Is the Muslim Culture Superior, Similar, or Substandard to Ours?

Is the Muslim Culture Superior

Taxpayers often support immigrants who arrive in America from other cultures, and those immigrants often demand that Americans recognize, respect, and almost revere the failed miserable cultures most of them left so willingly. They immediately adjust to our superior lifestyle and no longer pee into a hole in the ground or cook veggies sitting around a fire fueled by dried cow dung. They visit modern physicians instead of a version of the witch doctor with his bag of chicken bones and hippopotamus’ dung, prancing around a jungle campfire.

But most immigrants insist on clinging to their most offensive practices—no melting pot for them. They accept our opulent bounty but reject our obvious behavior, and they accept our cash but resist our culture. They have kept the cult in culture and removed the civil in civilization.

I smile when new immigrants, especially Muslims, speak glowingly of what they left behind. I may even fall to the floor, holding my sides with raucous laughter. I have seen what they left behind. I have seen the tragedies of multiple wives. I’ve seen their televised instructions on how to beat their wives. I’ve heard them try to justify molesting teenage girls. I have walked their dirty streets. I’ve sat around their Bedouin tents and tried to drink their thick black coffee as they spouted anti-Semitic nonsense and the false Palestinian myth.

Those new Islamic immigrants have a right to be offended at my critique, criticism, and condemnation, but I have a right not to care.

In recent years, the U.S. brought thousands of rustics to our cities that have changed the culture of those cities. It can be observed in any major city, especially in Minneapolis, Detroit, Chicago, etc. Leftists tell us that Americans must devalue their culture, so the new immigrants don’t feel unwelcome and out of place. Some major publications declare that downplaying our culture is necessary to bring cultural diversity to majority-white American towns with a very small percent minority population. Their pathetic pitch is we must never embarrass other cultures by suggesting our way is the best way or even a better way.

We are told that people from a better culture should modulate and subdue their higher standards to keep people from an inferior culture from knowing the differences causing them humiliation. However, unless we are idiots, everyone already knows the differences. All right, maybe a very sensitive person will not boast about his perceived higher standards but to purposefully distort reality to help someone save face is absurd, awkward, and asinine.

A quick look at Sweden, France, Germany, England, and others will easily prove that a massive influx of less developed people will change a higher culture almost immediately.

My culture is far more advanced than the culture of the Muslims as indicated when they tried to purchase my wife and daughters for ten goats or five camels, the normal price for that period. That happened in Syria and Jordan during some of my 14 tours of the Middle East. They wanted to purchase any blond woman in my group.

But it didn’t happen in Israel.

It is telling that such an incident never happened in Israel, where we spent most of our time. Is it because of a difference between the Muslim culture and the Israeli culture? Of course, there were some sophisticated Muslims whose homes I visited who would not make me such an offer because other advanced cultures had impacted them.

That same biased, backward, and bloody Muslim culture still mutilates little girls to keep them “sexually pure” for marriage to any lewd, crude dude willing to purchase them. Of course, the old dudes don’t pay as much for the small girls since they are not blondes.

That culture teaches that any non-Muslim girl or woman is available to them, and they have expressed surprise when arrested for rape in civilized nations of Europe! They defend rape because they believe they have a right to those females! And some Muslims who don’t participate in the above refuse to condemn it, making them a part of the evil.

The Islamic practice of “honor killings” is enough proof for my premise of inferior cultures. It is considered acceptable, even expected, for a rape victim to be killed by family members. Not the rapist, but the raped is killed! Too often, a family kills a daughter who has been raped. I know of a case where a son raped his sister, and the girl was killed by her family, not the son/rapist!

The Koran commands Muslims in sura 9:4-5 to ambush the “Mushrikun,” who is identified in verse 6 as “the polytheists, idolaters, pagans, disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah.” That covers everyone who is not a Muslim! He is to fight in advancing the cause of Islam, not simply in a time of war or defense; all Muslims are to fight to advance Islam. Moreover, each Muslim is obligated to fight for Islam with enthusiasm, or he will be penalized at the last judgment.

Now you know why traditional Muslims are so contentious, confrontational, and cruel. They are on a “holy” mission to force Islam down the throats of every person on earth. They are taught to kiss the hand of the enemy (every non-Muslim) when they are in the minority but to break his fist when in control. We are in a clash of civilizations, not only a clash of cultures.

Western culture is far superior to Muslim culture shown by their celebration of the death of Mohammed’s grandson 1300 years ago. Ashura Day is an annual day that Shia Muslims mutilate themselves and their children. It is a very bloody and traumatic scene as scores of Muslims whip themselves and cut their heads open. Some do that to their small children. If you dare, look at the bloody scene and tell me that all cultures are the same.

Many Muslims want us to think living in mud huts, bathing in a river, marrying our nine-year-old daughters to old men, ripping out a young daughter’s clitoris, and peeing in a hole in the ground is an advanced culture. Or maybe another culture. No, compared with America, it is a substandard culture, not similar, and for sure not superior to ours.

No, thank you. I’m satisfied with my Western Christianized Culture with its admitted failures.

Dr. Don Boys

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