The American Police State Is Now Forming – Turning Our Backs Upon God, We Are Losing Our Dignity and Freedom

Ashley Babbitt

The police state modus operandi has overtaken the USA.  Habeas corpus has been suspended for many individuals involved in the Washington DC riots of January 6. They are still detained and have not been charged.  John Durham is rumored to be leaving the DOJ and his report about the FBI still has not been issued.  The officer who shot and killed Ashley Babbitt, an unarmed protester, on Jan. 6 has not been named and has not been charged for committing a crime.

The bombast against Trump supporters now nicknamed “domestic terrorists,” the marching of Guam national guardsmen to the office of Marjory Taylor Greene (R-Ga) as a demonstration of the legitimacy of Guam as a U.S. entity, the rapid overturning of and de-legitimizing of all Trump policies both domestic and foreign, the emplacement of a trans-sexual as head of Health and Human Services, the encouragement of a “re-imagining” of police work in our major cities, the non-enforcement of federal laws pertaining to border security and legal entry into the USA, and the racial messages about statues, American history, the teaching of American History, and the need to overturn American society and its traditions are not merely challenges and upheavals to be dealt with.

The above partial list of new priorities by the “power elite” are not merely adjustments to social policy or re-adjustments from the priorities of the Donald Trump presidency. Rather, they are the opening steps in the re-design and overhauling of American republican, democratic, philosophical, and cultural beliefs, traditions, and orientations.

Governmental force is now moving inexorably to center stage as radical ideas – ideas anathema to the majority of the people — are being forced down our throats by the sinister cabal running the country capitalizing on the drift away from traditional morality.  The new immorality tends to drug the masses into a soporific state of ignorance (why think when you can do whatever you feel like doing).

The drift away from traditional morality weakens the social fabric.  This drift leans towards disorder in everyday life.  Where personal responsibility is diminished by sexual license, laziness, dissipations of every kind, heightened criminality, perversions, abortions, diluted respect for private property rights, disdain for acquiring knowledge, and lessened literacy (visual experiences prioritized over literacy skills, logical thinking, and analytic and synthetic thinking skills), we see a lessening of social order and cohesion.  And disorder in everyday life leads to the government justifying itself as being needed to bring order out of burgeoning chaos.  This vacuum produces an authoritarian mindset.  “Hallowed be Thy Name” is now a total non-starter in the public arena. Our degraded culture is now under judgment.

Those governed are seeking increasing structuring of their lives as their ability to sort out the complexities of life grows weaker. Incredibly, this writer received a notice from the electric company about how wonderful our newly installed smart meters are and included was advice that to save electricity we wash our clothes in cold water.  I called up and told them I do not want them “suggesting” how we wash our clothes, and that I only wanted to receive a bill.  Today’s suggestion is tomorrow’s order.

Also, the prayer life and righteousness of the culture have weakened to a point of no return.  In Pres. Joe Biden’s public comments on our National Day of Prayer, he did not use the word “God” even once.  Perhaps he would even consider the public use of the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to be racist.  That possibility sends shudders up my spine.

Further, both political parties have agreed to go back to a system of “earmarks” in the legislation whereby lawmakers can write into legislation special “projects” in their districts.  This individualizing of projects is vulturism nakedly put forward because it encourages bribery of legislators by those who want to be earmarked by the legislators.

H.R.1 provides new rules leading to one-party control and laxity in the administration of voting, and H.R.5 legitimizes the federal government defining sexuality rather than history since creation by Almighty God, or even biology. We are not moving towards judgment; we are under God’s judgment. Changing sex identity, pronouns for describing persons, and penalizing religious institutions that do not conform show how we have disintegrated. These bills are thus instruments of totalitarianism.  H.R. 1 claims to be needed to offset “voter suppression,” but the cure it offers is “voter hyper-inflation” and the destruction of American democracy as we know it.  H.R. 5, the Equality Act, enforces interpersonal behavior that defies both the Biblical norms of identity and the family in effect on all continents since the beginning of time.  These two pieces of legislation are thus cornerstones on which the police state is building the new nation-state called the USA.  The police state is a totalitarian state.

SAT exams originally established to foster equality and non-discrimination in college admissions, are now being abandoned as – imagine – discriminatory, giving advantage to Asians and whites over Latinos and people of color.  Even a few short years ago, Howard Gardner’s idea of multiple intelligences was being used to challenge the idea of the mind’s executive function, measured by IQ tests, as invalid.  Because learning is supposedly based on “multiple intelligences,” emphasis in high school classrooms is increasingly on group work, simple tasks like pasting pictures on colored paper to make booklets, or upon learning via computer ‘at one’s own pace’ (sic) with the teacher present in the classroom to promote student engagement. Teachers are increasingly referred to as facilitators rather than as teachers. 

Even without the so-called Equality Act, this writer knows an elementary school teacher whose school issued the rule that teachers could no longer say “Girls line up here, and boys line up here.”  A girls’ line and a boys’ line were no longer allowed.  Recently, it was noted that a school district in California was going to require that students learn about Aztecs in greater detail and that that would include Aztec chants.  This follows from the introduction of educational reforms following the principles of Paolo Freire, a communist ideologue from Brazil. Just as cursive writing has disappeared from the curricula of many of the nation’s elementary schools, we will see cartoons replacing the written word. One friend substituted at one of the supposedly top academic high schools in New York City, and the walls of one classroom were covered with childish cartoon posters glorifying communism and calling for the end of capitalism. These pitiful and non-artistic creations covered the walls.

Although the vulture mentality grows and expresses itself as the police state, the vultures pretend to be enlightened doves, bringing friendliness and meeting the needs – scientifically grounded of course – for a more safe, clean, secure, intelligent, just, and cooperative environment.  See how often our new VP laughs and giggles during interviews.  She is falsely trying to portray herself as a good-humored, pleasant person.  But she is in charge of our chaotic southern border and has not been there in 66 days since she was put in charge.  However, the wonderful and harmonious environment with multi-trillion-dollar federal government interventions portrayed as being for the collective good is backed by an “or else(!)” mentality.  Have a peaceful, successful life – our way – or else!!

Despite even these threats, do we see a more orderly, content, and mutually accepting society coming to the forefront?  No.  Just the opposite.  Do you know why? America is imploding.  God will not be mocked.

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Photo: Ashley Babbitt

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