How Biden and Obama Are Collaborating to Shape the 2024 Election Strategy Against Trump

President Biden and former President Barack Obama have reportedly been holding private discussions on how to preserve their political legacy in the face of potential challenges from former President Trump in the upcoming 2024 elections. According to a recent report, these discussions have taken place during several undisclosed meetings where the two leaders have strategized on securing electoral success. What this actually means is Obama is giving Biden his marching orders, as he is the man behind the scenes who is pulling all of the strings.

Obama is genuinely concerned about the election’s outcome.  As he should be. This concern is shared by other leading figures in the Democratic Party. Despite his worries, Obama’s focus is on constructive feedback rather than criticism of Biden or his campaign strategies. His approach is influenced by an understanding of the complex political and media environment currently prevailing in the U.S. He sees the people rising up against the insanity of his policies and is constantly doing poll groups to see the best way to pull the wool over as many people as possible.

Originally, Obama maintained a certain distance from Biden’s 2020 campaign but gradually assumed a more active role. He played a pivotal part in enhancing the campaign’s digital outreach by advocating for a substantial increase in the digital budget. Obama’s influence also extended to organizing a group of tech leaders to improve Biden’s online campaign presence.

Further, Obama roped in renowned director Steven Spielberg to help craft the programming for Biden’s convention, showcasing his commitment to leveraging his connections for campaign support. The report by Gabriel Debenedetti highlights these strategic moves that significantly boosted Biden’s campaign.

In the later stages of his presidency, Biden seemed less inclined to depend heavily on Obama compared to their earlier political endeavors. However, as the 2024 election neared and the likelihood of a rematch with Trump became evident, Obama re-emerged as a key advisor. He actively contributed his insights on campaign strategy and emphasized the necessity of maintaining a robust campaign staff in key electoral states. ALL of Biden’s people running the government, are Obama’s hand-picked people

Obama’s involvement also includes discussions on targeted strategies to engage young and African-American voters, areas identified as crucial for a Democratic victory.  These groups are leaving the Democrat Party in ever increasing numbers. At a recent event in Los Angeles, alongside Jimmy Kimmel, Obama expressed his pride in the accomplishments of the Biden administration since they are actually his own, and highlighted the importance of a proactive rather than reactive voting strategy for the forthcoming elections.  So the question then is, will Obama get an historic fourth term in office, matching Roosevelt?

Major Points

  • President Biden and former President Obama have been holding private meetings to strategize on maintaining their political legacy and winning the 2024 election against former President Trump.
  • Obama, deeply concerned about the upcoming election, has taken a constructive role in advising Biden without openly criticizing his campaign strategies.
  • In the 2020 campaign, Obama played a significant role by advocating for increased digital spending and organizing a group of tech leaders to boost Biden’s online presence.
  • As the 2024 election approaches, Obama has re-engaged as a central figure in Biden’s campaign, offering strategic advice and focusing on staffing in key battleground states.
  • Obama has emphasized the importance of targeting young and African-American voters and proudly supports the achievements of the Biden administration, encouraging a proactive voting strategy.

Lap Fu Ip – Reprinted with permission of Whatfinger News

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