Lawlessness Abounds

A man is carrying America Flag on fire

Another onslaught by the Luciferian Globalists is underway. Because they’re doubling down on their efforts toward world domination, the elimination of Christ-followers, and national sovereignty and yes, they’ll soon be knocking on your own front door seeking to force a needle in your arm carrying an experimental poison. You should plan for it because they’ve told us they’re coming soon.  DHS is already calling these door-to-door tyrants the “Vaccination Strike Force.”

If you think this is all conspiracy nonsense and are still drinking the “COVID Kool-Aid,” I’m not sure what more to tell you. It seems the majority of the populace is now completely brainwashed, while others can clearly see the truth that’s right before their eyes. We’re living in the words of Scripture from 2nd Thessalonians 2: God has indeed sent upon many people a strong delusion because they’ve chosen to believe the lie.

Indeed, we have many believing many lies these days, and the reason is that God Himself has sent them a strong delusion and allowed them to be consumed by it, because they received not the truth of God, that they might be saved.  Even many devout churchgoers have believed all the lies the government, health officials, and lying media have spewed forth, because I dare say their professed faith in God Almighty is not really genuine.  They may have a form of godliness, but it’s without the Holy Spirit, and therefore without any power at all, …and therefore, they’re terrified.  That’s Satan’s goal, you know, to keep us all terrified, compliant, and obedient to evil. He’s having a field day with most people right now.

Those within the true Remnant of God can clearly see the hand of the enemy working in all that’s happened these past two years, and we can clearly see where all this is headed.  The rest of the world is absolutely blind to the truth, under strong delusion, and therefore fearful. They fear the government, they fear man, they fear disease and death — but they don’t even know the Savior and Creator.

The sad part is, all the plans of the Luciferian Globalists have been openly revealed. While they do conspire against the Lord and His anointed followers, they haven’t hidden anything. They’ve come right out and told us what they’re going to do.  Then they do it. And sadly, so many still remain so blind.  We had Event 201 just weeks before COVID was released, and the world was locked down. At this planning meeting, held openly in New York City and attended by top New World Order Globalists and the Luciferian Elite, all that took place in 2020 and all that’s taking place now, was carefully planned and simulated. A few weeks later, it began.

Citizens were essentially placed on “house arrest” as the nation was locked down.  So-called “Health Officials” took control of our country…for our own “good,” of course.  If people were allowed to leave their homes, they were forced to cover their faces with masks and stand six feet apart from one another. Small businesses were forced to shut their doors, while Big Box Stores were allowed to remain open. Churches were forced to close because they were told (and most agreed) that they were “non-essential.”

Most dutifully complied and stayed home, watching the mockingbird media spew out the lies they were commanded to spew, hoarding toilet paper and junk food, and cowering in fear. Mind you, this was after we saw horrific images coming out of China, showing a virus so devastating that people were falling over dead in the streets.  Sick people were shown being forcibly arrested at gunpoint by Chinese health officials, loaded in vans, and taken away, never to be seen again. We heard rumors of mass crematoriums in China because so many millions were dying.

I asked then, and I still ask now: why were these images allowed to be released to the world? In a country like China, where they only portray themselves as the world’s strongest and most feared military superpower, where social media and government media only allow positive “PR” to go out to the world — why was the world allowed to see this? Only one reason: to instill fear.  Yes, China locked its own people down hard. Many in apartment buildings even had their doors welded shut. Others most definitely were arrested and dragged away, never to be seen again. The lockdown there was so intense, enormous cities became ghost towns. That really happened. But the images of people falling over dead in the streets? I’m not so sure. Regardless, the fear quickly spread across the globe, and so in mid-March, when the “coronavirus” hit the US, we were eager to obey. And never before in the history of the world was so much power held in the hands of so few. They quickly became drunk with power and their Globalist agenda moved forward.

Here in America, we were allowed to retain a few of our rights, in most states. But travel was severely limited. There were no restaurants to eat at. Small family businesses were forced into bankruptcy. Masks were required in public. Places like Walmart were allowed to remain open but new rules were quickly put in place. Masks required. Stand six feet apart. Entry through one door only, follow the arrows on the floor, and exit through one door only.  Many public accommodations required your forehead to be scanned and all your personal information gathered before you were allowed entry. Businesses that did not enforce these unconstitutional government mandates were threatened with crippling fines.

What was all this about? Clearly, as hundreds of highly credentialed doctors from around the world told us, the masks were useless and even harmful. The six-foot distancing did nothing to slow the spread of any virus. It’s impossible to avoid a virus, whether you’re isolated at home or out in public.  You can’t stop a virus. Isn’t that what all the doctors have always told us? My entire life, whenever I would get very sick and go to the doctor, they’d say, “well, I’m sorry, it’s a virus, and it just has to run its course, there’s nothing we can give you for it.”

But in this case, there was. There were Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, to name just a couple of very inexpensive and highly effective treatments for COVID. But these were quickly banned by the government agencies, and doctors were prohibited from prescribing them.  Why would they not try everything possible if this was really such a deadly sickness? Yet when America’s Frontline Doctors came out and gave their real-life results, showing hundreds of patients quickly recovering using these medicines, these once well-respected doctors were censored, banned by all media, and fired from their jobs.

The six-foot thing? Following the arrows on the floor at Walmart? Here’s what that was about… Big Box Stores are some of the heaviest-surveilled places you can go to. There are security cameras everywhere. This was a concerted effort by the government to fine-tune their facial recognition technology to maintain and bolster their surveillance of us all. They couldn’t accomplish this with people in large crowds, but with each person six feet apart, all walking in the prescribed directions, following arrows on the floor, it became a cakewalk for them. And they’re especially aware now, of those of us who refused to wear the masks and have therefore become non-compliant enemies of the state.

There’s so much more we could discuss the entire COVID scam — a so-called “pandemic” that needs 24/7 media propaganda to remind us to remain in fear because 99.97% of those who get sick quickly recover.  But these are just a few reminders as to how this all began, and what it’s all been about.

Also, last year, the Leftist Luciferians unleashed anarchy across America and the world. We all saw the burning, rioting, looting, and murder take place in living color. The mockingbird media had the audacity to call these events “peaceful protests,” even as buildings burned in the background behind the network reporters. The Marxist Black Lives Matter organization took over entire cities and roadways, in many cases pulling white people out of their cars and beating them bloody, or to death.  In Seattle, several city blocks were overtaken by anarchists and declared to be a sovereign country — yet the residents of “Chaz” still demanded free government benefits from the Feds.  But rest assured, these events were all considered “justified” by the Left, and “mostly peaceful.”  Cities all across America burned, while police were ordered to “stand down.” And lawlessness continues to reign.

As communism descended on America, statues commemorating our national history and heritage were torn down. Yet the statue of Vladimir Lenin in Seattle was left untouched.  And yes, there is one there and they’re proud of it.  Look it up.

In August, Kenosha, Wisconsin became a target. Busloads of paid rioters descended on the city and began rioting, looting, burning businesses, and attacking police. One young man from Antioch, Illinois who worked in Kenosha became perhaps the worst victim in this war zone on August 25th.  Kyle Rittenhouse finished his workday in Kenosha and then volunteered with Kenosha residents to help clean up and rebuild the destruction of the previous night. But as night fell on August 25th, the destroyers again began their assault. Kyle found himself in the middle of the fray, but he was there with his own firearms, which he was well trained to use for self-defense and the defense of innocent people. He also came with medical aid and supplies and even helped wounded rioters.

But then Kyle was personally attacked by a mob wielding weapons and threatening his life.  Videos were taken by on-lookers clearly show guns pointed directly at Kyle with the mob ready to kill him.   But Kyle defended himself and others with his weapon and for that, is now facing life in prison.  No justice for the innocent.  Lawlessness reigns.

The COVID scam was used to force mail-in ballots and ballot “drop boxes” — all unmonitored. An untold number of mail-in ballots were found discarded in ditches and dumpsters across the country. The drop boxes, by the way, were funded to the tune of $400 Million by Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. Meanwhile electronic in-person voting was hacked by multiple systems. Still, Donald Trump was winning his second term in office by a landslide on November 3rd, and that just could not be allowed. The mainstream media was even calling the state of Arizona for Biden with only 4% of the vote counted. Then at 3 am, everything shut down, the vote counting stopped.  Ninety minutes later, the machines were turned on again, and … surprise, surprise!  Biden flipped all the states in contention in his favor. You’ll recall he stated prior to the election, “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” Lawlessness.

Fast forward to January 6th. Millions of patriots descended on the US Capitol building to show their support for rule of law and to protest the stolen election. Literally, thousands of videos taken by people at that event show the DC and Capitol police escorting ANTIFA and other anarchist groups into the staging area on countless buses. They infiltrated the patriots that were there, and as is their way, causing more mayhem and destruction and violence. Following that event, six hundred true patriots who attended the rally were arrested, simply for being IN Washington DC on January 6th.  Many of them remain in jail to this day, held without bail, though they did nothing more than attend a rally. And a new term was coined: “Patriot terrorists.” And indeed, they probably are the most dangerous — to the illegitimate regime that has taken over our nation, opened our borders, made backroom deals with our enemies, and is openly persecuting Christians.

So, while those who literally burned thousands of businesses and homes to the ground, attacked police all summer long all across the country, while police were told to stand down, citizen patriots in America are now considered the most dangerous people in the world — “patriot terrorists.”  Matthew 24:12 reads, “Because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.”  We now have total lawlessness. The innocent are persecuted while violent criminals are hailed as heroes. And the love — and even common decency and respect for human life has, indeed, grown cold.  But always remember what Jesus said and knowing the power and might of our Savior and that He holds us in the palm of His hand, knowing He will never leave us or forsake us — even in the midst of these wicked days.  He said: “The one who stands firm to the end will be saved.”  See that you’re strong in the Lord and that you stand firm to the end, and never, ever be afraid of what this world is coming to.  It is coming to our doorstep.  But our God is already with us.

Rob Pue

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