Southern Border: Elegant Dinner Party While the Titanic Sinks!

people are entering through southern border

As I write, our southern border is chaotic, criminal, and costly. Thousands of illegal aliens walk across the border daily and vanish into our nation. Far leftists think that is a good thing and businessmen are delighted to have cheap labor.

Few national leaders are seriously concerned. They talk and talk and talk without doing anything substantial, but few even feign concern. They are like socialite fools on the sinking Titanic enjoying an elegant dinner, sipping expensive champagne as the ship’s rivets snap along the waterline and the doomed vessel lists to starboard.

As tables began to slide, a few diners looked worried but then remembered this was a ship “even God couldn’t sink.” However, it seems God didn’t read or believe their advertising.

The most elegant and largest ship sank into the icy North Atlantic and ruined the dinner party for everyone on a cold night on April 15, 1912.  More than 1500 died in the tragedy.

The tragedy at our southern border is far more tragic than the Titanic sinking and equally preventable.

Few of our gatecrashers plan to pick tomatoes or strawberries. Although a few will pick vegetables, many more will pick your pocket by crowding the public schools, overwhelming the hospitals, draining the welfare budget, filling the jails, and causing havoc on the highways.

Some obey our laws and contribute to our nation, but they are still illegal gatecrashers.

They don’t deserve to be hated or mistreated, but they should be sent home or to prison—a working prison with no television sets, gyms, or playrooms. And not a lawyer or social worker within 50 miles.

The massive invasion seems to be unending, and we are told there is nothing we can do to stop the incursion. Wait a minute. This is the nation that was carved out of the wilderness; we built huge cities with skyscrapers, major highways, hospitals, universities, and railroads that stretched from sea to sea; we went to the moon; we accomplished incredible things in the field of medicine; we endured a bloody civil war; fought two world wars and a litany of minor wars; we survived a shattering financial collapse and many minor ones. The U.S. can identify a person or location anywhere in the world and put a missile within five feet of the target. We maintain a massive army, navy, and air force, but we can’t stop a few thousand gatecrashers!

Someone doesn’t want to do so.

Future Americans will look back and be almost convinced that contemporary events were falsified since U.S. officials could not really be that stupid, incompetent, or treasonous.

But they are.

Illegal, illegitimate, and often infected gatecrashers are destroying America. Yes, I know non-thinking leftists want to call them “undocumented immigrants,” but calling an illegal alien an “undocumented immigrant” is like calling a heroin dealer an “unlicensed pharmacist.”

Leftists, even many loosey-goosey Evangelicals, believe there is a global right to live in America. That is obvious nonsense since our Constitution says America was founded “For Ourselves and our Posterity.” That leaves out everyone that is not “our posterity.” Not every Tom, Dick, and Hugo (or Mohammed) who wants to advance his financial position has a right to live here.

The lunatic idea of having nations without borders permitting anyone to freely move about inside a common boundary was promoted by President George W. Bush when he met in March of 2005 with the Mexican president and the Canadian prime minister at Waco, Texas. After that conference, the Council on Foreign Relations published “Toward a North American Community,” which called for a “seamless market” with “a more open border for the movement of goods and people.”

Such a policy has been true in the European Union for many years, whereby anyone can travel to any member nation without documentation. Such nations lose their nationhood and become a mass of land where chaos rules.

Biden doesn’t rule; chaos does.

Benjamin Franklin was shocked by the invasion of German immigrants into Pennsylvania. They did not possess the English culture or language or the same values. Franklin wrote, “why should the Palatine Moors be suffered to swarm into our settlements, and by herding together establish their languages and manners to the exclusion of ours? Why should Pennsylvania, founded by the English, become a colony of Aliens, who will shortly be so numerous as to Germanize us instead of our Anglifying them, and will never adopt our language or customs, any more than they can acquire our complexion?”

In early America, Germans, Italians, etc., were not considered white. They were “less white.”

Franklin added, “But perhaps I am partial to the Complexion of my Country, for such Kind of Partiality is natural to Mankind.”

Was Franklin a racist or white supremacist since he wrote of the complexion and limitation of immigrants? Maybe he had a legitimate fear that the massive influx of foreigners would destroy the great American experiment in freedom. He would be shocked to know that in 2018, the foreign-born population in America was about 14% of the U.S. population! It was 6% in 1980.

As I write, we are witnessing the amalgamation, even the destruction of specific groups.  Black, White, Red, and Yellow groups will disappear.  While interracial marriages are not illegal or unbiblical, it is in the interests of Globalists to make everyone the same. Does anyone care? Is it racist to care? Is it racist to even ask the question? I suppose it is racist to reveal that I prefer the 1980 percent of foreigners.

America doesn’t need any nation’s uneducated, unskilled, and unmotivated people. It is not selfish but sane and sensible to permit only those who will contribute to our nation.

The illegal alien invasion of America is producing a dangerous, dark, decaying, and dying nation; and I see no return of America’s greatness—even if there is a return to genuine Christianity.

But frankly, it may be too late to close the barn door since the horses are galloping down the road. We have been soft rather than sensible; weak rather than wise; calm rather than confrontational; and relaxed rather than resolute. When America explodes, all bets are off, and a reign of terror may ensue, and the America we know will be gone forever.

Talk show hosts have asked me if my message causes people to panic, and I always reply that I am trying to make people awake and aware without being alarmed. However, at this time in the crisis, maybe it is time to be alarmed! No, not irresponsible, out‑of‑control panic. Just the everyday kind of alarm that makes your blood run hot, your adrenaline flow, your hands sweat profusely, and your mouth as dry as an oil well I invested in.

Stop trade with nations who permit illegal aliens to pass through their territory enroute to the U.S. or nations that refuse to permit their citizens to return to their own country.

Freeze the national assets in Central America until they curb the efforts of their people to flee illegally to America.

Pull up the ladder and permit no more immigration for at least five years with only a few exceptions.

Close all the holes in our northern and southern borders, even using the military, drones, helicopters, and any new technology to get the job done.

Collect huge penalties from any business that hires an illegal alien. Double the fine for a second offense. Jail for the third. That won’t make me popular with the Chamber of Commerce, but I’m not in a popularity contest.

Illegal aliens do not have the same rights that Americans have; therefore, expel all who are here illegally. As a precaution, fingerprint and photograph them and imprison them if they return.

We should fingerprint and photograph all emigrants who come to America from any nation and fine them heavily if they overstay their visas. Then, send them back “home.”

It’s time to stop playing games and stop swilling the giggle juice and realize the party is over. The ship is going down, we are ankle-deep in icy water, and it’s time to bring out the lifeboats. As the ship splits in half, most Americans tell each other that God would never permit America to sink, since we are so strong, and so supreme, and so special.

And so stupid.

Dr. Don Boys

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