Federal Judge Blocks Enforcement of Title IX Gender Identity Protections Nationwide

Judge block Title IV

The Biden Administration continues to try to erode basic freedom in the United States. More and more the courts push back. But this means nothing to Biden and Obama behind him.

A federal judge in Mississippi, Louis Guirola, has issued a preliminary injunction and a nationwide halt on the enforcement of revisions to Title IX that include protections based on gender identity. This decision comes in response to a legal challenge by multiple states, arguing that the Health and Human Services (HHS) overstepped its bounds by aligning Title IX with Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Title IX, originally enacted in 1972, was designed to prevent discrimination against women in educational settings. However, since 2016, HHS officials have extended its definition to combat discrimination based on gender identity. The controversy escalated with the HHS’s May 2024 Rule, which the plaintiffs—states including Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, and Mississippi—claim mandates taxpayer-funded gender-transition interventions through Medicaid and state health plans. According to the complaint, such mandates could divert resources from critical medical needs and potentially cause irreversible harm to minors.  Minors who at 82% attempt suicide AFTER they undergo Gender Affirming Care. What this means is they are sexually abusing children and want the full weight of the law to mandate it.  If you know a tom-boy, understand that they are secretly teaching these girls that they should undergo hormone treatment and surgery. Then, in states like California and Washington, if the parent objects, THEY can be arrested for child abuse.  In other words, they are after our children, and nothing will stop them in Democrat states. Get out NOW if you have children in these states.

In his ruling, Judge Guirola emphasized that the use of public funds for gender-affirming care could adversely affect essential services for vulnerable groups. He stressed the potential significant costs and loss of federal funding the plaintiff states would face if they failed to comply with the new HHS guidelines, which was a pivotal factor in his decision to grant the injunction.

HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra, in a statement released in May, defended the revisions as a broad enhancement of protections, aiming to ensure equitable access to healthcare and social services for people with disabilities, among others. He outlined the intent to treat conditions like gender dysphoria with the same consideration given to other medical conditions, stating that any refusal to treat individuals based on their gender identity constituted prohibited discrimination. Whenever you hear the word ‘equitable’ you know there is some BS going on,

The 2022 HHS guidance had already warned against denying medical treatments for gender dysphoria, stating such denials violated federal civil rights laws. The department asserted that Section 1557 of the ACA safeguards individuals from discrimination in health programs funded by the federal government based on sex, which includes gender identity. These Leftists want to hurt as many young children as possible. It would not be so bad if it were only adults, but they are not stopping when it comes to hurting the children of this nation. The Democrat er on women and children continues

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), a leading LGBT advocacy group, strongly criticized the judge’s decision. As if we would have any doubts. HRC Director Kelly Robinson labeled the ruling as both ethically wrong and poor policy, emphasizing that everyone deserves access to necessary medical care. Robinson concluded with a resolve for continued advocacy, ensuring that all LGBTQ+ individuals receive the healthcare they are entitled to and can make informed choices about their bodies. This is ridiculous on its face as these same folks advocate for even children to undergo sexual abuse in the name of ‘Gender Affirming Care’, which is a code work the Marxists use to abuse children all across America.

Major Points

  • Mississippi District Judge Louis Guirola issues a preliminary injunction and nationwide stay against revisions to Title IX that extend protections to include gender identity.
  • The legal challenge was brought by multiple states, arguing that these changes impose taxpayer-funded gender-transition interventions through Medicaid and state health plans.
  • The complaint emphasizes that such funding could detract from other critical medical services and potentially cause irreversible harm to minors.

Kirk Volo – Reprinted with permission of Whatfinger News

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