Pastor Continues Preaching a Sermon Every Week Despite War on Churches

Dr. Michael Spaulding

America was formed mainly for freedom of religious expression, meaning worshipping God.  Plus, freedom of movement was a factor as most of the world’s cities and communities were under dictatorial command. Free speech was censored and activities were limited by permission only.  Everyone was told what they could and could not do or say. There was no such thing as private conversations.

However, humans are basically religious and instinctively believe there is more to life than the bare bones of existing. So they invented something or someone to worship, indicating a power higher than all of us. Eventually, Jesus did come to earth, the Bible was written, people learned about God and gathered strength through His teachings.

Fast Forward

Churches and Temples were formed throughout the lands, Services on the Sabbath were ordinary parts of life. The church became strong, and miracles were a part of most services.  Churches became a very strong presence everywhere and were respected.

Who would have thought that in the future it would become almost illegal to establish churches and Sunday Schools?  Still, humans are basically religious and instinctively believe there has got to be more to life than what earth provides.

It did not take too long for Communism to raise its ugly head and war declared, not only upon Christian churches but the idea of the church itself since a Christian mind cannot be enslaved. The dictators want all minds to be manipulated in the political propaganda of the day.

The United States was the most productive nation on earth, but the last few years have become a living nightmare for all citizens. As Communism gained control of this country, all freedom for citizens has been curtailed.  Churches have been closed down. In Canada. Booted Nazi-style stormtroopers have invaded churches during services and ordered the people out. Pastors were being arrested simply for asking people to come to church.

Now churches are being torched in Canada and the Premier there stated this: “Burn ‘m all down.” A message from our Communist neighbor to the North.

The Coronavirus broke out, becoming a pandemic, and now that pandemic has become a political tool to keep churches closed with the yarn of stopping the spread of the disease. Churches in America were forbidden to hold services on Sundays or any other time under threats of arrest. Crowds gathered together can spread the disease doncha know? Some Churches and pastors cowered in a corner and obeyed.

That is with the exception of one extraordinary minister, Dr. Michael Spaulding. He has been the pastor of two churches in Ohio for many years as well as having a popular radio program. He has continued to give his Sunday Sermon without missing a beat since the pandemic was created in the Wuhan Laboratory in China and released onto and into the world. This was all on purpose.

However, Pastor Mike’s Sunday Sermon has a pretty good attendance rate. For yesterday, Pastor Spaulding had 9.485,142 attendees clicked in for his Sunday Sermon. And that number grows every week. And he has not missed one week during this pandemic. His sermons can be seen at:

I pity the people who reject God. The alternative is not too enticing. And to my fellow ministers, like me, you will learn from him by his teaching sermons.

He preaches an uncompromised Gospel.

Dr. Spaulding gets my vote for “MINISTER OF THE YEAR.”

Rev Austin Miles

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