I’m Still Waiting for My Apology, Sodomites… Teachers Caught Grooming Children on Camera! (Video)

man dreses as a little girl

“Bradlee Dean is a hater, a bigot and a liar; it has nothing to do with the kids…”

Oh, my friends, I cannot even begin to tell you about how revealing the sodomites have been about their abominable agenda.

If is not the heretical pope (1 Timothy 4:1) stating that there is a special place in Heaven for pedophiles,…

…Then it is the pedophiles being exposed for more crimes against the innocent (Exodus 22:22-23; Luke 17:2).

How could it be otherwise when the American people allow their representative government to rule outside of their delegated authorities (Amos 3:3)?

Friends, this criminal activity and promotion is all government sponsored.

In other words, this is all a revelation of who it is that they are and what it is that they are doing (Matthew 7:16).

Now, the teachers are being exposed for their illegal activities in molesting the minds of children through the process known as grooming.

Conclusion: First, I want justice upon the heads of every single one of these criminals starting with the politicians (Isaiah 51:4).

Secondly, I want an apology from the mainstream media that has been pushing this illegal agenda forward and then accusing me of what they have always been guilty of doing (Revelation 12:10).

Americans, demand justice and protect the children!

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