Italy’s Georgia Meloni Rips Woke Extremists to Shreds – Are You Watching America?

Italy’s lively Prime Minister Georgia Meloni

Since October of 2022, Georgia Meloni has been serving as Italy’s Prime Minister. She is a 46-year-old woman and the first woman in Italy’s history to become Prime Minister. She is head of her party, which she founded known as the, Brothers of Italy. (Fratelli d’Italia)

She is a conservative firebrand that holds nothing back, but rather than blather she drives home the need to retain the national Italian identity that took centuries to develop.

Italians love her!

Meloni’s riff with France, began when she would not allow a ship of migrants to dock in Italy but sent them on to France. It was the same kind of re-direct that governors of Texas and other states make by busing immigrants to New York City or Martha’s Vineyard.

Tensions were not eased by either the French or the Germans when Meloni was not invited to a recent meetup with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Meloni is a great example for American conservatives who want to see what Sarah Huckabee Sanders referred to as “normal” and not crazy, and the hope that it would return to everyday life in America.

She affirms her womanhood, her nationality, and her Christianity and her identity as sacred. That has brought Italians by the millions to stand and follow her into the haze of worldwide sexual confusion and crippling woke ideology.

She is a Trumpian like figure who may unite Europe for some sort of revival of the right.

For America she could be the inspiration and the impetus to take our conservatives, revivalists and reformers more seriously before our nation sinks in a nebulous sea of perversion and woke claptrap.


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