Like Muslims, Trans Terrorists Lash Out Due to ‘Grievances’

6 murdered in Christian school in Nashville

Once again, and despite their extreme differences, “lgbt-etc. people” and Muslims find themselves in the same boat — this time in how the establishment responds to their transgressions.

It’s only been a couple of days since the horrific murder of three children and three adults in a private Christian school in Nashville, Tenn., by a “trans person,” and already the establishment is doing what it always does when a Muslim commits an act of terrorism: show you how they, the murderers, are the real victims.

Anyone paying attention since 9/11 knows that this has long been the pattern whenever Muslims engage in acts of terrorism (those that are major enough, that is, or somehow warrant Western attention; the overwhelming majority of Islamic terrorism around the world — like the genocide of Christians in Nigeria — simply gets ignored).

After stating the bare-bone facts of the act of terrorism, the media and other talking heads invoke “Muslim grievances” — because of burned copies of the Koran, because of Israel’s existence, because of the crusades and colonialism, because of racism, xenophobia, and “Islamophobia,” etc., etc. This goes on and on with the aim of getting the unsuspecting viewer to conclude, “Well, guess I can’t blame Muslims for lashing out like that…”

And now the establishment is responding in the same exact way concerning the Nashville massacre. Once the identity of the murderer was confirmed as “trans,” all of the usual talking heads came out to report the bare bone facts, yes, but even more so to highlight trans “grievances” — which apparently prompted this act of “frustration.”

Paul Joseph Watson put together a brief video with numerous excerpts highlighting this parallel treatment.  It includes a media statement arguing that the trans murderer’s life was made difficult by anti-trans legislation, and concludes with, “hate has consequences.” Similarly, after reporting on the Nashville murders and the trans identity of the murderer, ABC News’ Terry Moran stressed in the very same breath that “earlier this month Tennessee passed a bill banning transgender care for minors” — again, implying a “cause and effect” relationship. According to this “logic,” because Tennessee banned what in effect is the sexual mutilation of children, a trans person only naturally sought vengeance.

Then there was the usual gaggle of reporters and activists saying that the real fear behind the Nashville shooting is that it is going to prompt violence — the infamous “backlash” that Muslims also supposedly brace for whenever one of their numbers commits terrorism — this time against the trans community.

As for Joe Biden, he apparently deflected by rambling about … chocolate chip ice cream. On the other hand, last summer, when a fourth Muslim was killed in Albuquerque, and even though there was zero evidence of the murderer’s identity, he said, “my Administration stands strongly with the Muslim community. These hateful attacks [by white xenophobes] have no place in America.”  A few days later the murderer — a Muslim — was captured.

So there it is. If you’re among the establishment’s protected classes, that’s what you get — protection, even when murdering (to say nothing of mutilating) innocent children.


Raymond Ibrahim

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