Iron Curtain Over American Minds in Progressive Marxisms’ Ideological Utopia

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Though the American model has not as yet attained absolute domination it controls the most powerful instrument of mind control invented by man: the internet, internet search engines, a growing internet of things (IOT), and social platforms.

In “The Sovietized American Media,” author Bruce Walker writes that Kremlin bosses,

“…had no interest in their subjects knowing anything about the world or having any honest opinions expressed.”

So what “happened in the Soviet media was the systematic suppression of all real news and a purging of all serious intellectual inquiry.  All news made the party leaders look good, or it simply wasn’t news…The media, wholly controlled at every level by the dull Politburo functionaries who desired only to hold their power, perks, and coerced prestige, existed for a single purpose:  prevent any real news from reaching the ordinary subject in the Soviet Union.”

Isn’t that the way things are in America today?  The leftist establishment media, which includes entertainment, education, and all the other conveyor belts of information and ideas, ignore the vast ocean of muck which could affect the political bosses in Washington (more and more our Moscow) and instead either present absurdly fluffy pieces intended to make sock puppets like Obama look good or portray the notional enemies of the people as vicious and corrupt.” (Walker, America Thinker, May 5, 2013)

Here in America, as it was in the Soviet Union, there is no news as such, and much of what passes for news is propaganda of the lie, gossip, slander, deliberate fear-mongering, and destructive criticism presented as investigative journalism. Then there are lifestyle pieces conditioning us to accept the latest imperative from the food-police or alternative lifestyle, gender-choice-and-personal-pronouns Gestapo.  As well there is the revised history produced by government hacks like Howard Zinn (3) that replace patriotism and love of America with revulsion together with paranoia-inducing arguments for gene-therapy injections and more gun control since racism, homophobia and sexism are serious problems among deplorable, mainly white, straight Christian Conservatives living in the great fly-over zones. All of these social evils are caused by traditional orthodox Christian morality and Biblical presuppositions such as Genesis 5:2 that make people dangerous maniacs.

Oceania: Progressive Marxisms’ Dystopian Utopia

Those familiar with Orwell’s Oceania in 1984 recognize the patterns, said Walker,

The Ministry of Truth published stories about an increase in the chocolate ration even as the chocolate ration was actually being decreased.  Those people whose very existence might have threatened the totalitarian control of the Inner Party became “unpersons” (and all) news, all education, all recreation was consumed with hatred of whoever the Inner Party demanded was the enemy — and those “enemies” could change, literally, overnight — and with a sludge pipe of pseudo-news intended to create the pretense of information while scrupulously stripping off anything of genuine substance or value in understanding the world.”

Oceania was always at war with either Eastasia or Eurasia and was at one time the Western civilized world–Christendom and Protestant America.  Oceania was no longer Christian but a hyper-progressive paganized dystopia where the Party (oligarchy), minutely monitors and controls nearly all aspects of every individual’s life. Committed marriages, procreation, and other healthy, normal relationships among people were discouraged or sometimes forbidden outright, as they distracted from the worship of Big Brother. (1)

Ideological utopianism, hatred, and ignorance were promoted and even forced upon the slaves by the Party through relentless propaganda of the lie and terroristic psychological abuse. Mind control was practiced to the point that citizens mindlessly accepted everything said and done by the Party as well as automatically hated everyone and everything associated with the empire-state that happened to be the enemy of the moment. It was later revealed that in reality Oceania, Eastasia, and Eurasia had the same government and were essentially identical in their pursuit of a progressive pagan social system.

Since in reality the Party, like our Oligarchy, was a cold-blooded criminal regime it was extremely inefficient in all things except constant and oppressive surveillance over the slaves (proles). Proles were considered to be less than human, mindless, and unimportant, and so were kept occupied by trashy entertainment and endless distractions known in Newspeak as prolefeed.  Prolefeed was the production of the Ministry of Truth (Minitrue, in Newspeak).  The Ministry of Truth cranked out endless fake news reports, demoralizing entertainment, stupefying propaganda, obscenity, uninspiring ugly art, and most important of all, rewrote history so that the historical record always supported the Party.


To destroy a people you must first sever their roots.”   Alexander Solzhenitsyn

The pursuit of an American Utopia/Dystopia began shortly after the turn of the century when the Rockefellers and other deep-pocket schemers allied with Progressives, Leftists, communists, socialists, and fellow travelers initiated an agenda for the infiltration and over-haul of our traditional Christian based the Constitutional Republic, the American church, culture, and political, religious, and tradition sustaining institutions. (2) They succeeded beyond their wildest imaginings.  Today America is a post-Christian ideologically paganized Sodom and Gomorrah rapidly transitioning into virulent “woke” fanaticism fueled with mindless hatred of everyone and everything hated by the Oligarchy. This madness, hatred, and wickedness characterized the former Soviet Union:

Some of the core tenets of the ”woke” ideology spreading around the country mimic ideas used to justify many of the most horrendous atrocities of the past century, according to several experts.”   (Woke Ideology Mimics Precursors To Totalitarian Slaughter, Experts Say, Peter Svab, The Epoch Times, June 23, 2021)

BLM, Antifa, and the legions of ‘woke’ ideologues are the Oligarchys’ scientifically engineered New Man.  The New Man is not a person but rather a soulless product of evolution working on the matter from the void and ‘begotten’ by the Oligarchy for the Sovereign World God State. (4)

The New Man has lost all sense of individuality and conscience and exists drone-like in collectivized (totalized) society as a natural resource, a part of the whole, made for the whole, and relatively worthless if not coalesced within the collective hive-mind.

Progressive Marxism is but one of many modern scientistic utopian ideologies. Global Transhumanism with its utopian Great Reset is another:

The WEF’s Great Reset, aka Technocracy and which is enthusiastically backed by global banks and corporations, intends to turn the citizens of the world into digital assets for the sake of management, control, and profit. Instead of being a human, you will be a blip on the blockchain which will be used to micromanage you. This is not speculation. It is plainly stated across globalist documents all around the world and in many languages. Once a global ID system is in place, it will be tied to every move and purchase you make, along with every psychographic and physical aspect of your life – cradle to cradle. Why cradle to cradle? Because DNA and genetic engineering will play a central role. “ Patrick Wood, Technocracy News

Utopian ideologies share in common the reduction of the human being to soulless aggregates of matter, holons, or with Transhuman Technocracy, digital assets.

The utopian system begins its dehumanization process through social engineering by teaching humans that they are not the image-bearers of God but rather the product of evolution working on the matter. Acceptance of the teaching allows for deconstruction and depersonalization. In this way, the sense of their individual souls, intellect, free will, and conscience eventually fade to black since all four are shown by ‘science’ to be illusions.

Social engineering allows the New Man, such as Antifa and the ‘woke’, to sink into passive slavery to instincts and passions. Thus, since the New Man has no real choice, whatever harm he does to others can never be his fault since ‘science’ has liberated the New Man from the burden of free will and cast him as the victim of ‘white’ oppression. In this way, the New Man can fully enjoy his addictive vices as a slave within a deterministic system of cause and effect.

The New Man will commit evil because he-she-it will believe that what is done in the name of social justice is good, said Solzhenitsyn:

Ideology…that is what gives devil-doing its long-sought justification and gives the evildoer the necessary steadfastness and determination.  That is the social theory which helps to make his acts seem good instead of bad in his own and others’ eyes so that he won’t hear reproaches and curses but will receive praise and honors.”

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