How Biden and His Supporters Became Three-Time Losers

Joe Biden

Even though the Gateway Pundit declared that the Arizona audit report was “watered down” – the report was solid enough to sink the Biden ship in at least one state. There are more states now considering re-examining their own 2020 election results.

That is Biden’s first big loss, but forensic audits being sought in other states may be able to totally shift the outcome of the 2020 election.

The loss then is the very cheating itself, which may say more about Biden’s voters than Biden himself.

We don’t give medals to cheating Olympians, but Biden was willing to accept the fruit of the deception and that makes him the number one loser of the bunch.

Secondly, Biden loses because of the motive behind his campaign. The most conservative guess would be that about 90% of the campaign was based on hatred – Trump hatred.

America needs a president that loves this country and its people, it is becoming increasingly apparent the Joe doesn’t love anyone, but himself and his own immediate family. That’s a circle far too small – we are 300,000,000 strong in the USA – Biden is far too small for us.

Hating Donald Trump says more about Joe Biden than any one of his failed policies.

This is why –

“He who conceals hatred has lying lips, And he who spreads slander is a fool” (Proverbs 10:18 NAS)

The third way Biden becomes one of the most miserable losers in our recent history is because neither he nor his followers have acknowledged the accomplishments of President Trump.

A bustling economy, Jobs everywhere, secure borders, religious freedoms, and the most amazing scientific effort in modern times is Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” vaccination effort – to name a few of Trump’s accomplishments.

Such a record can only be denied through a gargantuan effort at telling and maintaining a lie.

It’s a whopper.

A win based on a lie is no win at all.

To recap and summarize these three points is enough, but that still leaves many other great failures and strikeouts attached to the Biden administration and Joe Biden himself. Millions of those who checked the box for Biden in 2020 are also on the list of losers. We love them, but the Gump-ism that “Stupid is as stupid does” fully applies.

  1. Cheating makes losers of winners in anyone’s book.
  2. Winning from a motive of “hatred” is loveless, vitriolic, and un-American. Haters are always losers.
  3. Winning to destroy the goodwill and accomplishments of another is the very definition of how to be a loser.

This writer has declined name-calling for the most part, but out of the list of many appellations and names given to Joe Biden, one stands alone as the most descriptive in my view – “The Illegitimate President.”

Michael Bresciani


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