Joe Biden and COVID: Governors can murder the elderly but not ban masks


In a clear display of big-government tyranny and the loss of liberty in response to COVID and the so-called pandemic of Delta, Delta, Delta, Joe Biden has decided that governors who murder the elderly are innocent of violating the civil rights of seniors, but governors who ban mask mandates in public schools are guilty of violating the civil rights of children.

Last month, Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) informed then-New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo that the administration was OK with the murder of thousands of elderly COVID patients who were incarcerated in nursing homes under the disgraced governor’s dictatorial orders. Governors Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) and Tom Wolf (D-PA) were also given the administration’s OK for committing the same crime.

Specifically, Biden’s Department of Justice decided not to investigate whether the civil rights of residents in New York’s government-run nursing homes were violated by Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s controversial admission policy related to the COVID-19 pandemic. And in a letter to the House Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis, the DOJ made the decision final by saying Cuomo and the State of New York were off the hook in connection with potential violations of the Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act.

But don’t think for a moment that Biden is going soft on “serious” crimes in the age of coronavirus hysteria. Even though he’s OK with governors sanctioning the genocide of over 15,000 elderly COVID patients, Biden is not OK with governors who oppose mask mandates . . . and he’s prepared to prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law (via National Review):

Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona said Wednesday that he would be willing to pursue legal action against the Republican-led states that have blocked school districts from imposing mask requirements in schools.

In an interview with the New York Times, Cardona argued that federal civil rights law empowered him to take action against the Republican governors who have banned mask mandates in public schools through executive orders, saying he was “appalled that there are adults who are blind to their blindness, that there are people who are putting policies in place that are putting students and staff at risk.”

Potential civil rights disputes could arise if state policies result in parent petitions or personal appeals asserting that the mask mandate ban endangers students and jeopardizes their right to a free, appropriate public education, a standard known as FAPE under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Then, the education department could probe the districts where the complaints originated.

Addressing the nation Wednesday, President Biden said he would authorize the Department of Education to exercise full oversight authority and potentially take legal action against GOP governors who have argued that the decision to mask in schools should be at parents’ discretion.

Biden indicated the administration would not tolerate “intimidation and threats” against school boards from Republican governors. (emphasis mine)

“Blind to their blindness?” Hey, Mr. Cardona! I’m appalled that there are bureaucrats and politicians in Washington who are dumb of their dumbness; brainless of their brainlessness; stupid of their stupidness; boneheaded of their boneheadedness.

Sorry . . . went off on a tangent.

Did you happen to notice that the governors who got away with murdering the elderly are Democrats, while the governors Biden is targeting are “anti-mask” Republicans? I’m no fan of either party, but Biden’s motivations couldn’t be any more clear — and they have nothing to do with public health and safety.

“Unfortunately, as you’ve seen throughout this pandemic, some [Republican] politicians are trying to turn public safety measures — that is, children wearing masks in school — into political disputes for their own political gain,” Biden commented at a press briefing. “We are not going to sit by as [Republican] governors try to block and intimidate educators protecting our children.”

By the way, in states like Florida and Texas, wearing a mask in public school isn’t banned; they have only banned mask mandates because, as used to be the case in America, parents should be making decisions concerning their children, not the government.

Last week, Biden was asked if he had the authority to override state governments and impose a national mask mandate on every school in the nation. His answer was exactly what you’d expect someone with dictatorial ambitions to say. “I don’t believe that I do thus far,” he said, speaking from the East Room of the White House. “We’re checking that.”

Looks to me like he’s done “checking” and has moved on to “doing.”


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