Satan’s Great Wrath Because His Time is Short

His Time is Short

Sometimes I find myself envying the uninformed. Being so involved in the news tends to weigh heavily on a person. I get a lot of news. More than you can imagine. It’s nearly 24/7 from all parts of the globe, from all types of sources. I’ve also made it my life’s ambition to study the Scriptures and having been given a fair amount of Godly discernment creates the perfect storm for someone like me, because now I know what’s going on in the world, and I also see how all these things fit together into a big picture.

My conclusion is that, just as Scripture tells us, Satan is loose in this world. He always has been, but now, all hell is literally breaking loose upon the earth as demonic forces are enjoying free reign like never before. In a world where the Church has retreated and compromised, surrendering to political correctness and guilted into being “tolerant” of all human behavior without judgment or even comment, the Church is no longer the restraining influence it once was. There was a time when God’s Church — made up of true, genuine, faithful Christ-followers — represented Him in the world, and being salt and light upon the earth, held back the forces of evil like oil and water.

For centuries, the Christian church restrained evil. Even those who were not devout Christians still had their God-given consciences, not yet seared beyond hope by hard-heartedness, sin and evil. In modern times, just the fact that a Christian church was on the corner would keep a community free from crime, even in the toughest of inner-city neighborhoods. The church, the Christians, and the pastor there, brought to the community, a restraining influence. But no more. In fact, in many crime-ridden dangerous areas of our inner cities, there are multiple “churches” on every block. Most all with bars on the windows and iron gates on the doors, yet evil flourishes while the “health, wealth and prosperity” preachers cower inside.

As Church leaders watered down — and even changed —the Gospel, in an effort to be more “seeker friendly,” and as many refused to even comment on the wickedness around us for fear of sounding “judgmental” or “intolerant,” the message and influence of God’s Church has become neutered, meaningless and worthless. Last year, a majority of American churches volunteered to be publicly declared “non-essential,” closing their doors to the public. Some for a year or more. Some never bothered to open again. The Bible describes it as salt that has lost its savor… “no longer good for anything but to be thrown out and trampled on by men.”

And as this force for righteousness retreated, satanic, demonic forces rushed in to fill the void.  Today, we’re seeing a full-on exponential increase in evil because evil begets evil, wickedness begets wickedness, and it just keeps snowballing and getting worse and worse, picking up pace.  Not only is our faith “non-essential” and “irrelevant” to the unsaved now, but life is often no different for professing “Christians.”

Satan is described in Scripture as being “a murderer from the beginning,” and “the father of lies.” We know that he prowls the earth as a hungry lion, looking for someone to devour. We know that he comes to kill, steal, and destroy. We know that being a murderer, the fruit he bears is always death and destruction. Being a liar, we know that whatever he calls himself, however he represents himself, the opposite will always be true, because he is the king of hypocrites. So, let’s take this knowledge we have about our enemy, Satan, and look at what is really happening in our world today.

Not only are we still dealing with the abomination of legalized and celebrated sodomy, but that’s now quickly morphing into legalization and celebration of pedophilia. Child sex trafficking is big business all around the world, including here in the US. Many of those now coming across our southern border are children, and many are destined for a life of sexual exploitation — and many political and business leaders in our country are making money from this. We recently learned of hundreds, if not thousands, of children being trafficked aboard the container ship that was stuck in the Suez Canal. Hopefully these children will be rescued, but this is just one instance. What I’m talking about is going on constantly — even in small town America.

Satan loves to destroy children, because he hates their innocence, purity and potential. He also knows that hurting our children is the one thing that will hurt us parents and grandparents the most. And — because we love our kids, many will question the words of Scripture and try to twist clear warnings about sin so that we can still “accept and affirm” our kids even when their minds are being warped and we know they’re believing lies. Too often over the last generation, instead of admonishing and warning young people when they were headed down the path to death, we instead chose to “just love them,” or “just pray for them,” but never spoke a word of rebuke or even wise counsel, because we feared their rejection of us.

So now we have “transgender” kids in Kindergarten.  We have parents letting their little kids — some even too young to know how to tie their own shoes — choose whatever gender they prefer, and then encouraging them in that deception and celebrating clear and obvious delusion with them.  We have parents taking their children to “Drag Queen Story Time” and placing them on the laps of perverted pedophiles who read them a story about “inclusion” and “equality.” This is clearly demonic.

Speaking of “delusion,” the current occupant of our White House chose Pennsylvania’s Health Secretary, “Rachel” Levine to be the new Assistant Secretary of Health.  What’s wrong with that?  Other than the fact that we now have an Assistant Secretary of health who is morbidly obese, Levine is also the first openly transgender federal official in history.  this is the person that will be in charge of our health?  In the words of one notorious miscreant, “Come on, man!”

Meanwhile, as our older children are joining subversive groups like BLM and ANTIFA, supporting socialism and even communism in America, they’ve been allowed — and even aided — by our public officials, to tear down monuments and statues commemorating our history and heritage.  At the same time, they’re embracing and celebrating statues of “Baphomet,” with several of these nearly 9-foot statues being erected throughout the country. These statues depict the goat-headed pagan god sitting down, flanked by two adoring little children and room on the “lap” of the demon for real children to sit and have their picture taken. A satanic pentagram symbol is highlighted above the demon’s horns.

I didn’t watch the “Grammy” awards but I was recently shown a photo from that event. The photo depicts three women licking one another’s tongues and fondling each others’ bodies. Now, I have no interest in the Grammy Awards — I have no idea who any of those people are anyway, but plenty of our young people do — and these are their new role models.  So while we were told by the government that we had to keep our enslaved faces covered and remain six feet apart from one another for over a year, it seems on THIS “Animal Farm,” some animals are more equal and have more rights than others.  Again, MORE satanic influence and delusion, more hypocrisy, more lies, slowly brainwashing not just our young people, but ALL of us.

Prominently highlighted and celebrated in the music industry recently have been the likes of “Cardi B,” who’s most famous so-called “song” is SO perverse I can’t even tell you the title of it here, and the so-called “rap artist,” “Lil Nas X,” who’s career really took off when he announced he’s a homosexual.  His latest video shows him cavorting erotically with Satan in various forms.  It’s too graphic to tell you about — but his fans love it.  And, you may have heard about his satanic shoes.  He recently placed an order for 666 pairs of Nike shoes, and then colored them with (quote) “60 ccs of ink and 1 drop of human blood.” The shoes are replete with satanic imagery and are individually numbered from 1 to 666.  They were to sell for $1018 a pair; but the Nike corporation currently has a lawsuit filed against the rapper for unauthorized use of their product.

Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota stated online, “our kids are being told that this kind of product is ok, it’s ‘exclusive.’  But do you know what’s more exclusive?  Their God-given eternal soul.”  Well said, Governor.

Satan made great strides in deceiving the whole world in 2020 with the coronavirus lockdowns, mask mandates, orchestrated rioting and destruction, and now the deadly, dangerous vaccine mandates. So many blindly accepted “orders” from unelected officials and unlawful edicts from those that were allegedly elected. And others just scratched their heads when those charged with keeping the peace with law and order, were ordered by their bosses to “stand down” and allow their cities to burn. People are currently being conditioned to expect a “universal basic income” in the form of “Covid relief” checks, paving the way for the Great Financial Reset…and the “New World Order” ruled by Satan.

My concern is that so many are buying into the lies and deception of the enemy of our souls — not just our young people, but people of all ages.  Those who have the Holy Spirit of God within them can clearly see and understand all that’s coming upon the earth.  But so many are willfully blind, because as Jesus said in John 3, “…men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.”

People are choosing sides now, and it’s not just our country that’s divided.  The kingdoms of heaven and hell are much more clearly defined now too.  Those who deny their Creator are sent a strong delusion, and so they believe the lies of the enemy and live accordingly.  Romans 1 tells us that God “gives them over” to reprobate minds.  When this happens, they are ripe for the picking by Satan and his demons.

So many professing Christians, sadly, do not understand the influence of the demonic realm in our natural world.  It’s almost as if they’re afraid to study it or talk about it, for fear of being considered silly.  But there’s nothing silly about it. Scripture is full of examples of Satan wreaking havoc — and his demonic spirits controlling people here on earth. It’s not silly. It’s deadly serious, and we need to know about it and understand it, because things are ramping up now — as Revelation 12 tells us, Satan knows his time is short, and so his wrath against God and mankind is getting stronger and more vile every day.

Suffice to say, millions are being deceived by Satan today. Millions have been given a strong delusion and they have been given over to reprobate minds. Fallen angels — demonic spirits — are infecting the souls of people, young and old, on this earth. The results are worse than any virus could ever be, so this should concern you. If it doesn’t, I dare say you’re opening yourself up to strong delusion. I would strongly advise you take this seriously.

Those who have the Holy Spirit of God within them are soundly saved and can discern all these things because these things are spiritually discerned. Those apart from God think this is all nonsense. They look to “science,” their own intellects, government officials or their Hollywood heroes for answers — anywhere but to God. But mark the words from Revelation 12 again:  “…the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knows he has but a short time.”  The time is getting shorter every second.  The clock is ticking.

Because our Lord and Savior — the “Grace of God that brings salvation” — is soon returning. One of the devil’s greatest lies is that we have all the time in the world.  That there’s no urgency to repent and turn to God. I urge you to look around at how rapidly things are changing on this planet now. How wildly demonic so many things around us seem to be. They seem to be that way because they are. The devil’s time is short — but so is yours. Turn off the TV. Open your Bible. Seek the Lord God in fervent prayer. Draw close to Him and He will draw close to you, with peace that passes all understanding. Don’t wait.

Rob Pue

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