Message to All Wearied Truth-Tellers: Let Isaiah Be Your Inspiration

Isaiah the Prophet

We do not know, nor will we ever know while in this world who the Remnant are. Two things only can we know about them: they exist, and they will find truth-tellers.

The lesson for truth tellers is this: trying to convince wholesale numbers of people that they are going the wrong way will fail because they do not possess what Plato described as a saving force of intellect and force of character….’  Another way of saying this is, “…they do not possess good wills and honest minds,” although they might do so one day if they come to the Lord.

By the Grace of our Lord, it is the Remnant who possess this type of character. But in order that they may be reached one must speak through the masses.

This was the unenviable and burdensome task assigned by our Lord to Isaiah the prophet.

Our apocalyptic times are much like the days of Isaiah, and when truth-tellers come to learn the lessons of Isaiah will they be able to carry on.

For more than 21 years this writer has been intensely reading, researching, thinking long and deeply, and connecting dots to form an interconnected tapestry of truth so as to reach truth-seekers in the darkness of apostasy, hatred of God, heresy, nihilism, occultism, chaos, and evil.

It was around the ten-year mark that I realized—as many truth-tellers eventually do– that a majority of readers simply do not care to know Truth.  Upon that realization was I was ready to walk away until by the Grace of God inspiration came to me through Isaiah.

So, for all truth-tellers– whether pastors, seminarians, evangelists, missionaries, bloggers, or podcasters—do not give up or you will abandon the Remnant.  Instead, let Isaiah be your lesson and inspiration.

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Linda Kimball

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