Grievous Grievances

Grievous Grievances

The past year was one of the most brutally intense and deceptive times in the history of the world, and now here we are in the year 2021 and it’s hard to believe what’s transpired.  If one were to go back in time to this time last year, and then suddenly wake up and venture outside today, you would wonder how long you’d been sleeping; and what in the world has happened to our country; and how in the world such injustice and deceit was allowed to prevail.

Upon going outside, you would immediately notice the vast majority of people everywhere wearing surgical masks.  (Some are wearing two now — because they’ve been TOLD to).  I dare say if the “powers that be” were to declare it best that we all put plastic bags over our heads and tie them shut at the neck (for our own health and safety — and the health and safety of others as well, of course), most would gladly comply.

You’d also notice that many stores and public places you used to frequent are no longer open.  Some have closed forever; some have very limited hours or capacity and severe restrictions, including ridiculous limitations on the number of people allowed into a store at a time.  For example, one place I must visit regularly for work purposes only allows a maximum of five people inside at once.  So daily, I see lines of people, standing in line outside in the snow and cold.  When one person comes out, the next person is allowed to enter.   Reminiscent of “bread lines” in Communist countries.

Restaurants you used to enjoy also have drastic restrictions.  Some will only serve you food if you pick it up yourself, or if they deliver it to you.  And if they deliver it to you (for a fee), they’ll ring your doorbell, place the food on your doorstep and run away as quickly as possible.  This is known as “contactless delivery.”  Another term you had never heard of a year ago.  Fast food restaurants are even more interesting.  They’re now “drive-through only.”   And here’s how that works at most:  You place your order on the speaker, then when it’s your turn at the window, a worker thrusts a plastic tray out toward you for you to place your money in.  In a moment, they stick the tray out the window again, which now contains your change.  Then, shortly thereafter, the food you ordered — the food each worker has handled during its preparation, the food a worker has handled to wrap and put in a bag for you, is then placed on this SAME plastic tray and handed out for you to retrieve.  What, exactly the plastic tray accomplishes, I’m still not sure.

If you had known a year ago what you know now, you would have been well advised to invest in — of all things — plexiglass.  Because it’s everywhere.  In every business, every restaurant, every bank, every hotel, public space and accommodation, the workers interact with you from behind a barrier of plexiglass, WHILE wearing their masks and rubber gloves.  It’s a strange new world out there.  You wish you could go back to bed, wake up and find it’s all been just a very weird dream.  But no.  This is what we’re told is our “new normal.”  This is our life now.

Apparently, there is a serious health emergency.  “Millions,” we are told, have been dying daily for a year now, from a deadly virus.  A virus SO deadly, you must be TESTED for it to know whether or not you have it, and IF you have it, you MUST go under “house arrest” for two weeks, whether you’re sick or not.  A virus SO deadly, that more than 99% of those who DO get it survive; most with little to no sickness at all.  Those who do get sick describe it as a “bad cold or flu.”  But for THIS, not just America, but the entire WORLD has been stomped under Globalist bootheels and dehumanized into submissive compliance.

Here’s an interesting tidbit of information for you:  More than 2300 years ago, long before Islam, Arabs discovered that forcing people to cover their nose and mouths broke their will and individuality and depersonalized them.  It made them submissive and compliant.  That’s why they imposed on every woman the mandatory use of a fabric over her face.  Then Islam turned it into the woman’s symbol of submission to allah, the male owner of his female harem and the king.

Modern psychology explains it this way:  without a face, we don’t exist as independent beings.  The child looks in the mirror between the ages of two and three and is discovered as an independent being.  The mask is the beginning of deleting individuality.  Instead of unique, beautiful human beings, made in the image of God, we’ve become faceless slaves of the New World Order… and we’ve gone along with all this willingly, even though REAL science has proven time and again that masks do not keep the wearer safe from viral infection and they do not keep others safe either.  In fact, the inhalation of one’s own CO2 actually makes things worse.  Much worse.   Yet today, wherever you go, you’ll see the vast majority dutifully complying to covering their faces because the government and media has TOLD them to.  So-called “health officials” have TOLD them to.  And they’ve been told if you refuse to wear a mask, you’re the scum of the earth, totally uncaring and heartless toward your fellow man, an inhuman outcast from society.  A peasant, and a peasant most likely carrying and passing around a deadly plague with wild abandon.  “Non-maskers” MUST be shunned — and reported to authorities.  They MUST be punished.

If this newly discovered virus (a variant of the common cold and flu) really WAS as deadly as we’re told, you’d assume the hospitals would be overwhelmed with hopelessly dying patients, and indeed, that’s the official narrative.   We’re told the hospitals are “overrun” with COVID patients, the COVID beds are at capacity, and hospital administrators appear on TV newscasts daily, decrying their lack of resources to meet the overwhelming demand.  But they’re not telling you the whole truth.  What’s REALLY happening here is that hospitals designate a portion of their beds as ‘COVID’ beds.  For example, if a hospital has 100 beds total, and they designate 3% of those as ‘COVID’ beds, then when those three beds are full, the hospital can claim they are “overwhelmed,” “overrun” with COVID patients.  Their COVID beds are at capacity.  “Whatever shall we do?”  And thus, they receive substantial amounts of government funding to response to the fabricated “crisis.”

Another atrocity of all this is the fact that hospitals and other healthcare facilities will NOT allow family members to visit ailing patients — regardless of what they’ve been hospitalized for.  We’re told this is meant to keep everyone “safe” from the killer virus.  But recently, because of my work as a minister, I was allowed to visit a patient in the hospital (he was not there because he had COVID).  After having my forehead scanned to take my temperature (more mental conditioning to prepare us for having our foreheads scanned regularly later to read our digital implant or “mark” that’s surely coming soon), I was forced to answer personal and invasive questions, and forced to cover my face with a paper mask before being allowed to proceed.

I had to walk about a mile to get to the patient’s room for my visit.  During my mile-long “hike” I didn’t pass one single doctor, not one single nurse, no hospital staff of any kind, not even a person pushing a food cart to deliver meals to patients (and I was there during the lunch hour).  What I did see was a virtual ghost town.  The hospital was basically empty… other than the guards at the door.  I passed no one in the halls.  Patient rooms along the way were empty.  When I arrived to see the person I was to visit, I had to hunt down a nurse, because much of the hospital staff had been laid off and the facility was working with a “skeleton crew.”  This particular patient had a new doctor every day (NONE of which knew anything about his case and apparently never read anything in his file), and in a week’s time in the hospital, he never saw his OWN doctor even once.  Family was NOT allowed to visit or speak to the patient by phone — only a nurse, if one could be found to answer the phone; then you were transferred multiple times until SOMEONE could find a tidbit of general information to tell you.

My conclusion is this:  hospitals and other healthcare facilities are not forbidding family members or the public to visit relatives because they’re so afraid of the “virus.”  The public is forbidden to enter because the hospitals are so afraid that the TRUTH will get out — the fact that there ARE no patients; the hospitals are virtually empty.  ‘COVID UNITS’ are NOT overwhelmed with patients.  But the hospitals ARE receiving a great deal of government money, for doing a great deal LESS work… it seems ‘COVID’ has been a financial “boon” to hospitals — just as it’s been to fast food joints.  They sell just as much fast food now… they just don’t have the added expense of an open dining room and they can operate on a much smaller staff, thus greatly increasing profit margins.

As I’ve said a thousand times, I am NOT saying there is no “coronavirus.”  And I know there are some who have died — both WITH it and FROM it.  Yet more than 99% of our population will NEVER contract it at all; and of those who do, the vast majority recover with no need of any hospitalization.  Still, the world we find ourselves living in today (if you call this “living”) is a Twilight Zone version of reality; and the response to a “bad cold or flu bug” would SEEM to be over-the-top insanity, except that it’s all part of a well-planned movement to usher in a Global “reset” in the form of planetary Communism.

There HAS, however, been a serious casualty during this past year, which we all should be mourning, with sackcloth and ashes and rending of garments… and that is the death of the truth.  Don’t attempt to “Google” anything I’ve told you here today in order to “fact check” my statements.  Because we’re now living in a society that would make George Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth” from the book ‘1984’ look like a tale from Mother Goose.  You see, truth must NEVER be allowed to be discovered.  And critical, independent thinking must be forbidden.  Facts must be re-written, to fit the official narrative of the New World Order Globalists; and the so-called “truth” you will find today on the internet, social media, the mainstream press, and TV news — not to mention coming directly out of the lying lips of our government, health, and business leaders — is the absolute antitheses of the real truth.  In other words, blatant lies.  You must dig in deep to find reality.

In the old days they had to build fires to burn books.  Today, they just need a team of brainwashed, Left-wing Communist college kids to REWRITE the “truth.”  We’re no longer just talking about “bias” or “spin” here.  We’re talking about outright made-up lies!  And the populace gobbles it up as it’s spoon-fed to them in every media venue in the atmosphere.

Even the president of the United States was banned from social media — and shunned by the mainstream media when he had important, urgent information to share with American citizens.  Countless Christian and Conservative news outlets have been banned, had all their content removed from the internet and the stories they’ve shared have been “fact checked” — in other words, declared “false news” — because they don’t fit with the Globalist agenda.  Dr. Simone Gold, one of the ‘Frontline Doctors’ opposed to the COVID vaccine and mandatory masking has now been JAILED, charged with being a “domestic terrorist.”  Her crime?  She gave her well-researched, educated opinion in a public speech.

And if you just woke up and missed the year 2020, you missed yet ANOTHER of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated on our nation:  the 2020 presidential election.  Though Donald Trump had tens (if not hundreds) of THOUSANDS of enthusiastic supporters at all his campaign rallies, while his opponent could barely scrape together a dozen at any given event, the “powers that be” in the press, Big Tech and the Deep State had already made their minds up:  Trump would lose, no matter what, no matter the cost.  Even if it cost us our country.  Very likely, the total destruction of America was their end goal from the start.

Thousands of sworn affidavits were presented by individuals who personally witnessed election fraud.  Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg (who ludicrously CLAIMS to be unbiased) personally spent $400 MILLION to fund the “drop boxes” for unsupervised ballots in public places.  Republican and Conservative poll watchers were not allowed to do their jobs…forced to leave or be charged with trespassing.   Windows were blocked with cardboard barriers to keep them from seeing the fraud taking place inside.   Citizens recorded live videos of truckloads of ballots being dumped into the system in the dead of night, and we have all heard about the Dominion electronic voting machines being purposely manipulated by enemies both foreign and domestic.  Not to mention all the mail-in ballots proven to be fraudulent, or the states where thousands more ballots were counted, than there are citizens.  All votes for the Communist party, by the way.

ALL of this was fully documented in multiple ways and from multiple sources.  But every judge, every court, every authority this crime was appealed to, completely ignored the evidence.   There were many who held out hope until the very last minute that justice would somehow prevail, yet there was no justice, and now our nation has been turned over to the Trojan Horse enemies we welcomed in.  Black Lives Matter has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, after all the burning and destroying and killing they did throughout the summer months, and meanwhile there’s Hunter Biden’s laptop, clear evidence of human trafficking on the part of the Bidens and others in their camp.  And now our nation’s capitol is surrounded by barbed wire — to keep us “peasants” out.  Meanwhile, if you go online and type in “,” that now takes you to the website.  How much more obvious can the evidence be?  And people call me a “conspiracy nut.”

Our Constitution has been completely ignored by every law-enforcement agency in the land.  Just for the record, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

It seems we can petition the government for a redress of grievances – and we have a LOT of grievances that need to be immediately redressed, and they are GRIEVIOUS indeed.  Yet we seem helpless in a land where the lawless make the rules as the media brainwashes the populace into blind complicity with evil.

I predict that next on the list for the Globalists is a rash of mass shootings, as a way to justify their promised mandatory gun confiscation.  In order to create a Communist state, the people must NOT be allowed to communicate ideas freely or have the ability to defend themselves from their oppressors.  Simultaneously, we can expect GREATLY increased persecution of Christ-followers.  This is where we’re at now.  I’m not counting on any “man” or any “plan” to suddenly fix the mess we’re in.  We’ve allowed the evil ones to get away with their crimes and they’ve become more and more emboldened by our easy compliance.  I pray the Lord will have mercy on His own and that as children of the King of Kings, we will find a measure of protection from His coming wrath — when all this injustice will be made right by God Almighty Himself.  Luke 18: “Will not God bring about justice for His elect who cry out to Him day and night?  Will He continue to defer their help?   I tell you, He will promptly carry out justice on their behalf.  Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on earth?”  I wonder.

Rob Pue

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