Prayer Against Evil, Insane Babylon

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Star Trek “morality is determined by the group. Generally, the relevant group is the larger cultural unit: the tribe, the linguistic community, the nation-state. In some cases, the ruling social unit can be expanded to a consortium of cultures, like the United Nations, but the basic principle is still the same: The majority rules (and) since each society is “alien” to another, no society could be judged immoral by another’s standards, no matter how bizarre or morally repugnant they may seem (and) there can be no such thing as an immoral law. If society is the final measure of morality, then all its judgments are moral by definition.” Society Says Relativism, Greg Koukl, Stand to Reason

O Lord our God, the Babylon your children are exiled in is an insane asylum consisting of many groups or tribes, all of them ’caused not created’ with their own ‘morality and ‘laws.’ They reject You as their Creator and reinvent themselves according to their own desires so You have given them over and they have fallen, not onto the ground, but deep into their fallen, evil souls from where they invent increasingly immoral laws, immoral morality, weird identities and self-centered forms of strange self-love from out of their disordered and evil feelings. Thus, this present age is one in which “narcissistic self-love” is so mad and perverse as to be hardly recognizable as anything other than satanic. Acts of mendacious rebellion and blasphemy against God and His church are triumphantly sanctioned in the name of liberation, perverted justice and perverted love while evil oppression of decent people is sanctioned by immoral law and immoral morality and everywhere proudly celebrated for the perverted ‘just cause’ of strange love, perverted justice and liberation. Accompanying all of this madness and evil are lies which they call their own ‘truth’ constantly disseminated throughout every corner of society under the guise of news, woke politics, critical race theory, social justice, and other ideologies.

O Lord our blessed God, deliver your children from the insane ’caused not created’ mob who desire our destruction. Protect us against the poison darts and arrows of profane mockers. Let us remember that in a similar manner our Savior was also persecuted by the wicked so that when we are attacked, let us remember that our Savior endured such suffering for our sakes and because we are like Him, we will be treated like Him for our sanctification and spiritual growth.

O Lord, though we are exiles in Babylon let us rejoice in our Savior Jesus Christ, daily offering our gratitude for the spiritual blessings and eternal hope we have in Him. Though we currently dwell in a madhouse, let us remember that You have already received us into Your heavenly kingdom, and we humbly rejoice that even before the foundation of the world you chose us in Christ. You adopted us as sons and daughters through the redeeming power of the blood of the Lamb and gave us the Holy Spirit and sealed us in Him as the guarantee of our inheritance. So as we walk through the shadows of this present valley of death, praying that the wicked will repent and turn to You, we will be led by the Light of the gospel of Christ and reflect that light to others as we walk the Narrow Way of holiness, ascending always upward toward the heavenly City of God with singing, gladness, joy, and rejoicing. We pray in the Blessed and Holy Name of the Crucified Risen Christ. Amen.

Linda Kimball

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