Impositions and Oppressions by A Godless State

Ilhan Omar is unhappy and recently compared the USA and Israel

Ilhan Omar recently compared the USA and Israel in the same sentence to the Taliban and Hamas. In one sense, coming from her, one might think she was complimenting the USA and Israel because she seems attracted to the anti-American positions of those two organizations.  However, this time she intended this to belittle the USA.  This is a crude and ignorant expression from many angles, but it expresses bitterness and hostility that is incredible for an elected official to express.  That vicious type of parallelism is a horrible expression shared by other members of the so-called “Squad” all of whom deserve to be driven away in a squad car.

Her comment, though it was short and anything but sweet, reflects an essence of the violence that has recently become a norm in many areas.  This lawlessness is an expression of the lack of belief in the underlying natural law upon which our modern legal system is based. Because our government, as well as our society (Republicans as well as Dems), enjoys the disintegration of Western values based on natural law (some of our greatest legal scholars pretend that Wm. Blackstone founder of modern jurisprudence based upon natural law never existed), she will not be expelled from committees, she will not be expelled from Congress, and there will be NO HEARINGS regarding the strong possibility that she fraudulently became a citizen.

Her repulsive analogy and ongoing condemnations of the USA is a symptom of a deeper break with truth and with history held by many of our so-called leaders who, however, manage to stay at a distance from her kind of simple-minded rhetoric.  Our entire government is in the process of rejecting 3500-year-old Biblical values running from Avraham through Yeshua in favor of manmade laws based on values straight from Satan and hell.  Instead of life (Adam and Eve), liberty (glorify God and don’t break the Ten Commandments), and property (Adam and Eve were given dominion over creation, i.e., property — they and their offspring), mere men will pass laws that suit their goals for power and money.

Pres. Bimbo in his latest initiative to fight domestic terrorism has come out with a Fact Sheet presenting his plan. The document presented to the public is one of the most vacuous ever published and in that lies its danger.  The writing and organization alone are so poor that it would probably receive a grade of C or less in a college freshman English class. But the problems go further than that and thus the document reveals complete contempt for the public. It is a Fact Sheet without facts. Not one example of domestic terrorism is given so no reader in the USA will have an inkling of what this might legitimately be about. The entire piece is filled with glittering generalities and concerns about protecting us from expanding racism. It is clearly another attack on deplorable treated as an anti-Democratic Party mindset and depicted as a threat to the USA. Again, no specifics whatsoever.

By the end of the article supposedly about domestic terrorism – an article with no mention of the 9/11 attacks, the San Bernardino massacre, the Las Vegas mass murders, the Boston Marathon bombing, or even the Jan. 6 “insurrection” (small potatoes compared to the BLM riots of the previous summer) our fantasyland executive throws in a mention about three initiatives to supposedly improve our economy, and a reference to a “call” by the presidents of France and New Zealand to “partner” with Big Tech in order to combat worldwide (not only domestic) terrorism. It is all pap or garbage depending on your perspective for a vast expansion of the governmental involvement with and control over our lives. It is a vision of the further erosion or diminution of our liberties.

Yet where are the screams of disgust even from the Republicans?  No screams. Just another day at the office for the bureaucrats and our elected reps. “Was my coffee from the cafeteria delivered yet Joanne?”

However, true happiness comes from loving the Lord our God with all our mind, heart, strength, and soul and loving our neighbor as oneself.  Take God out of the equation and you have the globalist Tower of Babel (empire building!) and the endless stream of power-mad murderers who come forward eventually in every society!  They want to steal our women by turning them into man-hating buffoons, corrupt our children by teaching the values of “safe sex,” masturbation, and perversion, destroy our families by enshrining the government rather than the family as the most important institution in society, enslave the vast majority so that all will be employed by, paid by, and live where the government tells them to live, hoard all property for themselves, and dictate every move the population makes.  The Totalocrats and our sycophantic opposition party want to kill or imprison all law-abiding, God-fearing, self-reliant, upright persons who envision their relation to society as a whole in terms of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution with both documents understood to be manifest expressions of underlying Biblical natural law values.

Just read the history of England going back to the Magna Carta and to their struggles in the 16th and 17th centuries which laid the foundation for American independence in the 18th century. It’s not a mystery. Our political elites as well as the street revolutionaries as well as foreign global interests want to override that glorious history of the founders and wrap us in global totalitarian communism.

My goodness, the NYC electric company just sent a notice out with their bill to all users suggesting we wash our clothes in cold water to save electricity! Additionally, a WARNING suddenly appeared on my cellphone warning that power outages were likely and that my usage should be curtailed.  This is a manipulation on behalf of the “green agenda” to put fear in our hearts and soften up the public to the point where we will accept controls on our usage with the new smart meters and to bombard us to switch to solar power even if we are happy with generated power.  I believe I could present a list of federal and state impositions on our everyday lives that you probably would find shocking.  Most of us (I include myself) do not want to think about these things because such thoughts induce an unpleasant feeling of helplessness, but I am increasingly hopeful that said feelings of helplessness will, in turn, lead us to a deeper and more abiding reliance on our only hope — Messiah and the great biblical hope expressed from Genesis through Revelation.

Yes, it was predicted in 1995 that our beaches would be underwater by 2020, but guess what, Point Pleasant, NJ is still a most pleasant place to visit and seek a tan.  Green as in Green New Deal is shorthand for Grab Your Cash, that is Grab more and more control over every single detail of our lives, control our every detail of existence, and drive the population into a zombie-like soporific state.  We need to advance beyond these two G’s to the third G, God, and preserve ourselves, our families, and our country by loving Him in spirit and truth.

Jeffrey Ludwig

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