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Boy gets free from child traffickers- Sound of Freedom

This author has reviewed 15 movies over the last twenty years. I  was sure that I would be reviewing “Sound of Freedom” only minutes after viewing it in our local theater.

It was the first time in my life I have ever seen a movie theater completely sold out. Not a single seat was empty, and no one dared to speak or make a sound. They were transfixed by the horror, and the sheer inhumanity displayed by a pack of perverts with the morality of a nest of cockroaches.

Why are so many people interested in this movie?

In this writer’s estimation, it did not seem to matter much just why, so many people were hungry for this film. What does matter is that they will get to see the seriousness of child trafficking for sex, and for slave labor, and some will be compelled to get involved in bringing it to an end.

When asked by the religious leaders of his day if Jesus thought they were blind, Christ did not angrily rebuke them, but he shifted the responsibility for seeing, and responding, into their own court with this answer.

Jesus said unto them, If ye were blind, ye should have no sin: but now ye say, We see; therefore your sin remaineth.” (Jn 9:41)

No one could watch this film and not see what is going on all over the world and right here in the United States. The U.S. is creating the biggest demand and Mexico is stepping up as the biggest supplier of child slaves. Although we would wish that it was fiction – it is not.

It would be sinful to ignore it.

Standing dumbfounded in the dark theater, I could see the title, the subtitles, the various emphases, and the summary of this article clearly in my mind, as if someone had handed me a printed outline or synopsis.

More than a plot – this film has a great and unique purpose

The plot is simple, but it becomes complicated and multi-layered very quickly. It starts with a humble Honduran single father who gets enticed to enter his children, a young girl, and her brother into a talent search agency. The agency turns out to be a front for child traffickers.

When Tim Ballard, working for the Department of Homeland Security, follows the leads, he sees that they could be rescued, but since there are no American citizens involved, the DHS tells him to back off due to the law. U. S. laws will not allow action unless an American is involved in some way.

Ballard knows he is capable of rescuing the children, but he would have to quit his job and go it alone.

That is exactly what he does.

Two Amazing Men

Jim Caviezel played Jesus Christ in Mel Gibson’s 2004 “The Passion of the Christ” and it is reported that he will also play in Gibson’s sequel to be named The Passion of the Christ – Resurrection. That production is supposed to start sometime between 2023-24.

Caviezel is a thoughtful and skillful actor with a novel approach to acting. He does not look into evil to play some evil character. Rather, Caviezel looks to God and the counsel of the Word of God. He does this so he will not be drawn into the evil, deceived or used by the forces of darkness he is peering into to help develop his character. It is a way of protecting himself, and those who come to see his finished work. It is a novel and remarkable approach which can be seen as a way to retain his innocence, and a way to keep his fans from being wrongly influenced by the deceptive influences of the Arch Deceiver.

Hollywood has all too often presented evil people as heroes, and attractive personalities. Jim is not buying that formula, and neither is Tim Ballard who Caviezel portrays in the film.

Tim Ballard won’t use the Hollywood formula because he has peered into the lives of the child abusers and traffickers, up close and personal. He has seen the worst they can do, and it is enough to make most the strongest people, breakdown into an emotional basket case in very short time.

When Homeland Security asked Ballard to come onboard, he was told that one of the reasons they thought he would be good for the job, was his faith in God. But, even with his faith as a shield, Ballard was often pushed to the limit.

He tells the story of one of the first days on the job. He was asked to view the VHS video tapes of some of the horrific child abuse that traffickers have produced. One of the videos was of a child molester raping three young boys, one being just three years old. They abused the boys until their bodies were broken, Ballard said.

After his first exposure to the worst the traffickers could do, Ballard, went to the school, his children attended, took them out  brought them all home and just hugged them and cried. He was still hugging the boys, and trembling when his wife returned to the house and saw him in a state of extreme emotional distress.

Most men would have quit at that point, but Ballard felt that he needed to do anything he could to help stop the further abuse of the traffickers, and in so doing, save at least some children from the horrors of becoming the next victims of the heinous crimes of international pedophiles and child slavers.

Now, that his face is so well-known around the world, Ballard cannot get directly involved in the rescues. What he has done since then, is to create an organization called O.U.R. or Operation Underground Railroad.

O.U.R has been directly involved with over 4,000 operations which led to upwards of 6,500 arrests. They are still impacting and helping to re-build thousands of lives, many of them being minor children.

Katherine Ballard the unsung hero of the Sound of Freedom

After some searching, we see that Tim Ballard by his own admission, was quite hoping that his wife Katherine, would convince him to keep his job at Homeland Security.

But she did not.

Katherine knew it was the right thing for Tim to quit his job. She told Tim that, one day she would have to meet her Savior, and she did not want to have to explain why she interfered with the amazing rescue that was accomplished.

Katherine Ballard’s pronoun is ‘selfless’ in case you want to know. Yes, we know it’s an adjective, but we are allowing the word to multitask for this article.

How today’s LGBTQ+ adds to the problem of child trafficking and abuse

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson the brilliant and well-seasoned Canadian clinical psychologist, interviews both Ballard and Caviezel in a podcast which covers many aspects of the film, the podcast is over one and a half hours long.

Both men make it clear that the LGBTQ is making their work much harder to do.

The work of the Operation Underground Railway is stymied by LGBTQ efforts to normalize child slavery or child sex abuse. By trying to change the perception of the “pedophile” as a M.A.P. -(minor attracted person) It is serving to desensitize the public to the horror of child abuse laid upon the innocent by pedophiles.

They also say that the national preoccupation with drag queens and drag queen events for children is making light of the more serious problem which is grooming children to become victims of the new twisted culture of pedophiles and traffickers.  

Child transing and other facets of the LGBTQ agenda are also serving to weaken the efforts to stop the abuses.

Many people in the U.S. think that people should be free to pursue any perversion, fetish or twisted monkey shines they can conjure. This is why they cannot be reminded enough of this universal alert, which will follow us, until the last day of time.

There will be no place to hide.

“But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” (Mt 18:6)

State sponsored child kidnapping?

Sound of Freedom begins with men and women snatching kids from the streets, baby carriages, and playgrounds. It is not actors and movie cameras snatching them, but street cams and security cameras mounted in various places. They are real time abductions.

Today in California a child can be taken from a home where the parents try to deny a child’s decision to transgender into a newly imagined sexual identity.

Now the state can become a legal kidnapper and the parent becomes a criminal. The constant pounding of the LGBTQ agenda has desensitized society to abandon legitimate science, cultural norms, common sense, and moral foundations.

The children get kidnapped by the state, who calls it protective custody, after they have groomed and educated them with classroom materials. When they have sufficiently caused them to doubt their given biologically assigned gender, they then chemically or physically castrate them, or give them a mastectomy that is irreversible. Some of them later change their minds and go through a lifetime of torment, yet others commit suicide.

It is slavery to an ideology, that like the human slavery of the past, has a long, painful, and bloody result.

With Planned Parenthood trying to get involved in the education system, we may not be that far from fully state sponsored child slavery due to our new penchant for all things perverted.

Adding to the problem, is the fact that between eighty-five and one hundred thousand children have been handed off to child traffickers at our Southern Border. No one knows where they are, and the government is culpable. They are being used for sex and labor by someone, as they say, and God knows who.

Black Slavery Ended Years ago – Child Slavery is In Your Face Today

One of the most important statements made by both Caviezel and Ballard during their many interviews is this.

They both agree that if the movie Schindler’s List was made 50 years ago, it would have had a far more serious impact in our world. It came far too late to do anything but create curiosity and shock, but too late for positive action.

Sound of Freedom is now – because child trafficking and slavery is now.

It is a 150-billion-dollar a year industry in our world right now, not the WWII days. It is a world of suffering children, that some have estimated, to be as high as 200,000,000. It is also said that the demand for these children is greatest in the United States.

It is a societal crisis and a moral decline unparalleled in the ancient or modern world.

It is the final straw for a nation, before the wrath of God is brought to bear.

History is proof, that when nations decline, the last practice that becomes normalized before they fall, is the harm and abuse of children, usually their own!

The screams, the groaning, and the weeping of abused children flows upward night and day – do we think that He that made the ear – cannot hear?

“Moab is destroyed; her little ones have caused a cry to be heard.” (Jer 48:4)

Michael Bresciani

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