Getting our “tracks” back on track too

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NEEDLESS TO SAY, the Democrats think they are our leftward angels. Mitt, Liz, and the never-Trumpers are too smug by half.

I asked a guy if he was a Trump fan and he said, “I’m not a fan of anybody.” There’s a little libertarian smugness in that tack too. Likewise self-righteous Christians who think their hands are too clean and pure to touch a ballot on election day. That attitude is killing us.

That’s a long way of saying I hope GOP voters have purged out any sense of smugness from our thoughts, words, or memes. If we want to be blessed on November 8th, we need to make sure our own attitudes are as godly as humanly possible.

I recently heard a good sermon on being “just a little bit off.” The pastor talked about the laying of the tracks for the transcontinental railroad, about how the course had to be perfect for the west and the east to meet in Utah, the last time the “left” and the “right” had a meeting of the minds. Surveyors went ahead of the crews, and if an error was detected in the direction, some of the laid tracks even had to be torn up and redone.

“Just a little bit off” would result in way off after many more miles.

Are conservatives perfect? Or sometimes just a tiny bit off in our attitudes? Without hyperbole, the future of the Republic depends on the answer. Economic-only conservatives don’t care much about religion, and some of the religious are lukewarm. It’s time for America’s Third Great Awakening. It could happen in a couple of weeks! Pray God for a discerning and humble electorate this time.

That’s my message for today, short and sweet.

P.S. The sermon I heard was by a television presenter at, Mr. Gary Petty.

PPS: UP magazine published my “George Washington walks into a bar” column just in time for the election. You can buy the current issue if you live in the Upper Peninsula or northern Wisconsin. You can reread it by searching for it here at RenewAmerica, or google Porcupine Press to order your copy of the magazine. Thank you.

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