Prophecy 2021 – What a Difference a Decade Makes

Prophecy 2021, What a Difference a Decade Makes

For 15 years now this writer has been offering a general perusal of current events as they relate to Biblical prophecies, on a yearly basis.

These prognostications are not on the level of bible prophecies, they are a bird’s eye view from a fifty-year veteran of the study of eschatology and a man called to prophecy at least some, of the will and counsel of God.

I have seen panoramic visions of the second coming of Christ, some almost 50 years ago. And some prophecies about America’s economic decline which were very specific.

I long ago dismissed the constant drip of doubts and objections from the unbelievers. At my age I am glad to engage the “take it or leave it” position.

You must wait and see; I have already seen it.

It isn’t that I am so special that God would not dare lie to me, it is because he cannot lie to anyone. (Tit 1:2)

I did not have to struggle against the secularist effort to indoctrinate me, which came from my freshmen professors in college. Likewise, I have not been cast down by doubt from a few Discovery Channel specials on the creation, the flood or the Savior which juxtaposes the thoughts of purported experts against the biblical record.

Unlike the Bigfoot experts who have never captured a Sasquatch to squash the doubt, and in many cases have never even seen the creature in any recordable or even remotely provable empirical fashion, my Savior chose to appear to me on the day of my conversion.

Sorry science, I cannot wait for you to prove anything. You are far too slow to prove most everything, and even slower to admit when you are wrong.

What is interesting to see is the contrast between my look at prophecy in 2011 and today’s current events.

In the article entitled “Prophecy 2011 – Is America Dancing with Devils?” I warned that if America continued its dance with the devils, it would be brought down by the Almighty. It seems that now, not long after the start of the Obama administration we have decided to start the dance, yet again. The dog has returned to its vomit in what some are calling Joe Biden’s – Obama 2.0!

In the 2011 article I asked, “Too many degenerative changes have been set in motion across the globe for us to see much of a reversal in the great demise of nations. Will America get onboard this global wave along with the rest of the world?”

Under the new Biden administration, the question is asked and answered. Joe Biden has clearly stated that he will make policy and lean toward a global economic formula for our nation.

As always, the left rails against the prophetic message of scripture, along with those who hold it to be the clear pre-written history of our nation and the world. But you can’t dismiss the prophets by calling them a racists and neither God or his message can be canceled.

If the morality in 2011 seemed like the sinking ship, today’s moral decline most assuredly can be likened to the crash of a hypersonic aircraft.

Discovering the website called “Demonic Times’ met with not much approbation until recently for me, but the times are changing faster than the proverbial weaver’s shuttle, and now it is hard not to refer to the site regularly.

It is a site that enumerates the roaring moral morass as it unfolds in the U.S. and around the globe.

Look at only this week’s headlines – if you dare.

Transgender HHS nominee Rachel Levine wants babies to get sex changes without parental consent

Satanic temple in Texas files lawsuit demanding “religious right” to sacrifice babies through abortion

Company claims to be selling cannibalized meat made from “tissue samples” of celebrities

After viewing what seems like a badly acted back Broadway play on corruption and good ole boy politics, the Biden camp acts as if it were a mortal sin to doubt that his election win was anything more than perfectly normal and above board.


Journalist Guy Millière, writing for Gatestone institute says, “Expressing doubts about the November 3 election is now a liability. Substantiated reports show that it was far from perfect. The American economist Peter Navarro, in his private capacity, drew up three meticulous analyses: “The Immaculate Deception,” “The Art of the Steal” and “The Navarro Report”. They have been zealously disparaged — many think unjustly.”

The contradiction of the Biden political win is apropos and reflects the fact that the U.S. is indeed becoming a nation of deep, daily, full blown perversions and incongruities.

When lawmakers determine that it is perfectly OK to slice the genitals off our pre-pubescent youth, then turn around to give Dr. Seuss childrens story books the boot – that is perversion at the highest level.

We could expostulate these emerging trends of perverted wokeness until the cows run away and never come home, but let’s look briefly at what the year 2021 holds in store.

While it is not exactly a prophetic surety, I am encompassed with a dark and ominous, almost precognitive sense that something terrible is going to happen to those who used the deception and skullduggery that brought in the Trump defeat.

My now late seminary professor warned me that when we think we are God’s whip, to mete out justice we must be aware of one thing. When God is done using the whip – he invariably destroys it. All the nations that God used against ancient Israel, to chastise and correct them, soon fell into serious judgement and some even ceased to exist.

Democrats may think they can slide into the admin of sin without a din, but there is a price attached to everything under heaven, there is a distant, yet steadily approaching sound, that will meet them in due season.

We like to think that the mid-terms could see the House and the Senate inundating with new Republican seats, then in only a couple of years the conservative prince Donald Trump, would return to scoop up the presidency.

Nice thought but is it reality?

But there is another very real possibility. Mark it well.

This is the scenario.

Biden brings in the greatest market and financial crash since the Dust Bowl and the crash of 1929, and Europe under the leadership of its shiny new, almost supernatural leader, will offer us an out. Using his newly formed economic model, the promise will draw us as a magnet to the iron.

God forbid that egregiously concupiscent American’s may have to do without.

That would make the removal of the most conservative President in decades the very fulfillment of last days eschatology. It could be at least one explanation for the inexplicability of our last election.

Millions are convinced that global government is nearing and that last worst political man from out of the old Roman Empire, is waiting in the wings to fulfill his role.

Move aside Hitler – you are an amateur next to this one.


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