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remembering Lahaina

A few weeks ago, I published a message titled “Build Back Better,” in which I explained that the theme of Klous Schwab’s World Economic Forum, and his thousands of governmental minions around the world — including the Biden campaign — has been “Build Back Better.”  But was everything in such utter ruins three years ago that it needed to be “built back?” Not quite yet, at that time.  You see, in order to “build back,” you first have to tear down. You first have to destroy.  Thus the priority of Biden regime has been non-stop destruction. This is by design.

The Global communist cabal absolutely hates Christians and be aware that those who wield power over us have absolutely no respect for human life. In fact, they view us as a “cancer” on the planet that must be eliminated.

So, let’s get to the point of today’s message.  I am absolutely livid. I am incensed. I’m beyond furious. I haven’t talked about today’s topic for nearly a month, because I did not want to jump to wrong conclusions, spread misinformation or get this wrong. Because this is too big to get wrong. So, I’ve been studying and researching steadily, and have consulted more than sixty sources for what I’m going to share with you today.  I’ve checked, double checked and triple checked my facts.  And despite my outrage over this matter, I’ve kept my mouth shut until I had time to make sure of the conclusion I’ve come to.

I’m talking about the fire that has destroyed the historic town of Lahaina, on the island of Maui, Hawaii.  One of the most beautiful places in the world.  Lahaina was the capitol of the Kingdom of Hawaii until 1959 when the United States took possession of it.

But on August 8, this beautiful little town of 13,000 people was completely destroyed by fire.  Approximately 2,000 structures were incinerated; 87% of them, single-family homes.  One thing I’ve learned well over the years is to never trust the “official narrative” and this was never so appropriate as in this particular case. The official narrative, pushed by the governor of Hawaii, the mainstream press, and others, is that this disaster was caused by wildfires, caused by dry weather conditions, caused by “Climate Change.” Baloney.

I will say that the conclusion I’ve come to, after many hours of study and research and hearing eye-witness accounts of locals is mere speculation.  It can never be anything more than that because although the Agenda 2030 fiends were pretty sloppy in their operation of wiping Lahaina off the map, they’ve covered their tracks just well enough that absolute proof can never come out.

I’ll get to my conclusion momentarily. But assuming things happened as they’re now telling us, there are still too many red flags to not come to the conclusion that the demolition of Lahaina was intentional and deliberate. They’re telling us the fires were caused by high winds knocking down power lines, which fell into dry brush on the ground.  Embers were then whipped through the air (by winds that mysteriously came from the east) and lit the fires that destroyed virtually everything. So they’re blaming the Hawaiian Electric Company.  Ok. Perhaps that’s true. Did you know that Hawaiian Electric is owned by Vanguard and Blackrock — two corporations at the forefront of the Globalist New World Order agenda?

But there are too many coincidences and questions about this fire to simply chalk it up as just another “natural disaster” caused by “Climate Change.”  And locals are shouting to the world that the government and media are lying to us all about everything. Children were sent home early from school that day, so many were home alone without their parents. Most perished.  Maui boasts the most high-tech and well-maintained emergency warning sirens in the world, yet they were never sounded in Lahaina on August 8.

The fire department did not respond to the fires.  Fire boats stationed at Pearl Harbor could have saved much of the town, but they never moved.  Citizens were fighting the fires themselves — until the city officials turned the water off to assure maximum destruction.  The Water Commissioner for Maui, by the way, is an Obama Foundation leader, and he decided to refuse to release water to fight the fire, stating that the use of water on the island is a matter of “equity.”

There is also an inconvenient article published in 2018 by the World Economic Forum that states that the global ruling class planned to make Hawaii the first U.S. state to run entirely on clean energy. There is also an article from the World Economic Forum that talks about their alliance and creating a Smart City on Maui.

The governor of Hawaii, Josh Green, is in on it.   Last year, there was a proposal to build a high rise residential building in Lahaina, but since it’s a historic town, new development was not allowed.  But now that everything has been burnt down, now they can “build back better.”  Just weeks before the fire, the governor signed a new proclamation on housing that allows the government much more leeway to build as they see fit in Lahaina…. including building “15 minute Smart Cities” run by artificial intelligence.  And the government of Hawaii states their goal is to rebuild and make the entire island of Maui the first Smart Island, run by AI.  This is outlined in the Hawaii Digital Government Summit of 2023.

Green was also the keynote speaker at the UN earlier this year, addressing the Economic and Social Council.  Speakers were invited to help implement the UN’s agenda for Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.  Green was the only US state leader to do so.  Green has also said, “I’m already thinking of ways for the state to acquire that land so that we can put it into workforce housing.”  In other words, cages for the slaves of the state, controlled by AI in the first 15 minute smart city.

In case you don’t know, “15 minute cities” are a new Globalist plan to keep everyone within fifteen minutes walking distance, subsisting in 500-square-foot high-rise apartments, only leaving for work and essential shopping, within a fifteen-minute walk. These cities will all be run by artificial intelligence, monitoring and tracking our every move and handing out “social credit scores.”

Need more coincidences?  The police chief of Maui was the same guy in charge of the shady events surrounding the mass shooting in Las Vegas in 2017, and has earned awards from the now-weaponized FBI.  He is also the coroner of Maui.  As residents attempted to flee the area by car, they were barricaded in by police.  One man, who escaped on foot, begged the police officers to let people out, but officers responded, “I’m just following orders.”  As the man continued on, he began to hear loud explosions and then people screaming, as they perished in the inferno.  Despite no warning sirens, no help from firefighters and the water being turned off, they could have escaped certain death, but police were ordered to barricade them in.  The fewer witnesses the better.

Now as the community tries to pick up the pieces, we know that well over a thousand died in the flames, their bodies incinerated into powdery dust, just like their homes which collapsed into dust in their own footprints and foundations.  And now, home-owners are being told — for the very first time — that they were in violation of some sort of obscure local code or ordinance, so insurance companies are not going to pay. These are multi-generational home-owners, who paid their insurance premiums faithfully for years.  But no compensation for them.

Then immediately, big corporate investors — like Blackrock, Vanguard and State Street — began swooping in, offering to buy the property for pennies on the dollar.  The Biden regime has offered each household a one-time payment of $700, even as they’ve already sent $133 billion to be laundered in Ukraine.  And for the 44th time, the Pentagon just announced another $200 million for Ukraine. If you’re not outraged, you’re sick in the head.

And just like in all other disasters we’ve seen, the government is not helping with any sort of “emergency management.”  FEMA is, in fact, hindering efforts to help those who’ve lost everything.  Locals have banded together to help one another.  Donations have come from all parts, but FEMA will not allow them to be distributed — not even life-saving medicines like insulin — because they’re not federally approved.  So, FEMA is hoarding the supplies.  Maui residents have even tried to get supplies through by boat, but have had to push through government barricades to do so.  Then, they’re not allowed to use public boat landings.  Some have managed to get supplies in by boat using one privately-owned boat dock north of town.

Up the road, FEMA has taken over the Veterans Memorial building and people are being told to go there for supplies. But when they arrive, they’re told it’s not a distribution center, it’s a “shelter,” and unless you’re checking in and staying at the shelter, they’ll receive nothing.  In other words, it’s a concentration camp.

Meanwhile, FEMA has sent a memo to Non-Governmental Organizations that attempt to offer aid and relief that they’re now forbidden to post any photos, videos or images of Lahaina, and any images already on their websites must be immediately removed.  They must hide the evidence.

Call me “crazy” if you like, but I believe this was not a “wildfire,” but rather a deliberate attack using a Directed Energy Weapon.  There are countless videos circulating, taken by residents of Lahaina as the fires began, showing what appear to be laser beams coming from the sky.  These flashes of light strike the ground, and everything in their path is immediately incinerated.  You can choose to believe this is a conspiracy theory, that the images and videos were doctored or photoshopped if you want.  Perhaps one or two videos could have been — but ALL the videos?  All of them are hoaxes?

Directed Energy Weapons are real, friends.  Look it up.  In fact there’s a Directed Energy Weapon research facility on Maui.  Militaries around the world have been using them for years. They’re not only real, but also much more efficient than guns or missiles.  A person thousands of miles away can type in the exact coordinates and instantaneously disintegrate anything on the planet with pinpoint accuracy.

In May of this year, video was taken showing a confirmed Directed Energy Weapon strike in Chile — and the images from Chile match exactly with what residents of Maui saw and video taped as their town began to burn.

How else do you explain the perfect oval shape of destruction surrounding Lahaina?  How else do you explain melted cars and concrete and two feet away, green trees still standing?  Or the big box stores, or the homes of Oprah Winfrey, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates left completely untouched?

And we’ve seen this same thing before.  Remember the so-called “wildfires” in Paradise, California in 2018?  Same thing. Houses pulverized to dust, collapsing into their own foundations, while foliage just feet away, still green and thriving.  Only one thing can explain that.

It’s sad and disgusting that we even have to question this because it’s unthinkable that our own government could or would be this wicked and evil.  But if we haven’t learned, by now, the depths of evil the Globalists will sink to in order to achieve total world domination, then we haven’t learned anything the past few years.

But it was a sloppy operation, because there are many in the world, including me, who have done our homework — not to mention the residents of Lahaina who lived through this — and understand what the agenda is and just what they’re capable of.  And while the fires were still burning, a book was published and released about the entire event, titled “Fire and Fury: The Story of the 2023 Maui Fire and its Implications for Climate Change.”  It was written by a “Dr. Miles Stones.”  Note the word “milestone” means “an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development.”  Obviously this book was written well in advance of this planned attack and released much sooner than it should have been.  They could at least have waited until after Biden compared the attack on Lahaina to “almost” losing his ’67 Corvette when a lightning strike started a small fire in his home — a fire that never spread beyond the kitchen appliances.

If you want to help the people of Lahaina, a Community Relief Camp has been set up by the locals at a nearby park, to help those in need.  The Lahaina locals actually kicked FEMA out of their camp.  This is citizens directly helping other citizens, without the restrictions and hindrances of the federal government.  The camp is at Honokowai Park, five miles north of the destroyed area.  Support the people directly by going online to: HonokowaiRelief.com.  Do NOT send money to the Red Cross and be careful of anywhere else you send relief funds, because most of these donations are being intercepted and confiscated by FEMA and other government agencies.

I’m beyond furious.  But it’s just the latest blatant example of how far the current regime is willing to go to “burn it all down” in order to “build back better,” turning us all into obedient, compliant slaves.  They may have artificial intelligence, but as God’s chosen ones, we have been given REAL intelligence: power, love and sound minds.  There’s nothing “artificial” about that.  We need not fear.  God will judge and condemn His enemies.  But we must educate ourselves and others, understand and know the wiles of the devil, because there are devils all around us now.  I no longer trust anyone or any organization or entity without the Holy Spirit of God within them. You shouldn’t either.

Rob Pue

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