Hit the Courts and Fight Hard! Without Vote Fraud, Ciattarelli Wins New Jersey HANDS DOWN

Jack Ciattarelli is giving speech

It won’t be news to many that New Jersey is as crooked as a dog’s hind leg. This extends, of course, to its electoral system. Thus can it be said assuredly that without vote fraud, the remarkably corrupt and fairly stupid Garden State governor, Goldman Sachs guy Phil Murphy, would have lost Tuesday’s election hands down.

Murphy’s challenger, Republican Jack Ciattarelli, has a slim advantage after late-counted votes have trimmed his margin. As of this writing, he leads the incumbent 49.65 percent to 49.60 percent with 97.51 percent of the precincts reporting. It’s a good bet at this point that more than enough votes will be found to put Murphy over the top. After all, anyone who thinks spontaneous generation is a myth hasn’t seen Democrat ballots magically appear in a car trunk or in a truck overnight.

How can we know Murphy is only competitive because of vote fraud? It’s simple: “The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior,” as the saying goes. So time for a little flashback:

“A judge has ruled that new elections must be held in Patterson [sic], New Jersey after mail-in voting allowed massive voter fraud to take place,” wrote The Political Insider last August. At issue was May 12, 2020, City Council special election between two Democrats.

“An investigation caused 20 percent of ballots to be rejected, and charges of voter fraud were brought against [challenger Alex] Mendez, another councilman, and two other men,” the Insider continues. “Mendez and the councilman were accused of the unauthorized possession of ballots that weren’t their own, and also of submitting voter registration applications for those not eligible to vote.”

Mendez would nonetheless go on to win a November election redo over five-term incumbent William McKoy — by 13 votes — also, allegedly, aided by ballot fraud. But was this just a one-off? Hardly.

Another flashback: A man the New York Post described as a “top Democratic operative” spoke to the paper last August under the condition of anonymity and admitted that he and his team have been committing mail-in vote fraud “on a grand scale, for decades,” as the Post put it.

“There is no race in New Jersey — from city council to United States Senate — that we haven’t worked on,” stated the Democrat operative. He also revealed that such efforts, which extend far beyond NJ, “could be enough to flip states.”

Get the picture?

By the way, mail-in balloting is considered the kind most conducive to vote fraud, which is why it’s illegal in France.

So unless you think NJ Democrats suddenly had a Road to Damascus moment — and if you do I have some great oceanfront property to sell you in North Dakota — you can bet that the left-wing fraudsters have been hard at work stealing votes for the remarkably corrupt and fairly stupid Murphy.

This is why this matter must be sifted to the very bottom, with the Republicans dispensing with the Mr. Nice Guy routine.

In the past, there has often been an attitude holding that, well, unrelenting challenges to any election are “divisive” and bad for the nation. But actually, what really harms the country is allowing crime, vote fraud, or otherwise, to go unanswered. Vote fraud is particularly damaging, enabling demagogues’ ascendancy and undermining faith in our entire system. It literally rots the soul of a nation.

For that matter, the vote should also be thoroughly audited in Virginia, where GOP challenger Glenn Youngkin has apparently unseated incumbent Clintonista and likely sociopath Terry McAuliffe. It seems that Youngkin will win by approximately two percent of the vote, but his margin also would almost assuredly be far greater were it not for vote fraud.

Electoral fraud should be made a major national issue (discussed infinitely more than COVID), as it’s far more deleterious to our civilization than any virus. Corruption should ever and always be exposed and crushed mercilessly. Evil should never be allowed to prevail.

Selwyn Duke

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