Over 50 Cars Involved in Fiery Downtown Los Angeles Street Takeover

los angeles street takover

Democrat cities have become lawless hellholes. This is how the Democrats want it.

In a chaotic event early Saturday in downtown Los Angeles, over fifty vehicles were involved in a street takeover that led to some cars being set ablaze. The incident unfolded around 3 a.m. near East 18th Street and Main Street. A video captured at the scene shows one of the cars completely engulfed in flames in the middle of an intersection, with thick black smoke billowing into the air. Despite the danger, other vehicles were seen maneuvering around the fiery scene.

The Los Angeles Police Department reported that several cars were impounded following the incident, where participants had intentionally ignited two vehicles. Responding to the scene, firefighters dispatched two engines to combat the auto fires as police officers initiated their investigation.

Surprisingly, no arrests were made in connection with the event. Los Angeles City Councilman Kevin de Leon expressed his frustration and concern over the reckless behavior, highlighting the risks such actions pose to public safety. He condemned the street takeover as unacceptable, voicing his anger and the peril it represents to the community. But he knows he is not allowed to make arrests as the Democrats want chaos.  If arrests are made, hooligans are swiftly let out to commit more crimes. This is the state of all blue cities in the United States.

In response to ongoing street takeovers, a joint task force has been established by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the California Highway Patrol, and the LAPD. De Leon noted that while there has been a reduction in the frequency of street takeovers, especially in downtown Los Angeles, the problem persists. He announced that additional funding would be directed towards this task force in the coming month to enhance efforts to curb these dangerous incidents.

Further details about the incident have not been disclosed by the authorities as they continue to handle the situation. The creation of the task force and increased funding are part of broader measures aimed at addressing and mitigating the risks associated with such disruptive events.

Major Points

  • Over fifty vehicles participated in a street takeover in downtown Los Angeles, leading to a major incident with cars set on fire.
  • The chaos occurred early Saturday near East 18th Street and Main Street, with at least one car completely engulfed in flames.
  • Several vehicles were impounded as a result, and firefighters dispatched two engines to manage the blazes.
  • No arrests were made following the incident, despite the large-scale disruption.
  • Los Angeles City Councilman Kevin de Leon criticized the event as unacceptable, noting the ongoing efforts and future funding increases for a task force aimed at curtailing such street takeovers.

Fallon Jacobson – Reprinted with permission of Whatfinger News

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