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Some have wondered if we’re now experiencing the third term of our first Muslim president, and I must agree with that assessment.  The current occupant of the White House may well soon be replaced by the person the Globalists intended to sit there all along — Harris or Pelosi.

Afghanistan is big news. After 20 years — America’s longest war — nearly 2500 American service members were killed there — that we know of.  Nearly 4,000 US Contractors were killed there. The Afghan national military and police lost 66,000. Afghan civilian deaths were 47,245. We lost 444 aid workers and 72 journalists.

We also left behind $85 Billion in sophisticated military equipment — all handed over to the Taliban with a big red bow on it.  Why would we deliberately plan to leave so much equipment behind?  One government “talking head,” said it was more expensive to bring it back than to just leave it.  But when has the cost of anything ever had any bearing on decisions made by our government?  No, these highly sophisticated weapons were handed over to our enemies on purpose. It was a deliberate move to make sure the Taliban is now highly armed — perhaps now one of the most well-equipped armies in the world.  The Taliban has vowed to take Jihad to the whole world.  And now we’ve equipped them very well to do just that.  In Afghanistan, the Taliban is going door-to-door hunting Christians, and thousands of executions of Christians have already taken place.

Now our country is scrambling to evacuate people from Afghanistan.  We still have the military there. We still have civilian contractors, missionaries, and aid workers there who are American citizens.  But predictably, the focus has been on evacuating Afghanistan citizens. I recently learned that the State Department has delivered an untold number of blank US Visas, literally flooding that country with blank US Visas, which are being filled out and used by anyone and everyone — including the Taliban.

Biden has, so far, allocated $500 million to Afghan refugee resettlement.  But meanwhile, Americans trying to leave Afghanistan are being charged $2000 each. This man has literally abandoned Americans behind enemy Taliban lines that HE created, but if American citizens do manage to get to an evacuation plane, they’re charged $2000 to get on one, while Afghans get a free ride — to the US and other countries.

Here in America, they join the more than 10,000 illegal immigrants flooding across our borders every day. That’s 300,000 illegals flooding into our country every month. Some estimate that number is very low and put it closer to a million illegals a month.

And while American citizens are being forced to submit to quarantines, mandatory injections of experimental poisons and mask mandates, illegals entering the country are NOT being screened for COVID at all, and they’re being transported to locations all across the country, once again for free — and “resettled” in a wide variety of neighborhoods. Once there, they receive free medical care, free housing, free food, and cash.

You may think that most of these illegals are from Mexico or South America.  But you should be aware that many of them are also middle eastern, and just as alarmingly, Chinese. Yes, folks, our country is being actively invaded now by foreign enemies — and our own government is facilitating this invasion.

Recently I noticed a dramatic increase in television “Public Service Announcements” (PSAs) talking about the subject of “Asian Discrimination,” “Hatred toward Asians” and “Asian Bias.” The point was that Asians are targeting for persecution here in America and it must stop. I couldn’t help but think back to the days when Obama was in the White House, and we saw similar PSAs talking about “Muslim Discrimination.” As Obama was flooding the country and resettling Sharia-following radical Islamists in American suburbs and small towns all across the country, we were simultaneously bombarded with media propaganda about how Islam is such a “peaceful religion,” and how Muslims were being unfairly discriminated against by narrow-minded Americans.

Meanwhile, we never saw so many Islamic terror attacks on American citizens in the history of our nation.  Those attacks abruptly ended once Trump took office.  But now we’re seeing the same pattern emerge — but this time with Asian people as the supposed victims of narrow-minded, deplorable redneck Americans. So, in case you’ve missed that, it’s happening again, as more and more Chinese communists settle in among us.

Let me clearly state that I have no problem at all with legal immigration or people of any race. But we’re talking about hundreds of thousands, if not millions of illegal aliens invading our country, and our government is making it happen. While mask-wearing is mandatory on all domestic flights here, and while it’s being proposed that all travelers within the US will soon be required to show proof of being fully “jabbed” in order to fly, I’ve seen countless cases of fully loaded aircraft, filled with illegal aliens, on their way to somewhere here in our country — and none of them were required to do TSA screening, and none of them have been required to wear any sort of mask.

Bear in mind, I’m not saying that all who come here are automatically our enemies, but I am saying that a great percentage of them most certainly are, and regardless, they’re walking across our border freely, given a host of gifts and amenities, along with free food, housing, clothing, and cash — while American citizens not only foot the bill but sink deeper and deeper into debt we will never be able to crawl out of, as inflation soars and the totalitarian rule is knocking on our doors.

No country can remain safe if we do not maintain our borders.  We’re being invaded and the invasion is being orchestrated by our government.  They’ll constantly state we must render “humanitarian aid” to those in need.  Ok.  What about the free rides into America for Taliban soldiers, while a Christian missionary stuck in Afghanistan must come up with $2000 to return home, or stay in that country and face certain death?  Where do the priorities of our government “masters” really lie?

But while today’s “big news” is all about Afghanistan and our southern border, don’t spend all of your time on these two issues.  Remember, a magician always distracts his audience while he’s pulling off his tricks.  So, while one hand is showing you what to look at, the other hand is always doing something fishy.

I cannot confirm this, but it’s recently come to my attention that the USDA has recently given American family farmers an ultimatum: destroy your crops and receive 1 1/2 times the value of the crop and continue receiving government farm subsidies… or if they do not destroy their crops, the subsidies will end, and the farmers forced into bankruptcy.  As I said I cannot confirm this, because in doing internet searches, all I’m finding are stories debunking this allegation.  But along with this, we’re seeing vast reserves of lumber and building supplies being held by shadow government agencies, at a time when lumber and building supply prices have gone through the roof because we’re told, there’s a tremendous shortage.  And food prices were 40 percent higher in May of this year than they were just one year ago.  Did any of you get a 40 percent pay raise this year?

And as gas prices continue to climb, I’ve also seen reports of American oil producers being ordered to dump their oil.  And hundreds of thousands of shipping containers are being held — not allowed to be shipped for distribution — in American ports.  You should note that most American ports are now controlled by Communist China.

China is also buying up vast amounts of farmland in the United States.  In 2019, China owned 191,000 acres of US farmland. Estimates show that since 2019, that number has increased tenfold.  That would be close to 2 million acres today.

Likewise, Bill Gates, one of the architects of the COVID scam, now owns 242,000 acres of farmland and he’s buying more as fast as he can.  Billionaire Ted Turner owns 2 million acres.  When you own the farmland, you control the food supply.  We’ve been warned of a food shortage on the near horizon. Perhaps now we know why.

And while our Federal Reserve continues to print more “money” out of thin air, our congressmen can’t seem to waste it quickly enough.  The recent “infrastructure bill” is filled with Leftist-agenda-driven plans that will further erode our freedom and access to essential goods and services.  More than one congressman said he never read that infrastructure bill and admitted that “nobody” would.  They’d simply vote it through.

While all this is going on, China is amassing huge numbers of troops around the world. China currently has the most sophisticated military in the world, an unlimited number of soldiers, with weapons and technology we don’t even have.  We’ve all heard there are 300,000 Chinese troops currently stationed in Canada. I cannot definitively confirm this number, but there’s no doubt that there are many Chinese troops stationed there, as well as on our wide-open southern border.  They’ve also made it clear that invasion of Taiwan will happen, sooner rather than later, and have threatened other countries, like Japan and the US, with annihilation, if they should try to intervene.

Here’s some more information you may not be aware of regarding China: China produces 97 percent of all antibiotics and about 80 percent of pharmaceutical ingredients used in life-saving drugs sold here in America.  Four years ago, the US imported nearly $5 billion of its food from China.  How dependent do you suppose we are on China for our food supply now, since our own farmers may well have been pressured into destroying their own healthy crops? And if you wonder why all the propaganda and indoctrination is coming across our TV screens, you should know that China owns more than 8,000 media outlets in the US.  Thus, they control the narrative and the massive brainwashing when it comes to this New World Order agenda.

And that agenda continues, worldwide, though there has been some pushback in countries like the UK, France, and Germany.  Here in the US, many hospitals have made it clear that all employees will be required to be fully jabbed in order to continue working. In Houston, 150 nurses steadfastly refused the jab and were fired.  So now we have a shortage of nurses.  This is happening all over the country.

Since the federal government has not YET mandated the jab, and since bribing the people with so-called “incentives” has not been as effective as they’d hoped, they’re now putting pressure on private companies and corporations to get the job done.  Employees all over the country, in just about every sector of the economy, have been told they must be fully “jabbed” and have legitimate papers to show proof of that, in order to keep their jobs.  Hundreds of thousands are either retiring early, quitting or being fired.  So in the midst of a major crisis in our supply lines, skyrocketing inflation, an extremely serious shortage of workers, we now find ourselves in the position of having fewer workers than ever before, fewer resources than ever before, the weakest military in our history, open borders being flooded with foreign invaders, and we have just empowered Islamic terrorists with $85 billion in American military equipment.

I recently told you about the “Green Zones” being set up in this country — essentially concentration camps for the un-jabbed, where American citizens will be detained for a minimum of six months.  I’ve also told you about the DHS “Vaccination Strike Force” which has already started going door-to-door to force the jab on the “vaccine-hesitant.” Where will this all end? Look at Canada, Australia, and New Zealand for some clues.

We brought all this upon ourselves. Once a nation of Christians, we forgot about God and followed our own wicked, carnal desires and the enticements of foreign gods.   The shepherds, who should have known better, were content to keep us all fat and happy with feel-good self-help “talks,” and no fear of the Lord at all.  So this is where we’re at today. Let me take you to Deuteronomy 28, starting at verse 43: “The foreigner who is among you shall rise higher and higher above you, and you shall come down lower and lower. He shall lend to you, and you shall not lend to him. He shall be the head and you shall be the tail. All these curses shall come upon you and pursue you and overtake you ‘til you are destroyed, because you did not obey the voice of the Lord your God, to keep His commandments and His statutes that He commanded you.” God has spoken.

Rob Pue

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