Tennessee Woman Wins $700,000 Settlement Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Dismissal

The liars of the various agencies such as the FDA and CDC as well as Biden officials are lately coming out to claim that no one was forced to take vaccines. Sure. We believe them. Do they think we were asleep these past years?

A woman from Tennessee recently won a substantial settlement of nearly $700,000 after a federal jury concluded she was wrongfully terminated from BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee (BCBST) for her refusal to comply with the company’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, citing religious beliefs.

The court determined that Tanja Benton demonstrated convincingly that her refusal was rooted in “sincerely held religious beliefs.” As part of the judgment, Benton was awarded over $177,000 in back pay, $10,000 in compensatory damages, and $500,000 in punitive damages, summing up to more than $687,000.

Benton had been employed at BCBST since 2005, primarily working as a biostatistical research scientist. According to court documents, her role did not require frequent in-person interactions, as she reported only meeting with 10 to 12 clients annually, some of which were not face-to-face. Additionally, her position did not involve direct contact with patients.

She highlighted in her legal challenge that she had been working remotely for 18 months during the pandemic without any issues until the introduction of the vaccine mandate by BCBST. Benton argued against the vaccination, claiming based on her personal research that the vaccines were developed using cell lines from aborted fetuses, which she believed would violate her religious principles and disrespect her faith.

Upon the company’s insistence on vaccination, Benton requested a religious exemption, which was denied. She was informed that her employment could not continue without compliance with the vaccine policy. Despite her appeals and emphasis on her limited contact with people in her role, the company maintained its stance, ultimately leading to her dismissal.

This dismissal prompted Benton to file a lawsuit, claiming wrongful termination based on her religious convictions. In response, BCBST defended its vaccine policy as a critical measure for protecting the health and safety of its workforce and the community, particularly the more vulnerable groups.  People all over America should now sue. Especially if they were forced to take the vaccine and have lost loved ones who did as well. Turbo cancers, heart attacks and more are all too common from those who were ordered to take the vaccine. There must be an accounting. Sue.

Major Points

  • Tanja Benton, a former employee of BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, won a nearly $700,000 settlement after being fired for refusing a COVID-19 vaccine on religious grounds.
  • A federal jury awarded Benton over $177,000 in back pay, $10,000 in compensatory damages, and $500,000 in punitive damages.
  • Benton’s role as a biostatistical research scientist did not involve frequent in-person interactions, and she had been working remotely during the pandemic.
  • She contested the vaccine requirement, citing her belief that the vaccines were developed from cell lines originating from aborted fetuses, conflicting with her religious values.
  • Despite her requests for a religious exemption, BCBST denied her application and terminated her employment, leading to her successful lawsuit for wrongful termination.

RM Tomi – Reprinted with permission of Whatfinger News

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