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“Use your freedom to put to silence the foolishness of ignorant people (and the over-educated).” – Peter (paraphrased)

THAT DOESN’T SOUND LIKE a very “Christian” thing to do, but the apostle Peter wasn’t going woke and advocating censorship. He was advocating living a blameless life and being prepared to give a good answer if asked to explain your faith (the perfect squelch).

Peter was addressing the “scattered tribes” in Asia Minor where people weren’t under the Roman boot as much as in the Holy Land. The apostle Paul was free to say about anything he wanted to say on Mars’ Hill, where people gathered to hear “some new thing.” He told the public about his God, their “unknown god.” And who were these people? Some of them were of the “tribes scattered abroad” to whom Peter wrote, exiles from the northern House of Israel. Now how should his words in 2 Peter 2 be applied today?

We have been warned that “unto whom much is given, much is required,”  and we have been given even more Freedom than the people in Asia Minor had been given, so we are even more required to USE our Freedom of Religion, conscience, and the right to speak what’s in our hearts than those people were (some people say “just believe”; that’s the only thing we have to do).

“Where the Spirit of the Lord is, THERE is Liberty.’ – Paul

In other words, “Where the Spirit of the Lord is not, THERE there is no Liberty.” That’s what is so deadly about secularization and godless cultures. The history of the last three centuries has confirmed Paul’s words! Some cultures and governments are a mixture from “the tree of good and evil,” but the old Greek “democracy” wasn’t anything like the Republic we were bequeathed by our Founding Fathers. God was working with them, and the early Pilgrims and Puritans must have had some degree of the holy Spirit. Our representative form of government germinated among them and sprouted the town halls of the early northeast.

See “Did God Have a Plan For America,” by Peter Marshall, Jr. and David Manuel.

The “over-educated” class promotes godlessness, lawlessness, Nihilism (belief in nothing, NIL) just as Balaam did in ancient Israel. Do you remember the story? He’s the guy who got chewed out by a jackass. He had been offered gold and silver if he could curse the children of Israel. God told Balaam he couldn’t do that, but he knew God would curse them if they could be corrupted, so he set about trying to corrupt them (just like our “modern Progressives”)! Do you get it now, why the Left works so hard corrupting our public school kids? And like the two-story outhouse, the icky stuff comes down from the top, the institutions of “higher” learning. As for healthcare and the virus mandates:

Go to RenewAmerica.com and read the articles on the home page and in the columns (like mine on the year 2022). 

Senator Ron Johnson says, “We have a race to win because we have a nation to save [before it’s too LATE].”

P.S. I could write a whole column regarding the identity of the “tribes” scattered in Asia Minor and their location today. HINT: All the nations we’ve fought in foreign wars have been Gentile nations.

PPS: If you rearrange the letters in Balaam, they spell L’ Abama, and an aboma is a variety of boa constrictor. Google it. Just reporting; you decide, if you know what I mean. More to come.

Picture credit: The Southwest Globe Times

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