Psalm 50: 21-22: Holy God to the Depraved: NOW Do You See the Stupidity, Depravity, and Evil in Your Hearts?

A dark wing of evil

A black wing overshadows our land. In its darkness we see able-bodied people with no work ethic electing to sit at home and live off the productive, while in the latest round of closings due to lawlessness, crime, and violence Target,

“…plans to close (and) will shut their doors on October 21. The stores include the East Harlem location in New York City, two locations in Seattle (WA), three locations in Portland (OR), and three locations in San Francisco and Oakland (CA).” (Target Closing Stores in NYC, San Francisco, Oakland, Portland and Seattle Due to Rampant Crime and Lawlessness, The Last Refuge, Sept. 26, 2023)

Then there are monstrous pedophile rings operating at the highest levels of global power on down to the mean streets of society. These predator’s prey on and sadistically torture babies and children and often murder them. Demonic occultism is on the rise throughout society and church even as Satanists brazenly celebrate the transgender horned demon Baphomet in public displays and in our schools. The evil of murdering (aborting) babies is now a good thing, protecting them is evil, and children are genitally mutilated and transitioned to the opposite sex by ‘doctors’ playing at being gods. This crime against nature is also a good thing according to the wicked.

While road-ragers terrorize and murder motorists on our highways and byways, inside the beltway our government and intelligence community mainly consist of depraved psychopaths, cowards, liars, thieves, and political prostitutes selling themselves and our nation wealth and resources to the highest bidders. Our military, once the envy of the world, is being reduced to an LGBTQ+ and Transgender/Drag Queen laughing-stock while an all-out invasion of our land is under way at our unprotected borders.

Marching smartly to the beat of disorder, depravity, and madness is the Vatican and much of the Western and American church.

At the apex of global power is a cabal of dark personalities–psychopaths–scheming to seize control of the whole wide world, massively depopulate it, and force the remaining slaves to subsist on bugs and genetically engineered fake meat. They will not be allowed to own anything but will be happy say psychopaths.

As evil, violence, murder and mayhem explode across our land decent people flee broken, disordered towns and cities in search of safe harbors while faithful Christian prayer warriors lift their voices up to God the Father, earnestly praying for an end to evil.

No greater Light had ever been poured out onto two civilizations than onto Christendom and Protestant America. But sons of Cain preferred darkness to Light and together with their simple-minded followers declared the death of Jesus Christ in their hearts. Utopia, they triumphantly declared, is where God, Truth, and sin are not, and we are free to actualize ourselves (unite evil Mr. Hyde with Dr. Jekyll) and be the measure of all things.

Now, as our land breaks apart and cities burn in furnaces of unfettered sin and violence the Lord our God speaks to the unrighteous in a dreadful, wrath-filled voice saying, “Do you finally see your sinfulness—the stupidity, depravity, and evil—in your hearts?!”

You have done these things, and I kept silent; you thought I was just like you. But now I rebuke you and accuse you to your face. Now consider this, ye that forget God, lest I tear you in pieces, and there be none to deliver.” Psalm 50: 21-22

The gates of hell are open wide to receive you, saith the Lord, so hear Him now while you still can—you who have closed your eyes and ears to Truth and Reality before it is too late and there is none to deliver.

Linda writes on worldview, occultism, and related subjects.

Linda Kimball


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