Obama’s Third Term — Going for Four

Obama and Biden

The United States of America has become the laughingstock of the world, with Joe Biden playing the role of our “president” in this macabre stage production put on by the Luciferian Globalists.  Indeed, one foreign news agency recently ran a headline referring to Biden as “President Mumblebub.”

He’s taken a lot of criticism for his actions — and inactions — as the so-called “leader” of the free world.  Since he took office, we’ve seen record-breaking deficit spending, a collapse of our nation’s infrastructure, the destruction of our major cities, record homelessness and drug use, the abandonment of our national borders — not to mention the highly-orchestrated and brilliantly-executed invasion of our nation by foreign enemies.  Over the past three years, we’ve also endured the “transgendering’ of our military, the weaponization of our so-called “justice system,” the persecution of political opponents, and unbridled government tyranny.

Some say Biden is incompetent, and I would have to agree.  The fact that Biden is suffering from dementia is obvious, as he garbles his words when speaking, cannot remember how or when his son, Beau, died, cannot remember the names of countries or world leaders, and shakes hands with the air as he wanders around the stage after speaking, until one of his handlers gathers him up and leads him away.

Recently, Special Counsel Robert Hur declined to prosecute Biden for his mishandling of classified documents stating that Biden “is an elderly man with a poor memory, who would be sympathetic to a jury.”  But Hur also added that Biden’s practices “present serious risks to national security.”  You think?!  So Biden, though clearly guilty, will not face prosecution.  But Trump will, even though the unclassified documents found at Trump’s Mara-Lago estate were kept securely under lock and key, while the classified documents Biden held were found in deteriorating cardboard boxes in his Delaware garage and elsewhere.

In 2016,  FBI director James Comey also refused to prosecute Hillary Clinton, even though  he stated she had given false statements (in other words, she lied) during his investigation, and was likely guilty of at least 23 felonies, high crimes, and misdemeanors.  It’s understandable that Comey refused to prosecute because he didn’t want to “commit suicide,” but this is just another example of our two-tiered “justice system.”  But I digress.

Anyone who thinks Biden’s in control of anything is sadly ignorant and deluded.  Biden has never had any authority of any kind in his 50+ years of being a professional politician.  He’s merely a cardboard cut-out and he’s only in the White House now because he’s the most easily manipulated “candidate” the DNC could come up with.

Anyone who truly thinks he won the 2020 election honestly and fairly is under the greatest of delusions.  Prior to that election, Biden himself openly stated, “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”  And he didn’t even campaign. His “rallies” consisted of a dozen people, sitting alone in chairs placed in circles, six feet apart.  Meanwhile, his opponent had tens of thousands of people, all eager to see and hear Trump speak, wherever he went.  No — regardless of what the “fact checkers” will tell you, and regardless of our lawless “justice system,” the 2020 election was absolutely and clearly rigged.  A stolen election.

And do you remember the recounts?  Republican election observers were banned from those — sheets of cardboard covering the windows while the so-called “recounts” took place.   It was all a tragic joke yet allowed to happen…and now we have countless patriots in prison or dead because they simply took part in a “redress of grievances” on January 6…held for months and years without charges; forced into fake plea deals; driven to suicide by the unrelenting persecution of the Feds — just for being patriots who believe in the rule of law.

This is the nation we live in today.  One must go back to the 2008 presidential election to understand how we got here.  I clearly remember watching the news broadcasts that November night, seeing millions gathered to hear the newly elected Obama speak.  Newscasters even called him the “New Messiah,” such was the blind adoration so many had for this man — a junior senator from Illinois.  I got chills as I watched so many “worshiping” this man, and I knew something truly demonic was happening.  He vowed to “fundamentally transform America” — and America hasn’t been the same since.

And there were so many unanswered questions.  Was he even an American?  Many investigated his birth certificate and found it to be fraudulent, though “fact-checkers” and the news media worked hard to debunk such claims as “conspiracy theories.”  He apparently graduated from Columbia University in 1983, but no one remembers seeing him there or recalls attending any classes with him.  At one point, a postal worker recalls an encounter he had with a young, arrogant (and creepy) Obama declaring he KNEW he was going to be “president of the United States” one day.

This was while Obama was living with Mary and Thomas Ayers, in a Chicago suburb.  Their son was Bill Ayers, the far-left militant organizer of the Weather Underground, a revolutionary group that sought to overthrow what they viewed as “American imperialism.”  Many came forward to say they remembered the young Obama frequenting homosexual bath houses in Chicago, having homosexual relations with countless partners, using pot and cocaine and never attending any college classes.  But then, he could do as he pleased. It was taken care of. He already knew he was being groomed to be “president” one day, and the Globalists — even back then — would see to it that it happened.

I could go into more detail; there’s much more that could be said.  But basically, Obama’s handlers faked his name, his religion, his “wife,” his kids, his birthplace, his nationality, his education and his career… and then he sealed his records in his very first executive order to stop Americans from finding out.

During the Obama years, we saw daily violent and deadly attacks by Muslims around the world and here in the US.  Early on, we saw him bow down to the king of Saudi Arabia, and he continued to kowtow to the Muslims throughout his time in the White House.  The complicit news media steadily drilled the phrase “a religion of peace,” into our collective heads on a daily basis, even as Islamic terrorists beheaded Christians, put them in cages and drowned them, put them in cages and burned them alive — every day, on live TV, in “living color.”

We also saw the Supreme Court decision to “legalize” homosexual so-called “marriage,” the destruction of private health insurance under “Obamacare,” the beginning of the “transgender” movement, and the furtherance of the Globalist “climate change” agenda.  I could go on, but the list is too extensive.

And it’s ongoing.  And that’s the point of this message.  This is Obama’s third term.  While we don’t know all the players that put Obama in power and who controls HIM, we do know that Obama is controlling Biden, as he has since at least 2008.  Do you doubt me?  Let’s look at who’s in the Biden administration…

Jake Sullivan is Biden’s National Security Advisor.  He was also Obama’s Deputy Assistant and director of Policy.  Antony Blinken is Secretary of State.  He was also Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor and Deputy Secretary of State.  Alejandro Mayorkas, Biden’s Secretary of Homeland Security, was also Obama’s Director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services.  He also managed staffing the DOJ Criminal Division.

Director of National Intelligence, Avril Haines, was Obama’s Deputy Director of the CIA and later his Deputy National Security Advisor.  Biden’s Secretary of the Treasury, Janet Yellen, was Obama’s Chairman of the Federal Reserve.  Our Deputy Secretary of the Treasury is Adewale Adeyemo — a Nigerian, and Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor for International Economics and later, head of the Obama Foundation.

Merrick Garland, the Attorney General, was an Obama nominee for Justice of the Supreme Court.  Tom Vilsack has been the Secretary of Agriculture under Biden and Obama.  Then we have Susan Rice, our current Director for Domestic Policy — Obama’s National Security Advisor and UN Ambassador.  Biden’s Special Envoy for Climate is John Kerry, Obama’s Secretary of State.

And bear in mind, folks, that Obama himself lives only two miles away from the White House.  If you want to know who’s pulling Biden’s strings, I hope this helps.  But Biden’s time is quickly coming to a close.  You see, the disastrous effects of the demonic Obama regime — the “fundamental transformation of America” — are wearing thin for most Americans.  Now the Communists are looking for ways to eliminate Biden, because it’s highly unlikely that the country will quietly accept another stolen election by a senile, incontinent old man with dementia that’s growing worse daily.  He’s become a liability.

The recent declaration by Robert Hur that Biden is “an elderly man with a poor memory and would be sympathetic to a jury” and also that he “presents serious risks to national security” was a very intentional statement.  Essentially, it officially disqualifies Sleepy Joe as a candidate.  All part of the plan…and all carefully scripted.

This is going to be a year like no other.  Very few expect Biden to be the nominee.  As hard as it may be to believe, Kamala Harris is even less popular than Joe Biden.  Some have speculated Gavin Newsom may be chosen.  But given his record as an ultra-liberal dictator in California, I’m afraid the cat’s out of the bag on him.  So, let’s see…who could they come up with that could possibly be convincing as a “winning” candidate.  Hmmm….  Michelle Obama!  Of course!  Big Mike!

Then the “fundamental transformation” can continue unabated. Yes, Michelle Obama.  Not only black, but also a woman, they say. (Not that gender is supposed to really exist anymore).   I’m only speculating, of course. But watch for something to happen by springtime or summer.  One thing’s for certain: they won’t be able to pull off another stolen election for Biden, not even with “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”  Not even with the steady flow of millions of new voters coming illegally across our borders and becoming — not citizens — but registered Democrats, because of all the “free” stuff.

Now, I’ve said a lot here about Biden, Obama and even Hillary.  But, with the exception of two or three individuals, the Republicans are no better.  Our public servants all become multi-millionaires shortly after taking office.  How is this possible?  Ask yourself:  why is no one in Congress calling for a cease-fire or peace talks in Ukraine?  Why do we keep sending trillions of dollars there, even as we’re spending trillions just to cover the interest on our own national debt?  Why are our public servants so concerned about the security of the borders of other nations, while ours are left completely open?  It’s all about money, folks. The invasion, Ukraine, climate change, mandated jabs — all these things are lining the pockets of those who rule over us.  Once you understand that, everything else makes perfect sense.

I no longer refer to “Democrats” and “Republicans.”  Now, it’s “Communists” and “Politicians.” And 99% of them deserve the punishment given to those convicted of treason.

Before I close, a few words about Trump. He’s not our savior. Understand that. He didn’t and won’t solve America’s real problems. Remember, it was Trump that put the “Red Flag” gun laws into effect; it was Trump that “stood down” while our nation’s cities burned at the hands of BLM and ANTIFA. He did NOT drain the swamp. He was very pro-homosexual.  And he presided over the “Warp Speed” clot shot, mask mandates, shutdowns and lockdowns. I love the idea of national sovereignty, “America first,” and a return to morality and justice.  I’m sure you do too.  Trump is a figurehead representing those things, thus his popularity.  But we must realize that no man — not even Trump — can save us from the disaster we’ve allowed in our land. Our Savior is Jesus Christ, and our only hope is a return to God, in humility and repentance.  Without real, true national repentance, God’s hand of judgment on America will not relent.  This I know for sure.

Rob Pue

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