in the UK Independent

PPS: As an aside, a college classmate of mine went on to be a student under Arthur Voobus at the Theological Seminary at the University of Chicago in the 1960s. My friend told how, when Voobus arrived at the classroom door, he would stop and say a very intense silent prayer. Probably remembering the horrors Estonia suffered on account of follies and ignorance of academe in pre-1917 Russia. He would probably be embarrassed by the Academania in higher education in the 21st century. Ignorance of the future is the worst kind of ignorance. May the Lord have mercy on America in 2022!

PPPS: The Voobus “essay” was entitled “The Communist Menace and Our Christian Responsibility.”

Curtis Dahlgren

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