Is Everyone Wrong About Racism Except Me?

Is Everyone Wrong About Racism Except Me

I’m so fearful of being called a racist that I feel compelled to watch the Al Sharpton Show and work diligently to decipher what he is trying to say, and I refuse to watch the hilarious old Amos and Andy Show. Moreover, I stop everything to listen to anything Oprah says and eagerly read every book written by the Obamas, no matter how inane they are. Furthermore, I willingly fall for Nigerian scams providing my credit card information willy-nilly. After all, they always call me “dearest.”

As I move my tongue from my cheek at the very beginning of this super sensitive topic, I am aware that I can’t win no matter how sensible my arguments may be. You see, I am white, and according to nutty leftists (but then, I repeat myself), my whiteness determines my racism. I’ve always been white, and I expect to stay white. Moreover, I’m completely satisfied to be white; I never had a desire to be anything else. Using elementary logic, it would do no good to want to be anything but white. Plus, I see no advantage to being of another race, group, kind, crowd, etc.

So, I am white and proud of it. Now, that’s dangerous, and the wackos on the left, following my declaration, expect me to automatically fall to my knees in deep contrition, weeping copious tears while I flagellate myself and throw ashes over my head. That is because admitting to being satisfied and even legitimately proud of being white makes me a dangerous white supremacist.

Hogwash, balderdash, and a generous dose of poppycock!

Being satisfied, even proud of being white, is synonymous with racism—to the racists. That’s what the experts in racism say. The reason the experts are experts is that they are usually black racists or self-hating Whites. Hating Whitey makes them feel so noble, superior, and righteous while they are actually nutty, senseless, and ridiculous.

However, since I am delighted to be white (after all, it doesn’t help to want something else) does not mean I hate those who are not white. It does not mean I am superior because of my whiteness since there are many nonwhites brighter, wiser, better than I. Whoever I am, and whatever I have is all because of the sovereign grace of God. I have nothing about which to brag.

Is it possible to disagree, dislike, and disapprove of the critical race theory and not be racist? If one is critical of school bussing for racial balance, is that racism? If one is critical of affirmative action where one race is preferred over others, is that racism? Is it racism to remind folk that more than 77% of black babies born in America are illegitimate? Is it racism to mention that in almost every famous incident of a cop shooting a Black man, the Black was resisting arrest or was armed?

If my above beliefs are obvious racism, then my critic does not feel required to provide proof of my “racism.”  What it proves is that my accuser is an obvious jerk; race and skin color are irrelevant.

The stats indicate if I were black, I might be more athletic, although I’ve been told, “white men can’t jump.” But who knows that maybe blacks excel at sports because they work harder at it. If I were Asian, I would be more adept in math and science, but perhaps Asians excel at math and science because of a superior educational system in their respective nations.

Minorities rant long and loud about their unequal status, but they have no desire for equality. Maybe some minorities see racism everywhere in everything because they look through racist eyes. They would be shocked to discover they are simply racists looking for a way to eat without working since racism is bankable.

Could that be? Dare I suggest that such is black privilege?

It is possible for a person to not like some minorities without being a hater and racist. It is possible that some slaveholders while owning slaves, were not racists. Usually, slavery was a matter of economics. And some slaves lived better, much better than free people did. Early American farmers found themselves in a new land with very few workers and tobacco or cotton to plant and harvest. They bought slaves, and some owners were sadists (and idiots) who enjoyed mistreating their slaves while other owners treated their slaves well, even educating them and teaching them the Bible.

Two liberal (very liberal) professors tell us in their book Time On The Cross: The Economics Of American Negro Slavery that some planters instituted a profit-sharing for their slaves. They also tell us, “The average pecuniary income actually received by a prime field hand [slave] was roughly fifteen percent greater than the income he would have received for his labor as a free agricultural worker.” Wonder why public school books and race-baiters on television never mention that?

The prospect of kind slaveholders is impossible for radicals to consider because, while true, that concept does not fit the racist agenda, and their agenda provides them money and status.

Most slaves for millennia were taken in war and were white. It was not about race. But to the racists, everything is about race. That is proof of their racism.

The Jews were slaves in Egypt, making bricks without straw, constructing buildings, repairing roads—backbreaking labor. They were hated and mistreated. The Egyptians were haters, and I wonder why Jews are not demanding reparations for hundreds of years of Jewish slavery.

It was a different story in Babylon where the Jews were slaves but free to live their lives and make a living however they chose. Since they were slaves, they had to pay tribute to the king, but Jewish slaves in Babylon could build homes, plant gardens, marry and leave an inheritance to their children. Jeremiah said, “there will be peace to you.” The Jews in Babylon lived far better than slaves elsewhere. Is it possible the Babylonians were not racists and did not hate the Jews? It was a matter of circumstances since the Jews were taken in warfare.

God rejected Ishmael, the first-born of Abraham, because of his race; he was not born of Sarah. Was that racism? Or was it legitimate discrimination based on the fact he did not meet the criteria of God? Even though God prospered Ishmael and Abraham loved him, Ishmael was not treated equally; therefore, by today’s enlightened and progressive standards, God and Abraham were racists.

Since God loves everyone, we are commanded to do the same, even to love our enemies who despitefully use us and mistreat us. God loves the stupid white and black racists. And I’m trying.

While the Bible does not deal with racism, it does teach us to treat everyone fairly, honestly, and kindly. I am commanded to treat people the way I want to be treated, but that does not nullify my personal choices of association in social and business life. Moreover, God displays and recommends discrimination, which is not recognized as sin. He commanded the Jews not to marry Gentiles; therefore, He discriminated against Gentiles.

It was not racism to take combatants in battle as slaves; it was kinder than killing them. Slavery was the consequence of war. This was the economics of warfare. It must be understood that one lives in a culture, not of his making. Slavery was the accepted and normal part of life throughout the world. Highly educated men did not question the slavery concept. It was accepted as normal.

Historically, slaves were prisoners of war. Wars have always been common; thus, many were killed, and many were enslaved. It is easy for us, from our enlightened culture, to judge past generations, but how would you have treated POWs? They couldn’t be sent back home since they would have to be fought again and again. They could be imprisoned, requiring them to be fed, clothed, housed, and guarded. Not too smart. So, make them work since they chose to be combatants and were conquered. The conquerors were not racists. They were rather lenient in permitting their enemy to live.

The New Birth results in having the “mind of Christ” where “there is neither Greek nor Jew, circumcision nor uncircumcision, Barbarian, Scythian, bond nor free: but Christ is all, and in all.” However, at the present, few possess that mind, and there we find racism.

Until that time when Christ is preeminent, we are plagued with slave and free; male and female; rich and poor; resulting in great divisions in our societies such as American slavery.

Finally, the black slaves got rid of the white man in the big white plantation house, but now all of us are citizen/slaves of the government plantation run by an old white man in the big white house in Washington.

Now, that may not be racism, but it is still slavery.

Dr. Don Boys

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