January 6th “justice” vs. BLM-ANTIFA violence; a look back

Liz Cheney

“Right makes might.” – Abraham Lincoln [an excerpt from my Jan 4th column, 2021]

A WEEK FOR THE AGES. One for the history books. It’s 2:22 a.m. and I’m on my second cup of coffee. I started writing a bar time. Last call for common sense. I haven’t had a drink to drop. Seriously, convoys of concerned citizens are on the way from the Left coast to Washington DC. Wonder what awaits them there. Roadblocks? Antifa? They will surely be baited by the Lefties!

I just hope there are no John Browns who could snap back.

WE NOW KNOW what those riots were all about last year. The organizers must have known that the fix was in, that the election could come down to the wire and that they might need to intimidate professional politicians and the Supreme Court. Trump worked his butt off while Biden stayed in his basement. “We’ve got this,” the cheaters told him. They had an “insurance policy” that would work this time, taking no chances unlike 2016’s overconfidence. And the Kenosha Burning, Looting, and Mayhem “demonstrators” came straight out of Chicago. The winter weather hasn’t seen riots, of course, but they had made their point: “Don’t even think about trying to overturn the November 3rd coup.”

More or less, it’s for all the marbles now. All the marbles we have left. Lincoln said there is no middle ground between the right and the wrong any more than there can be a person who is “neither a dead man nor alive.” Charles Schulz’ Lucy says, “We will all die someday, but on every other day we will NOT.” Renew America isn’t a “church” site, but I agree with Honest Abe that a house divided cannot be put back together again without the help of the Almighty. [end of excerpt]

Some people died that day, January 6, 2021. Unlike the Portland-Seattle-Mpls events, most of the violence came from the police. One unarmed woman was shot directly; one was trampled in a stampede caused by the cops; one woman was beaten severely by an enraged female cop (but still is facing charges for trespassing I guess). One guy just got 7 years for bringing an otherwise legal gun onto the grounds of the Capitol. Did any of the 2020 “protesters” serve time for arson or attacks on the police?

The January 6th committee won’t be bringing up any of these incidents during the world’s first unarmed so-called “insurrection”! Nor will they play the tape of President Trump telling people to go peacefully to the Capitol. That gets “edited.” The committee won’t show people being waved into the Capitol by authorities (to create their “Reichstadt fire” moment) either.

As you can see by the opening paragraphs of my 1/04/21 column, the possibility of Trump supporters falling into traps was foreseen by me. The gullible ones foolishly got snared. President Trump didn’t have anything to do with that. For a documentary on what really happened on 1/06/21, go to the Epoch Times.

P.S. This was the conclusion to my Jan 4th column:

Reagan said that if one person contacted nine people, and they contacted nine other people, and this continued for just 10 days, we could reach half of the population of the world. Choose your message, but mum’s not the word. Don’t “blend.” Stand up and speak out!

January is the month with two faces, one looking back and one looking forward. If there was ever “a week that was” like this one, it would have been a week to walk humbly with God, show mercy, and pray as if it all depended on you. Sorry ma’am. Just the facts ma’am. I don’t know what’s going to happen this year, and I’m not sure I WANT to know.

PPS: It would appear that the Jan 6 “commission” is still in the dark about what happened that day. Sorry, Liz. Just the facts ma’am.

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Curtis Dahlgren

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