Should We Let DiCaprio, Thunberg, and Gore Save the Planet?

people protest to save the planet

Thousands of qualified scientists and hundreds of climate models differ with the mindlessly accepted and fully politicized hype about climate change

The American Policy Center says, “Climate Change alarmists claim that about 2700 scientists agree with them and that these represent about 97% of all scientists. And so, they claim, it is an indisputable fact. But the fact is, there is no consensus in the scientific community over Climate Change. A U.S. Senate minority report says more than 650 scientists express dissent over man-made global warming claims. In addition, over 30,000 scientists have signed on to a petition that says there is no convincing evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gasses causes or will … cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate.”

The great modern dragon of climate change fear is in fact, a toothless lizard performing a dance of death for the dumbed down and the numbed up.

Oh no, my house is underwater!

Before they name Greta the high silly czar of climate change, we should at least look at all the science, and the hype, before falling in step behind the angry little youngster and marching off with her toward the end of the world.

This author lives in the New Orleans area and has seen the wrath of many hurricanes including Katrina.

How is it that I missed the warning provided by BuzzFeed that climate warming would soon result in the sinking of New Orleans to the bottom of the sea?

Please, someone, tell the alarmists that many parts of Orleans Parish are already between 5 and 20 feet below sea level.

The city was below sea level when it was first claimed by the French in 1682 and officially founded in 1718.

Accuracy in Media a premier media watchdog site posted the severe warning for the whole world to see – but the Deputy Fife type trio of Greta, Gore, and DiCaprio may not know much about the world in which the rest of us live.

A Lot of Hungry Mouths or One Big Loudmouth – To Which Should We Devote our Attention?

In the sub-Saharan areas of Africa, there is a massive scourge of famine. Millions are starving to death along with their children. All this while America debates not only climate change but, critical race theory, racism, and wokeism.

While our debate about nothing fills our news cycles, the greatest insult to hungry voices comes from our own Secretary of the Treasury, Janet Yellin.

The Secretary has glibly, if not proudly, announced to the world that it will only take a mere $100 trillion to $150 trillion to deal with the ominous, deadly, and inevitable portent of global warming.

She kindly took the burden off the governments of the world, by declaring that the bill to fix coming climate change horrors should fall to the private sector.

So don’t send that monthly check to feed the hungry, put it by, and help save the temperature from rising one-tenth of a degree. And save some very cool ice from melting off a glacier somewhere in the world. And now you’re woke!

There are plenty of panicky voices around. Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and billionaire Tom Steyer are but a few that believe we are about to crash and burn without the funneling of untold trillions of dollars into the fear-driven, science shy, promise of doom.

What about the Bible and prophecy – anything there on climate change?

The Bible has plenty to say about the destruction of the world as we know it, but it conspicuously leaves out any reference to global warming as a factor much less as the cause.

The prophetic warnings are clear as a bell.

When immorality and Godlessness reach a peak across the globe, and when Israel is under attack from combined forces all hell will be unleashed.

During the famine, war, and political upheavals heretofore unseen in our world the nations will rage against each other to the brink of their own annihilation.

This precipitates the return of Jesus Christ in power to stop the calamities and enter into judgment against the nations.

Oddly, it is not trillions of dollars that circumvents the world’s attempt at self-destruction – it is the very Savior the world rejects right up to the brink of their own last goodbye.

Climate change has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Christ alone intervenes to keep us from our own self-annihilation.

“For in those days shall be affliction, such as was not from the beginning of the creation which God created unto this time, neither shall be. And except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved: but for the elect’s sake, whom he hath chosen, he hath shortened the days.” (Mk 13:19-20)

The idiom about the last words we will ever hear does not fit here. It doesn’t matter if these are the last words you ever hear – it only matters if these are the last words you ever heed!

Michael Bresciani

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