Kenosha, C’mon man, who were the real “vigilantes”

Rittenhouse Trial

“According to the number of your cities your gods are” [Jeremiah said] – Billy Graham, 1957

IT’S THE IDES OF NOVEMBER. It’s a cold day in Kenosha, amid “the storms of November,” Lightfoot? Closing arguments in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. The mob threatens the jurors. Isn’t that still against the law? But the LAW now matters in the “right outcome” of the trial? That’s “social justice” Sheriff Buford T. Justice? Just some thoughts at 4 o’clock in the morning.

The Left complained about the Judge’s ringtone last week (“I’m proud to be an American” etc.). I almost expected the prosecutors to ask for a mistrial. They don’t even have an ace, let alone one up their sleeves.  When resisting arrest and attempted kidnapping, and then Burning, Looting, and Mayhem are legalized, we are beyond Nihilism, Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane.

Who are the REAL “racists?” Governor Moonbeam – the teenager who did not cross the state line with a gun – or the arsonists from Chicago who crossed the state line with Molotov cocktails? If a man is smart enough to be a former Superintendent of Public Schools, he should have been smart enough to call out the National Guard as soon as Jacob Blake got shot. Well into the riot, Evers called up some of the Guard, but not enough. The third night of anarchy was avoidable, and Rittenhouse wouldn’t have gone to save businesses. Were any rioters arrested, Smokey? Were any put in jail, Bandit?

Remember those days in the 1970s, when people were even poorer but weren’t so bent out of shape? The belly-achers can’t even laugh at themselves. Remember when we could laugh at both the Dukes of Hazzard and the Sheriff too, Daisy? We used to laugh at both Meathead and Archie, Buford. These days some people are wound one twist too tight. The so-called “tolerant” people are the ones with their undies in a wad, and I heard there’s a worldwide paper shortage. Their silo doesn’t have a roof on it, the ladder doesn’t go all the way to the top, and they are plum out of silage, Mabel. The assistant D.A.s aren’t exactly Rudy Giulianis, either. And we need more Perry Masons in this country on defense. BTW, da guv is calling up the Guard THIS time, in case the mob loses the case.

But “seriously folks,” I went to college in Kenosha, road my bicycle downtown to the library, so I took all of this personally. The car lot pictured here is right between two churches. And for all of his good intentions, Rittenhouse got called a white supremacist by the President of the United States! We got the government we deserve.

P.S. I attended one Billy Graham “crusade.” They always played “Come just as I am” during the altar call. However, Graham wasn’t all honey and no vinegar, old farm boy and hardball player that he was. My opening quote by him is from the September 2020 issue of DECISION magazine. During the 1950s there was also a Herbert Armstrong who was predicting future trade wars and race riots, just a little ahead of his time. Now, we have both, and the covid virus may have been China’s reaction to our getting fed up with being taken as suckers for so many years. Yes, we live in interesting times.

Got God Yet?

Curtis Dahlgren

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