It’s Not Easy Bein’ Green

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Although I guess you could say there have been “earth worshipers” since just about the beginning of time, it was the civil unrest of the 1960s that spawned the radical environmental movement we’re dealing with today.  It was an age of unbridled lust and hedonism, and the effects of communist infiltration into our public schools and college campuses was starting to pay off for a new generation of Leftists in America.  Using their new-found power in movies, television, magazines and mainstream media, the Left was able to co-opt and capitalize on the power of the civil rights, anti-war, anti-capitalist, feminist and homosexual movements.  The Marxist propaganda machine was running at full speed, though few realized it at the time.

In 1970, Kermit the Frog, (the original Muppet), sang a song called “It’s Not Easy Bein’ Green.”  Whether it had to do with the color of their skin or some other perceived difference, the song was ostensibly meant to make young children, who felt a little awkward or different from others, to feel better about themselves.  In the song, at first, Kermit is sad, because he’s green.  But in the end, he comes to love himself as he is.  This may seem charming and innocent to you, as it did to me at the time.  But the brainwashing had begun.  I believe this innocent children’s song had a subliminal message behind it — no matter how you act or what you do, you’re fine just as you are.  “Anything goes,” and “if it feels good, do it.”  That was the message the liberals were pushing at the time, and Kermit helped it along, ever-so-sweetly.

In 1978, Gilbert Baker, an artist, open homosexual and “drag queen,” designed the first rainbow flag, at the urging of Harvey Milk, who was the first openly homosexual elected official in the US.  He served 11 months as a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.  Milk wanted Baker to create a symbol of “pride” for the homosexual community.  And thus, the rainbow was hijacked by the LGBT movement.  Today that flag flies in just about every community, large and small, across the country — especially during the month of June, which has now been designated as “pride” month.

Just one year after the rainbow flag was created for the homosexual movement, “The Muppet Movie” was released, featuring Kermit singing a song called “The Rainbow Connection.”  Maybe I’m making more of this than I should, but I believe there is a connection. Here are some of the lyrics, speaking of the rainbow:  “…All of us under its spell; We know that it’s probably magic.  Have you been half asleep; And have you heard voices?  I’ve heard them calling my name.  Is this the sweet sound that calls the young sailors?  The voice might be one and the same.  I’ve heard it too many times to ignore it; It’s something that I’m supposed to be.  Someday we’ll find it, The Rainbow Connection…The lovers, the dreamers and me.”

Sorry, but that seems a little eerie to me.  It certainly didn’t at the time, but such was the subtleness of the brainwashing and indoctrination.  In hindsight, one can put the puzzle pieces together and see how it was all orchestrated toward an end goal.  And here we are today.  I’m sure no one dreamed, back then, that one day we’d have men legally marrying other men, cities with a million people gleefully celebrating sodomy in the streets and parents taking their young children to watch those “pride” parades or to a “drag queen story hour.”  Not to mention encouraging children to “transition” to the opposite sex if they experience any awkwardness or discomfort at all during or prior to puberty.

This is how Satan operates.  Sometimes he comes as an angel of light.  Sometimes he comes as a cute little frog, singing a song — to children.  The methods may be subtle and even imperceptible.  But there’s nothing hidden that will not be revealed, eventually.  For the record, “The Muppets” now have openly homosexual characters to entertain your children and grandchildren.

But I’m getting off-topic.  My message today isn’t about the LGBTQP+ movement.  It has to do with the religion of radical environmentalism. It was during the 1960s that two best-selling books were released on the topic: Silent Springand Population Bomb.”  The first “Earth Day” was held in 1970.  In 1972, the UN held its first official Conference on Environmental issues.  Popular news articles and magazines were warning of a quickly coming global “ice age” if we didn’t clean up the earth immediately.  I remember this propaganda being pushed in just about every “Weekly Reader” I received in elementary school.  It had begun.

In addition to the coming ice age, we were warned of world-wide famine and disease because our uncontrolled human reproduction would soon suck all the earth’s resources dry.  It was also in 1979 that China took the “progressive” step so praised by rabid environmentalists — their infamous “one child” policy.  It stated that each family was to have no more than one child. If a woman were to become pregnant after having her allowed “one child,” the penalty was forced abortion. And since male children were much more highly valued than girls, if a woman became pregnant for her first time, and ultrasound tests showed the baby was a girl, the baby was usually killed, so as to allow this family’s allotted one child to be male.

The Global elites have never stopped pushing for human depopulation.  Consider Bill Gates, and his “lofty” goal of reducing the population through the use of “vaccines.”  Consider the Georgia Guidestones and the never-ending fear-mongering the Globalists have used to push this agenda.  When the “ice age” thing didn’t work, they changed to “Global Warming.”  But the “settled science” of “Global Warming” proved to be a bit embarrassing a few years ago, when scientists traveled to Antarctica to study the “rapidly melting” polar ice cap there — but their ship got stuck in the ice.

So, then they came up with a term that would be a little safer:  “Climate Change.”  (That ought to do it!)  We’re told that Climate Change is now the number one crisis in the world.  And the cause of Climate Change is, of course, human beings.  There are many aspects to all this, too many to mention here, but certainly the fear-mongers are working hard to drive home the point that the Earth just has too many people.  People must stop having babies.  And since an unborn baby isn’t really a “person” then abortion is certainly necessary.  Do you see how all this evil and deception is so intertwined?  We’re told that human beings are not made in the image of God — and in fact, we’re told that we’re a plague on the earth.

John Davis, the editor of “Earth First! Journal” wrote, “Human beings, as a species, have no more value than slugs.”  Dave Forman, the Founder of “Earth First!” said, “Phasing out the human race will solve every problem on earth, social and environmental.”

Such is the philosophy of those who would place the Religion of Environmentalism over the sanctity of human life. They view human beings, not as miracles, knit together in our mothers’ wombs, fearfully and wonderfully made by God Himself, but rather as a cancer on the earth, something to be eliminated. Does this not sound like the very words of the devil and his demons?  Yet so many have bought into these lies.  And Americans are quickly going extinct, as fewer couples are getting married, and even fewer having children.

The call today is for the Green New Deal and more people than you realize have fallen for this charade.  Young people, especially, love this plan.  For now.  They love the idea of “zero emissions” vehicles and industry.  Eliminating our so-called “carbon footprint.”  But understand, this is an attempt at erecting a One-World Government, with two classes of people: the rulers and the slaves.  Unless you have Klaus Schwab or Bill Gates on your speed-dial, you can be pretty sure you’re in the latter class.

You see, “Climate Change” really has nothing to do with it.  Like the scam-demic of “COVID” (and now Monkeypox), “Climate Change” is just another tool in the box to use to keep people fearful and afraid.  That’s how the game is played: create a crisis, use propaganda and brainwashing to instill fear among the people, then provide the ready-made solution to solve the problem, and since they’re already fearful, the people will be eager to obey and comply.

But their lies are becoming more and more difficult to sell.  Because many are now finding out that what the frog said is true: “It’s not easy being green.”  Today, due to the policies of the current administration, we do have multiple crises — but they have nothing to do with “Climate Change.”  In order to slow or completely halt the production of internal combustion engine vehicles, we had a supply chain crisis.  A “chip” shortage.  But it’s interesting that while Ford, GM, Toyota, Honda and other companies couldn’t get computer chips to manufacture new vehicles, the Tesla company didn’t seem to have that problem.  Huh.

America has also halted oil drilling and refining, so we’re now paying the highest prices in history for gas and diesel fuel.  Joe Biden recently boasted about this “big achievement”  of his — creating the highest fuel prices in history.  Meanwhile, we’re begging our enemies to sell us fuel — and they can name their price because they know America is desperate.  But this is only the beginning.

We’re also warned, now, not just of high grocery prices, but a soon-coming famine.  The Green New Deal policies also include crippling the American farming industry.  Farm animals are being destroyed.  Farmers are being paid by the government not to plant their fields.  Fertilizer and seed prices have soared.  And if a farmer does manage to produce a crop or a product, how will they get it to market?  By truck or by train?  Trucks run on diesel fuel.  So do trains.

Many have jumped on the bandwagon to buy fully-electric vehicles, but many are finding out there are problems with them — problems right now and even more on the horizon.  Our energy grid cannot possibly handle a nation of electric vehicles.  We’ve already been warned of rolling blackouts across the country this summer, because our power grid can’t handle the load as it is.  What happens when everybody tries to plug in their new electric cars at once?

You may have seen the video online of a reporter who happened upon a motorist stuck on the side of the road.  His Tesla was out of power — and he had a Honda generator in the trunk for just such an emergency.  So, this guy was charging his Tesla using a gas-powered generator.  Makes perfect sense, right?

But still, we’re told we must lower our “carbon footprint.”  News flash: the trees the environmentalists find more valuable than human beings breathe CO2.  They produce oxygen.  Human beings breathe oxygen and produce CO2.  Carbon is not a bad thing.  Nor are fossil fuels.  God knew what He was doing when He created the earth and everything in it, including us.  And He instructs us to “be fruitful and multiply,” whereas the Globalists consider us a “plague” and a “cancer” on the earth.

But never let a good crisis go to waste.  They’ve spent decades creating this crisis, and now they’re pulling the trigger on it.  Expect to see the price of everything double, at the very least.  Expect rolling blackouts because our power grid is not up to the task.  Expect shortages of everything.  Expect a personal “carbon tax” and fuel rationing.  I see government food lines and soup kitchens on the horizon.  Prepare yourself for these things now.  Because it’s not easy being green.

But you know what?  Where I live, the climate is, indeed, changing.  It’s called “summer” and I look forward to it every year.  A few months of “global warming” after a cold winter.  I love it.  Friends, we need not fear the schemes and propaganda and brainwashing of those who have a demonic agenda to control and manipulate us.  Recognize the lies and refuse to comply.  Speak up when this topic is raised and don’t be shy about telling people the truth.  If you don’t, who will?

And let’s remember what God said in Genesis:  “As long as the earth endures, seed time and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.”  God keeps His promises and never lies.  Quite unlike politicians.

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